Ju Hai – Chinese Rights Activist – Jailed

From the BBC:

A prominent activist who publicised human rights abuses across China has been convicted of subversion and jailed for three-and-a-half years. Hu Jia, 34, was convicted of “inciting subversion of state power and the socialist system”, his lawyer said. He has long campaigned for the environment, religious freedom and for the rights of people with HIV and Aids.His sentence comes a day after a rights group accused China of a campaign to silence dissent ahead of the Olympics.

Raul Castro has allowed Cubans to own mobile phones, stay in hotels previously reserved to foreigners and buy microwaves and other previously prohibited by the state. 20 years ago we were witnessing the same kind of opening of markets in Malta (but Dr Pepper only came later because, alas, we could finally import cans – Farsons had stopped bottling the thing).

The Chinese have a weird sort of communism. Not only do they have mobile phones and microwaves but they actually are the market leaders in the manufacture and use of electronic luxuries. The leaders of the Communist Party do not see mobile phones as a threat per se. Unless of course you use the video application on your mobile to record Chinese military beating Tibetan monks. That is the point actually. It is not surprising that the biggest concern for the communists attempting to maintain their stranglehold on the country is information and who can spread it. Which is why in the last years we have heard of China’s clashes with the giants of the information highway and we hear more and more of internet activists being jailed for subversion.

While we express solidarity with such victims of opression by totalitarian states used to totalitarian measures for their own survival, J’accuse notes once again the importance and power of information in this day and age.

We blog… therefore we have (the force).


6 responses to “Ju Hai – Chinese Rights Activist – Jailed

  1. Practical pragmatism where communists can be raving capitalists if its suites their power- retention interests, unannounced PfP (we can only speculate as to why, which is even worse), George Abela campaign for Labour Leader designed and implemented by NP capillaries and more ( once again we can only speculate about motivations) … practical pragmatism, there you are, two pr’s, proof that I am AS in disguise 🙂

  2. The Pfp was not unannounced.

    “We blog… therefore we have (the force).”

    The force of what my friend? We create opinions and not information.

    We (maltese bloggers) form our opinions based on the information provided.

    That is the whole point my friend.

    I may agree that different opinions may result a creation of information.

  3. danny attard

    Hi Sandro,

    How was Pfp announced?


    we create opinion based on information. Now information is where we have a problem I think, it is selective, biased in many instances, etc etc…remember information is power

    agreed vide immediately above


  4. How was Pfp announced?

    Lisbon Treaty mate


    and when Gonzi censored me before the elections: – http://sandrovella.org/2008/02/it-tieni-jum-33_05.html

    Sorry for the free advert Jacques.

  5. China has evolved from authoritarian Communism, to authoritarian Capitalism – both are bad. No matter how free the market is, there is still a need for individuals themselves to be free to express themselves.

    Neither Cuba nor China are offering that at the moment.

    Incidentally in China, foreign journalists must be accredited to a central Chinese news agency. I’m not sure whether this changed given that the Olympics will take place in China in a couple of months time, but basically all news originating from China must pass through Chinese censorship before it is published.

  6. danny attard

    Grazzi Sandro. Qisek il-PN bir-reception class li harget minn dokument li kien ilu fic cirkolazzjoni ghal aktar minn sentejn 🙂 … i think this is a good one mit-times tallum : The prime minister is today expected to attend a Nato summit … for discussion dawr l-applikazzjoni tal PfP insomma…The armed forces of malta will shortly join 11 other countries in exercises led by the US Sixth fleet as part of joint efforts to enhance security in the med. reflection…relevance of our neutrality has mutated since il waqa tal-hajt…and what about Nato than? and do they have eyes on our fleet lol or on our ports? and who is threatening our security now? Insomma this is not up my street and my comments are Xarabank style qisni qed nisma il-banda tibda ddoqq ha to shut up.

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