Luxemburgensia (5): Lost Luggage

You’d think that the bigger the airline the more chances that it has a bad record of lost luggage. The magic of math however allows you to compare big and small airlines on the basis of ratios. They basically caclulate how many bags per one thousand bags go missing. The latest information on this matter was recently released by the Air Transport Users Council. Unsurprisingly British Airways top the list of lost baggage rations with 26.5 bags per 1,000. Here’s part of the report from the UK Independent:

British Airways lost more baggage per flight last year than almost any other airline in Europe.

The annual figures from the Air Transport Users Council, released today, show that in 2007, 26.5 bags per 1,000 were delayed during BA flights, compared to a European-wide average of 16.6. The only airline with a worse record was TAP Air Portugal, with a delayed-bags ratio of 27.8 per 1,000, but the figures will be more grim news for BA which was found to be the poorest performer in Europe in 2007.

Although TAP lost more bags on average last year, the data shows BA’s record is getting worse. The airline lost an extra 3.5 bags per 1,000 in 2007 than the previous year. BMI, the only other UK airline with a below-average performance, had a lost-bag ratio of 17.0 while KLM (19.7), Alitalia (19.7), Air France (17.6) and Lux Air (17.2) all fared below par. Air Malta and Turkish Airlines were the best-performing carriers with a ratio of 4.5 per 1,000.

Rich, plump Luxembourg’s national airline is among the worst airlines in Europe when it comes to trusting your luggage. Heavily subsidised Air Malta shares the enviable position of being the carrier with least lost luggage over the past year. Of course Air Malta is a crucial link in the business of giving travellers a pleasant problem free ride when they visit Malta. Whether Luxair has the customer in mind is another matter altogether. And we have not even started on the prices yet.


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