“La Rosea” goes tabloid



After 112 years of making sporting history, La Gazzetta dello Sport is finally changing format. As of today, La Gazzetta will no longer be available in the huge format we have been used to but will switch to tabloid size – and while the pink colouring will stay, the editor (Verdelli) promises more colour in the pages. La rosea is an iconic paper. I would say that it a national symbol for Italy and the Italians. I have a habit of always buying a copy when travelling abroad – I don’t buy it regularly at home because I can read it on the internet. Whenever I carry the pink paper under my arm I am always mistaken for an Italian – it could not be otherwise. Walk into a coffee shop or bar in Dublin to watch a match with the paper under your hand and you will immediately be making friends and talking about football. La Gazzetta is a passport to the footballing world and will probably remain so.

Football Literature Around Europe

The English do not really have their equivalent although I do remember reading old copies of “Match” magazine when I was young (bought in some jumble sale). I wonder if those are still around. The French have their own icon – L’Equipe – one which maintains a sort of respectful relationship with the Italians. The Spanish are so football crazy that apart from a couple of national (or should I say regional) papers you can also find daily papers published by clubs. I am always surprised how you can buy the Barca or Real affiliated paper on a seemingly innocuous weekday and find it choc-a-bloc with articles. Finally when I was in Malta over Christmas I did discover that we have a new weekly magazine about sport in Malta at the newsagents. It looks very professional and the content was more than interesting. Pity I keep putting off subscribing myself to the issue.

Anyways. Complimenti alla rosea… cento di questi anni and I hope that most of them will include cover pages with many many of Juve’s future triumphs (incrociamo le dita).


3 responses to ““La Rosea” goes tabloid

  1. La Gazzetta e` stata partecipe, anzi fautrice, della vergognosa campagna mediatica che ha spinto la Juventus verso la serie B. Negl’ultimi anni si e` definitivamente schierata contra la Juve diventando piu`un pseudogiornale merdazzurro che una fonte di imparziali notizie sportive. Infatti non e` un caso che le vendite della carta igienica rosa sono precipitate vertiginosamente………….

    Da parte mia, boicottaggio totale!

  2. U hallina Ton! Mhux dejjem kullhadd kontra il-Juve… dik jghidulha ghira. Imma trid tammetti li la Gazzetta daqxejn ahjar miz-zikk ta COrriere dello Sport jew (marija madonna) Tuttosport.

    But anyways… I’ve been trying to get thru to you for ages… wanted to tell you Congrats for the latest arrival in the Briffa family…. please pass on my felicitations to the wife!

  3. Thanks Jacques. 10 days vacation, ergo mobile off too. All ok except for the sleepless nights. Now back to work…..

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