I.M. Jack – Roquefort

Oh look it’s Saturday again. And it’s a lovely cloudy day. Lovely cloudy because I slept in till 11. Lovely cloudy because breakfast was once again cholesterol based. Irish bacon has been replaced with Luxembourg Judd and the Judd performed its duties exquisitely. Spanish tortilla remains spanish tortilla. I only added a bit of fried red peppers and shallots. The coup de grace today came with the baked beans. Normally I just add them to a bit of fried onions and heat them up. Today I added a blob of roquefort* towards the end. Divine.

The News

I know that normally I.M. Jack is a news round up of sorts but I am not feeling up to providing links this morning/afternoon. I did read Bocca’s column and was not surprised to find that he has treated a couple of subjects that appear in my article tomorrow (The Cost of Free Speech). Not surprised not because I suspect any amount of spying or because of the old adage regarding great minds thinking alike and such (cannot really apply can it?) but rather because the past week was a bit soft on supplying juicy bites for columns. Anyways do rush out and buy the Indy tomorrow not only because of the J’accuse article but also because I am particularly proud of Bertu’s latest toon. I’m sure you’ll love it.

The Blogs

It is now safe. Bloggers who were slightly miffed by the extra attention afforded to the blogosphere during election time – especially bloggers who could not give two hoots about politics yet were worried of the labelling effect of political debate – can now crawl out of their respective hideouts and regale us with more interesting alternative subjects. I want to hear more about Claire’s law exams, ninhuadida’s meanderings, Maltagirl’s conjugal joys and the occasional artistic dig by nigredo and gybexi (I am told that even Immanuel’s blobb is back to life). I know that not of all them stayed silent during the storm and I know that there are more around but this is just a Saturday Sample. Let the blogosphere continue its natural erratic course and continue to widen its frontiers. Blogs the final frontier. Anyways. The absence of links in this paragraph should not frustrate readers and bloggers alike. All mentioned bloggers can be found in the J’Accuse Blogroll.Just click on the apposite link in the right hand sidebar (there’s only one sidebar anyway). One last thing if you have not joined Blogs of Malta don’t forget to do so as a reader or as a blogger. More pleasures ahead for that particular forum.

The Time

Is what is missing when you blog. Blogs, articles, work, the girlfriend, the flat and the life. Which is why I will stop writing now and be off to enjoy the weekend.

This has been I.M.Jack… blogging so you don’t have to…. have a nice weekend.

* Warning: Roquefort is in the list of edibles prohibited to coeliacs – it ain’t blue cheese without mould and it ain’t mould if it ain’t bread – and it ain’t bread if it ain’t got gluten. Coeliac Avzat, Loki Nadif.


5 responses to “I.M. Jack – Roquefort

  1. 🙂
    Thanks for the mention. You’ll be reading a LOT about law exams in the next couple of months on my blog, trust me.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    ps. that breakfast you described sounds heavenly.

  2. “We meet again” – nice post. You see you own a heart.

    “Many still labour under the mistaken impression that having an opinion is enough.” = very well said. You explained the MLP in just one phrase.

    “The city of Luxembourg has a project to cover the whole city with a Wi-Fi network.” – What about cancer? Just asking. See Japan plan.

    “What Lowell and that other pseudo-libertarian crusader of the Alpha Party fail to distinguish is between the freedom of expression and the limits that an intelligent user of such a freedom should impose upon himself.” = That’s why the parameters should be unlimited my friend.

    “Express yourself” – a so much important topic and its all about DCG, MC and libels? I thought I am watching Xarabank. Please next week do write a second version and just be yourself.

    Have a nice morning.

    No need to post but if you wish, you can.



  3. Mela Sandro. Let me start with the “my friend” business. It is a literal translation of “siehbi”. I think you should know that I view people who constantly use “my friend” in their speech with diffidence. I am not going to explain why because I am no psychologist… it is just a hunch. – one that has always served me and one that has always proven useful.

    Secondly, with regards to the parameters, I’m afraid that if you equate “unlimited parameters” with the “right to say anything whenever you want” you have understood one half of how I see it and you are therefore in agreement with that half. The other half involves knowing how to “feel” the social parameters and voluntarily limiting oneself and not exceeding them. Who establishes these parameters? There are many theories. I like Finnis’ theory – which is not easy to explain in a blog comment. I was afraid that my article today could be misunderstood – especially by those who think that Lowell is some crusader of liberties – he is not. That should be clear. He blatantly is not a libertarian one reason being that in his ideal society some beings are more equal than others. Elitism and libertarianism in the same breath? Give me a break.

    I argue that he is free to speak all the nonsense he likes – intelligent people (I do not subscribe to the Gahan theory) will continue to judge him for what he is. If he abuses of his freedom of expression and violates social parameters then he will be subject to society’s laws. His is not a crusade for liberty but for elitist liberty… frankly I do not subscribe to that point of view.

    As for your “Xarabank” jibe… thank you for your suggestion. In case you have not noticed I am always myself. Just because you do not agree with my choice of content it does not mean that I am not so. That is what I mean when I say that it is my blog (and I cry/post if I want to).

    Having said that I thank you for your observations and guarantee you that note has been taken – just as in the case of every other comment. Cheers.

  4. oooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. I believe the law should be much, much more clear about which words have to be used in order for hatred to be incited. Was Mangion inciting hatred against Nationalists with that DNA comment? Was Cuschieri inciting hatred against Nationalists with his radio programme for all those years? Lowell, Zammit Endrich and Paul Salomone were arrested for inciting racial hatred in the last few years. Salomone wasn’t the only one that spoke during the protest that got him arrested. Philip Beattie made a speech that day and didn’t get arrested. Neither did that Duce guy. Where did Salomone cross the line?

    The law has to be clear. Murder is against the law, we all know what murder is. Same goes for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, for instance. Crossing the line between freedom of speech and incitement to racial hatred, and thus breaking the law, isn’t so clear unfortunately. Laws have to be clear, otherwise we’ll have policemen arresting people who according to them were breaking the law. Then we’ll have judges sending people to jail because according to them, they were breaking the law. According to a person? People should be arrested, or jailed according to the law, no-one else.

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