Malta’s Moral Hypocrisy Exposed?


Granted, it’s La Libé that’s doing the exposing. Granted, the frogs are pissed off because Malta’s gaming industry is harmful to the coffers of Monsieur Sarkozy. The following paragraph taken from an article in Libération entitles “Internet: La Maltaise des jeux” gives you an idea of one perspective the French have of the Maltese.

Ce petit pays européen et puritain de 400 000 âmes pour 7 000 églises, passé à l’euro le premier janvier dernier, ne rechigne pas à délivrer des licences de jeux en ligne qui engraissent les caisses de l’Etat. La morale ici interdit l’avortement et le divorce, mais pas les jeux d’argent. Dans ce pays, surtout producteur de pommes de terre et de porc, l’industrie du jeu met du beurre dans les épinards. Le nombre d’employés maltais des casinos et loteries a été évalué à 1 100, sans compter les retombées sur la construction et la restauration.

My rough translation: “This tiny puritan European nation of 400,000 souls for 7,000 churches, that joined the euro last January, does not hesitate to deliver licences for online gaming in order to fatten up the national coffers. Morality in this country prohibits abortion and divorce, but not gaming (betting). In this country, above all producers of potatoes and pork, the gaming industry brings the money home (literal translation would be “adds the butter to the spinach”). The number of Maltese employees in casions and lotteries has been calculated at 1,100, and that does not include the fallback on the construction and catering industry.”

Sour grapes? Or buttered spinach falling in the wrong mouths?


9 responses to “Malta’s Moral Hypocrisy Exposed?

  1. tal-libe ghamlu kitbu hekk dawn!!

  2. L-istil ta’ dan l-artiklu Tal-Libe` nisthajlu l-istess bhal certi artikli ta’ l-Independent on Sunday.

    Ghandhom cartoonist Tal-Libe`? Applika Bertu.

  3. Sandro Vella Says:
    April 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    “L-istil ta’ dan l-artiklu Tal-Libe` nisthajlu l-istess bhal certi artikli ta’ l-Independent on Sunday”.

    U le, Sandro, mhux biss bhal l-Independent on Sunday. Hemm aktar.

  4. This article goes some way in making us feel important. Tiny Malta threathing big France’s coffers. Woohhooo…serious stuff.

  5. 7000 churches?! thankfully we only have around 365 of them.

    But really, I’m not worried about the content of the article. I’d be more concerned with the image French dailies have of Malta.

  6. 7,000 churches…Ghaqduna mal-Libya.

  7. Justin Zahra

    We must be doing something right to deserve this!

  8. danny attard

    Well, all this forms part of human nature. It recalls a visit to Seville a few years back. It was Maundy Thursday and the church of the Macarena was brimming with wandering locals as the trumpets sounded awesome. Outside, people screwed their heads in wonderful hamburgers in village-festa zest beneath festive light-bulbs. I returned to my apartment and switched on the telly…the sex on offer may have been lacking in finesse, yet the energy applied must have been hamburger-driven …

  9. Very interesting article. These companies provide Maltese with jobs and I have heard that the salaries are good. What’s immoral about that?

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