Good Night, and Good Luck

The day is nearly over and still no post in sight for J’accuse. It’s been one of those days. Work was on overdrive and when I finally managed to slip out of the office I opted for a coffee with friends at the local bar in it’s “blue collar” hour just before the younger people slip in and the louder music starts to play. It’s cold enough to freeze off your bollocks and the walk back home after the coffee seemed like an eternity even if it was just two blocks to Rue de Bragance. Supper was brief, nachos with minced meat onions and cheese – can it get any more unhealthy? Got stuck infront of the tv with Mel watching a crappy series called “Surface“. I only just remembered that I had not posted yet so here I am just doing something I dislike – writing a personal post.

On the net front I note with pleasure that “Labour in Labour” did manage to get some conversation going even though the latest posts seem to have their comments off for some reason. Had I found the time, I intended to write a post or two about the forthcoming KSU elections and the farcical state of SDM at this stage of affairs. It was all prompted by my interview with Insiter newspaper. There’s Daphne and Sandro too in the interview section. I’m sure Fausto‘s chubby cheeks will go red when he notices that he is DCG’s fav read on the net… and it’s not just for the blog but more about the content. Who would have thought that she would not have chosen Sandro… not blue enough I suppose… stands to reason I guess. Boy am I disappointed.

Also, I just double checked the link to Insite and I noticed that the naughty interviewer (that’s you Anna) did not tell me that I would be subjected to a popularity contest. In fact I was surprised to discover that the Insite page carries a poll asking readers to choose their “Favourite Maltese Blogger”… and the choice is between DCG, Sandro and myself. Guess I am stuck between two heavyweights and I will not even be getting Fausto’s sympathy vote either.

I’ll confess to voting for myself as soon as I saw the vote. Couldn’t help it… anyway so the vote should really read three votes for Daffers, two for Sangru and one miserly vote for Jack the accuser (not counting mine of course). Not exactly eurovision but I am almost hooked. Damn, since I refreshed some other bugger has gone and voted for me – now I’ll lose the underdog sympathy vote. Anyways you get the gist.

Now go do your duty and vote for me. Because you know that I am the one and only dominator… (I’m bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher in other words suffer, there is no other – I wanna kiss myself). Ahem! Sorry got carried away by this flashback from the early days of rave. Where was I?

Ah yes.. vote J’accuse number one… because he’s worth it.

I apologise for the crass quality of this post. But hey I never promised that it would be quality fare every day. If you want some better blogging for today just go to Sandro’s… if it’s menageries you’re looking for (seems like Elephants and Mice are the current rage) then look no further than the Mrs Barnum’s at dee cee gee’s.

Good night. And good luck.


P.S. Almost forgot. There’s a new post on The Malta Chronicle just in case you have not added that blog to your RSS feed.


9 responses to “Good Night, and Good Luck

  1. I just went and voted for you (don’t tell Sandro) and the results were: DCG 4, Jacques 12, Sandro 1205.

    So, on a hunch, I went back and voted for you again, and the site let me. So I guess someone who likes Sandro a lot has been very busy. Sorry but you’re going to have to find someone else to make up the shortfall of 1192 votes.

  2. ‘Vote J’accuse number one ………… because he’s worth it!’
    hahahaha! Where is L’Oreal????

  3. @Hsejjes: There was I hoping that if I plagiarise an electoral slogan in “Flimkien kollox possibli style” nobody would notice. Anyway… it was a nice slogan… and probably true. Next time it will be: J’accuse…. probably the best blog in the world.

    @Maltagirl: Hmmm suspicious indeed. At least that makes me feel less guilty for having voted for myself. I don’t know what worries me most – the elf who was up between 11 pm and 5am to bloat Sandro’s votes (what if it WAS Sandro) or Maltagirl posting a comment at 5.28am. Not sleeping enough? That’s not good for your constitution. Sleep longer and better … because you too are worth it.

  4. MaltaGirl Says:
    April 9, 2008 at 5:28 am

    “So I guess someone who likes Sandro a lot has been very busy.”

    I like Sandro’s crazy style.

    n.b.: “crazy” in a non-medical sense.

  5. Aw Hi ivvutajtlek ta…nawguralek ta…naf kemm tahdem…isma..issa fuq il plot li weghdtni kif ha naghmlu??

  6. I think that Malta and the Duchy must be on different time zones, because it was 6:28am here and I was waiting for the bathroom to heat up before dragging myself off to work.

    Thanks for reminding me that… I’m worth it.

  7. i’m anna, the supposedly naughty interviewer.

    i’d just like to clarify that i share my naughtiness with two other insiters. my fellow editorial board member penned the witty intros to daphne and jacques’ interviews, and one of our designers came up with the general intro.

    i’d hate to be credited for work that isn’t entirely my own, you see.

    Seeing that you’re all ever so busy voting for your fave blogger, why don’t you take this opportunity to read some of our articles? We would greatly appreciate it if you were to leave some comments & feedback on our website.

    Thanks once again to daphne, sandro and jacques for collaborating with us on what has proved to be a rather successful feature! 🙂

  8. Hi Jacques!

    Noted your comment that Labour in labour’s “latest posts seem to have their comments off for some reason”. We explained why. We would like to channel all comments on all postings into the same ‘space’. So what you need to do is go to , click on Home and then scroll down down to the earliest post and leave your comment there…regarding any post or anything else you like however indirectly connected with our general theme.

    You also say that we have “manage[d] to get some conversation going”. With almost 160 comments (some substantial) in the two weeks we have been around, the “some” is somewhat unfair, dontchatink?

    Jennifer Galea for editorial team

  9. Ooh. A feisty one this Jennifer. Don’t you think you are a bit too much on the defensive there? The intention was to promote your site and to encourage more people to join the discussion. Some discussion is better than nothing at all. Well done for the 160 comments and may you have many more (even substantial). As a little aside I do not quite agree with the comments business but it’s your call… you may find you will have to change the policy when you have more posts on the site. But that’s your choice…. good night and good luck.

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