Luxemburgensia (4): The Hand that Feeds You (Tris)

This blog has gone on record as being particularly critical of the way the Grand Duchy seems to ignore the needs of “foreigners” working (and living) on its soil. Among the answers I got whenever I discussed this subject, the most appalling of them all was the retort that “I should not bite the hand that feeds me”. Implied in this answer was the idea that foreigners working in the Duchy are somehow indebted to Luxembourg and that their salary originates in one way or the other from the Duchy itself.

Now we all know the truth and will go on stressing that the facts point otherwise. Most salaried workers in Luxembourg do not work for Luxembourg owned companies or institutions. They work for international companies based in Luxembourg. They do spend most of their salary in Luxembourg though. They have to either rent or buy houses and have to spend much of their time living in the Duchy – hence the argument that it is the in the interest of the Duchy to keep itself attractive (or in the opinion of some – make itslef attractive) for such workers to keep living and working here. No. The argument – if you do not like it go elsewhere – does not count. It does not count because in the case of most workers it is not the country that they chose but the job – a job that Luxembourg tried to attract in the first place.

It has now become clear that the argument “if you do not like it go somewhere else” would backfire on the Luxembourgers themselves. Here’s what L’Essentiel (or rather the Lux Chambre de Commerce as reported by LE) has to say about the role of immigrant workers within Luxembourg’s economy:

La Chambre de commerce n’y va pas par quatre chemins: avec 66 % de salariés étrangers, l’immigration est «cruciale» pour la «prospérité de l’économie et la diversité culturelle du pays». Dans son avis sur le projet de loi sur la libre-circulation des personnes, elle demande au gouvernement de faciliter plus encore l’entrée et le séjour des non-Luxembourgeois. Ainsi, une personne demandant une autorisation de séjour ne devrait pas avoir à prouver qu’elle sert l’économie.

Another sign that the two way dialogue between Luxembourg and its immigrant workforce/residents needs to be improved with injections of quality and goodwill. It is in the interests of both sides. There’s no escaping that reality.

Note for readers resident in Luxembourg

As of 1st June 2008 it will be obligatory for drivers to have safety vest and safety triangle in their vehicle in case of an accident. I am told that a pack with such equipment can be bought from garages, service stations or from DIY stores like Batiself and Hornbach.

Dès le 1er juin, seconde couche, concernant les équipements de sécurité, cette fois. Vêtements de sécurité et triangle de présignalisation deviennent obligatoires à bord. Vous êtes à pied au bord de l’autoroute après une panne? Vous devrez porter votre vêtement de sécurité. Idem si vous traversez une route en rase campagne la nuit ou un jour de brouillard. Le triangle, lui, s’utilise en cas de panne quand il n’y a pas moyen de se garer en dehors de la chaussée. Il doit être placé à au moins 100 m de la voiture sur l’autoroute et 30 sur une route normale. Enfin, jusqu’à 17 ans, les enfants de moins de 1,50 m doivent être attachés grâce à un dispositif spécial.


4 responses to “Luxemburgensia (4): The Hand that Feeds You (Tris)

  1. kompli onfoq, Guz….

  2. Furthermore, for anyone living in Luxembourg…

    Drive safely.

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