Luciana Lettizzetto e la legge elettorale

Mark Vella signalled this good youtube clip of Luciana commenting the new electoral law in Italy. I’m sure David would love her suggestion for the President…

To view the clip click here: Luciana Lettizzetto

Thank you Mark.


Calderoli’s comment on the electoral law (his idea)


2 responses to “Luciana Lettizzetto e la legge elettorale

  1. David Friggieri

    Super Luciana.

    From Jacque’s wink in my direction I thought she was going to suggest Er Bimbo De Oro, Capitan Totti.

    Oh well, she suggests Papa Ratzi. Some months ago, when I was still blogging away I had suggested Pawlu Cremona for President of Malta. Here it is (scroll down to the post called Pawlu if you can be arsed):

    Should I reactivate the blog issa li thajru il-kbarat? Boqq.

  2. Too true David. I tip my hat to Malta’s very own Luciana … anche tu hai le ascelle che hanno l’odore d’incenso? 🙂

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