I.M. Jack

And I.M. Jack is back on a Saturday. Not that this promises to be a regular once again, but rather that I was browsing the papers in bed and decided that one or two articles needed pointing out – coz I like them – and what better place to do so than on good old J’Accuse? As I set out to type the post in WordPress I noticed that the geek behind this blog-hosting site have reserved a pleasant surprise for today – the posting WYSIWYG interface is improved – it’s sleek, neat and uberfunctional. If you have not switched your blog over to wordpress then you are still living in the past.


My 6th form English tutor has penned one of his rare articles to the press and boy is it a beaut. I love CCC’s style as much as I am in agreement with his content and am particularly fond of his mirror metaphor to describe the opposition. Anywhere scoot over to the Times and read his piece before it vanishes in the archives of pay-to-read land. Verdict: Genius is what genius writes.

Sorry, Is (not) all that you can say

The main headline in the papers deals with the Gozo Curia report about the child abuse that went on in the Lourdes home. Mgr Mario Grech is asking forgiveness from the children who suffered this abuse. In insisting on a second investigation and in taking proactive measures to make amends for the harm caused, Mgr Grech is showing that he does not intend to simply guide his pastoral flock with words but that he can also roll up his sleeves and take action – and assume his flocks responsibilities also vis-a-vis the other people living on the rock who may not be so spiritually inclined. Verdict: A paragon of humility.

Beck and the Ambassador

B.C. has got his intestines in a twist about the fact that the Malta Toursim Authority has appointed a German as Malta’s ambassador for food. “It’s not because he is German” claims the Saturday quill, but because he is not good enough to represent us. I’m not too convinced by the “ze Germans are not my point” disclaimer, especially since Becky proceeds to criticise their language, their food and their sense of humour (cliche or touche?). Anyways, his blog was updated today too and resumes the same argument – Ze Cherman Ambassa-dor. More specifically he adds on to the list of suggestions of who would be the more appropriate ambassador. The post ends with B.C. inviting his readers to suggest other names who would be more suitable for this ambassadorial role. Let me guess… in the hope that said readers remember that we do have a columnist who travels the taverns of the land to append a sentence at the end of his Saturday article commenting on the quality of the fayre? Methinks B.C. would love to be nominated so do the man a favour and scoot to his blog and tell him how we would all love the gourmand to promote Malta’s gourmandises. Verdict: Greedy bugger.

That is all I have time for. Time for lunch beckons so I am off to the center for a good dosh up at a brasserie of choice. Will send my report to the Malta Ambassador if necessary. Have a nice weekend – Forza Valletta! Forza Juve!


5 responses to “I.M. Jack

  1. Hi Jacques,

    welcome back.

    Please check this link: “The main headline in the papers” . It should be = http://www.di-ve.com/Default.aspx?ID=72&Action=1&NewsID=50587&newscategory=37

    From today I will think of I.M. Beck as a bastard racist.

    Have a lovely afternoon.

  2. You mean Mr Beck is inciting hatred towards Germans?

  3. I think that thinking that Beck is a “bastard racist” as SV chooses to believe is going more than a bit too far. I also think that acting naive and posing the question is going even further. Let’s not be ridiculous guys.

  4. Some time back somebody said that this blog has its roots in satire.

  5. Milena Chetcuti

    Cool blog! I like.

    I read your quote from The Times: “The electoral commission overseeing the process for the election of Labour Party leader has written to all those showing an interest in contesting the election, asking them not to give comments to the press. The letter, signed by Joe Falzon, chairman of the commission, is dated April 1 but is being taken seriously by the candidates.”

    Actually gew kollha jitnejku min dak li qallhom Joe Falzon (or politely auf Englisch gesagt – just to spite il-Bocca of course – none of the candidates paid the least attention to what Joe Falzon ordered them)!

    And what’s more on http://www.labourinlabour.wordpress.com (cool blog, have a looky-looky asap) someone suggested they should set up a zoo at MLP headquarters, fill it with (quote) “the political dinosaurs that came up with the media-ban idea and exhibit them to the public for a modest charge, proceeds from which should go to the next election fund”! And I can assure you that it wasn’t DCG who wrote this but xi hadd ta’ gewwa nett (someone one from deep inside)!

    But, I was going to forget what I was going to say in the first place. So IM Beck “has got his intestines in a twist” because of Malta’s new German gastronomic ambassador, has he? How un-European of Bocca! And what a mess! Can you imagine having to untwist that prodigious mass of knotted fleshy pipework? Auf wiedersehen!

    Milena Chetcuti

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