Quella Destra più Bella

Ooops, he’s done it again. Silvione Berlusconi just cannot avoid a comment related to the sexes every once in a while. This time he’s got the left and the right battling each other. I’m not talking about which half of the woman is best to observe but rather whether women of the right are more beautiful than those of the left. Speakling on Radio anch’io Silvione stated:

Le donne di destra sono certamente più belle.

Referring to the “voto inutile” issue, Berlusconi tried to capitalise on the “beauty” subject by trying to dissuade people for voting for La Destra’s beauty (“sberla” according to Berluska – Santanchè):

C’è chi votera per la Santanché perché è una bella sberla, senza rendersi conto di portare voti a uno che proprio una bella sberla non é: Walter Veltroni.

Thank God the beauty subject was not broached in Malta over the last elections. I think the Left might have had a slight advantage. Of course they too have their little Shops of Horrors. As for the leadership contest, selling beauty to women might have be difficult – Gonzi was uberphotoshopped in all the huge posters around the country, Sant does not give me the impression of wooing the greater part of the fairer sex and Harry’s rubbery image might not exactly be what women want.

If you ask me, if looks could get you votes then we’d have Myriam Dalli as PM before you could say “flimkien kollox possibli”.


17 responses to “Quella Destra più Bella

  1. Maltese elections 2008: The clash of the acne scars.

  2. How I wish they would keep the fake light of ‘glamour’ out of politics… It is scary tp watch how such superficial considerations influence the election result. Cf. Dafni criticising Arnold Cassola for attending the university debate in an anorak… What the hell does it matter?

  3. The matter of ‘looks’ reminds me of a quip by Abraham Lincoln that really brings on the smiles…when he was accused of being double-faced he said… If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?”

  4. Probably few pundits noticed this, but there was a great faux-humble comparison made by Daphne Vogue sometime last week: Lawrence Gonzi feeling threatened by Joey Muscat? Yeah right, said Daphne, and Carla Bruni feels threatned by me.

    I leave it to the statisticians to compute the relative ‘appeal gap’ between Gooonzziii and Joey, Carla and Daph.

  5. What’s the idea of trying to somehow downgrade a person named Joe by calling him Joey?!

  6. @Triona: Funny how “Joey” irked you and “Gonziii” did not… rose-tinted spectacles I presume. Give the lad (DF) a break. He’s suffering from post-Champions League Elimination Syndrome – although normally we would attribute such nicks used for politicians to a tongue-in-cheek style of writing. (as in the joke begins when he compares DCG’s blog to Vogue… which is a tad generous seeing how the “Blue Version of Manuel Cuschieri” seems to be a more fitting classification). Don’t stop smiling… Better the Joey you know than the poodle you don’t!

  7. Alfred becomes Fredu, Joseph becomes Joey.

    Did Labour supporters ‘downgrade’ their own leader by calling him Fredu?

  8. Actually Joseph becomes Guzi, but I doubt we’ll be hearing a lot of ‘ irriduh, u irriduh, u lill Guzi irriduh’ chants. Also Jaqcues, take it easy with the comparisons between Cuschieri and the always right columnist. The last time I compared them on this blog, I was threathened with a libel suit….and since Daphne says it we know its right.

  9. @Jon: You cannot be serious about the libel suit? Surely you cannot be libelling a person if you express your opinion about his or her style. Guess there is only one way to find out:

    I find that DCG’s style on Running Commentary (coupled with a number of comments comparable to phone-ins) reminds me very much of Manuel Cuschieri’s style on his radio shows. That’s my opinion, my impression … and if you do not like it… sue me.

  10. Jacques, jien nigi nzurek il-habs!!!

  11. “I find that DCG’s style on Running Commentary (coupled with a number of comments comparable to phone-ins) reminds me very much of Manuel Cuschieri’s style on his radio shows. That’s my opinion, my impression … and if you do not like it… sue me.”

    No, that is not your impression. It is just your jealousy. As you are envy for my Insite votes!

    Ja kiesah! Ja primadonna! Ja antisocjaldemokratikukristjan. Ja laburist!

    ………..sue me……….

    Sandro Vella
    kumitat anti-Jacques
    ghaqda kommunita’ bloggers maltija

  12. @Sandro – “as you are envious/jealous OF my Insite votes”. Envy I am not.

  13. lol ok irbahtli hawn. hehe

    Did-darba irbahtli.

    Xi kultant inhallik tirbah.

    Mghaggel ghal alla u bqajt naqra l-blogs.

  14. @ Jacques: In all fairness the only reson I didn’t get sued was that I was using this medium to express my objective stand that DCG is a more refined version of the bile-spitter.

    Also…not to deviate from this blog’s subject, one must admit that Berlusconi’s appraisal of females of the right wing variety, fades in comparison to Bossi’s assertion that ‘La Lega c’e l ha duro….DURO’

  15. *sets up fund to pay for wifi for imprisoned bloggers*

  16. ‘La Lega c’e l ha duro … Malta has immortalized it on a roundabout, dutch style … loved the ‘vote berlusconi get bossi’ retort

  17. lol@maltagirl! *gives first donation*

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