Joyeux Anniversaire


Tout âge porte ses fruits, il faut savoir les cueillir


So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.

Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!


9 responses to “Joyeux Anniversaire

  1. My congratulations.

    My felicities.

    My how lucky you are.

    My don’t know you that well if you deserve to be that lucky.

    My congratulations.

  2. Guzeppi Grech

    Hey Jacque…congrats!

    Taking a leaf out of “The Godfather”, where by tradition the Don could not refuse a favour on a similar felicitatious occasion (ok, ok it was a wedding but what the heck), I would like you to get back to me on the supplied email address.

    I need your advice on something re: EU recruitment after succeeding in the concours.

    Cheers and again Félicitations!

  3. Ok. But why am I getting the congrats? It’s not my birthday is it?

  4. But with that photo we understand that you have a birthday present everyday.

  5. Guzeppi Grech

    You tell us!

  6. Happy birthday to Mel, she is gorgeous:)

  7. danny attard

    joy and happeness through the circle of life…love is the ultimate happy argument that soars abobe death and life…

  8. ghalhekk tlaqt l’hemm int

  9. Happy birthday to Mel, and lol at Sandro!

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