It Snow Joke

I wasn’t planning to regale you with any extra postings on a Sunday. I was hoping for a quiet morning in the foyer and, following the consumption of a copious breakfast, would have trotted off at a medium pace for a stroll and a half in the Parc de Merl. Sadly, I was destined to have only half my hopes fulfilled. It all began very well with a drive in a frozen but sunkist road to the Delhaize outlet to stock up on fresh croissants, pain cereales and luxembourg bacon (very very good). No English newspapers available so I had to settle for Il Corriere and La Lorraine Republicain – tant pis. The sun was out and I was determined to get back chez moi for a quick breakfast before the park.

It was while eating my soon-to-be World Famous Hispanofrancobrit Breakfast – crispy bacon rashers, onion tortilla and fried onions swimming in baked beans – that my dreams were partially shattered. A quick look out of the window showed that Rue De Bragance was now being showered with a light snow and there was no sign of Appollo’s chariot in the sky. Damn.

Which is why I am sitting at my laptop listening to Celentano and typing this mini-post. While we are at it let me point out two useful uses of blogs as a sort of addendum to the “”Joe Blocks” part of my article on the Indy this Sunday. First there was the inexhaustible Sandro turned cultural whistleblower. The Indy hung on to his reporting of vandalism of a statue and even provided a link to his blog which shows the YouTube vid of the event. That is what I meant by collaboration and interaction between blogs and the media. More please.

Even cooler (if I am allowed the comparison) is the new blog baby on wordpress. It’s called “Labour in Labour” and is all about the travails to choose a Labour leader. Here’s their description of the site which you can find in the About Us page:

‘Labour in labour’ is a virtual tazebao (wall newspaper, see various comments inside about the genealogy of this radical means of communication and its potential in today’s internet-driven world). It is dedicated to an open real-time discussion of the Malta Labour Party’s quest to choose the best possible leader to replace Alfred Sant who resigned the Party’s electoral defeat of March 8, 2008. It is not an official site, nor is it an ‘authorised’ site. It is run by a growing team of mostly young persons. What these young men and women have in common is an open-ness to dialogue and a readiness to go wherever it might take them, without preconceptions.

This blog can be what J’accuse almost ended up being during the elections – a good forum for open minded people to discuss, question and challenge what is being proposed by the political establishment. Keep an eye on this blog.

Would you believe it? The sun is shining again…. time to go to the park before the snow comes back.

P.S. The Olympic Torch has started a difficult part of it’s tour. It is currently being harrassed by pro-Tibet demonstrators in London and plans to harass it when it gets to Paris are underway.


5 responses to “It Snow Joke

  1. Mark-Anthony Falzon


    Further to your article, here’s my proverbial tupp … ok, ok …

    And, well done for your blog, easily the best and most sustained ‘Maltese’ one around.



  2. Hey Mark,

    Cheers for the riposte… always great to read your articles too…and believe me when I say that that comment is not tongue in cheek.


  3. Hi Jacques,

    thank you for your comments.

    I wish to highlight/flag this as well:

  4. I wonder whether we are still in time to give the Malta Chronicle a new breath of life with the Labour Leadership issue.

  5. “And, well done for your blog, easily the best and most sustained ‘Maltese’ one around.”

    I am in full agreement.

    Come on bloggers!!! Where are you?

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