TGIF (or not)

Friday checklist.

– brainstorm ideas for toon with Bert (done)
– get to work (done)
– write article for Indy (hmmm)
– correspond with translators re: latest version of case (slowly slowly)
– draft next rapport prealable (ehe, today)
– prepare docs (and read) for monday’s meeting (ehe, today)
– blog (at some point)

I decided to put this list here so you know why the last point is not exactly being fulfilled in its entirety. At the same time this is a bit like a cheat. A blog post without substance. I find it still helps readers scoot over to previous posts once they have been reminded of J’accuse by their RSS readers.

Proper posts will follow. Right now I’ve got a freedom of speech nausea.


One response to “TGIF (or not)

  1. Il-mistoqsija tigi wahidha. La darba Daphne tkazat tant li Joseph Muscat baghat ritratt professjonali tieghu meta habbar li se jitfa l-kandidatura ghal Leader, allura x’kienet tghid ghal dan ir-ritratt:

    Is-sala vojta u ovvja li qed jippoza taparsi qieghed f’xi seduta!!!

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