The Full Irish Breakfast


The Full Irish Breakfast is everyman’s dream. Or at least it is mine. It was the highlight of every morning at the B&B’s we visited. Two rashers of bacon, sausages, baked beans, fried eggs, tomatoes, taters and of course the black and white pudding (*Warning: irish pudding is NOT gluten free – coeliacs eat at their own risk).  Mushrooms can be thrown in as an optional (and they are great too). I would have added fried onions but it does not seem to be included in the standard fare. I thought I would share this Cholesterol bomb with you… it merits careful attention and, along with the English Breakfast, it should be listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage.

God bless Irish Bacon, Irish pudding and all the lovely products from the green, green pastures of Ireland.


9 responses to “The Full Irish Breakfast

  1. When did you eat again after that breakfast?

  2. LOL it should come with a health warning.

  3. Andre, a health warning is not enough, probably an ambulance and paramedic would be much safer

  4. what a way to break a fast, even if not the stuff of a fast break yet a perfect way to break into a new fast! see naples and die kind of thing… the perfect food i say (with real coffee cornflakes and toast with loads of irish cream and butter

  5. Majjalata prima klassi.

  6. and to think that the EU has banned local butchers from producing black pudding and tripe…..sigh!

  7. Biex tkun taf, tista’ tirribella kontra qalbek u dejjem toqrob iktar vicin ta’ bypass koronarja hawnhekk ukoll – mur l-Old Oak Pub fi Brussell u hekk iservuk. Jixtru l-laham minghand tal-laham (iva, irlandiz hu wkoll) faccata. Well worth it…

  8. Qed niccappas bil-pjacir Gyb. Ghandi ukoll pjacir nghidlek li l-prodotti stmati ta’ Jack O’Shea jinstabu ghall-bejgh anki gewwa il-mishut dukat fil-hanut maghruf hafna li jismu “Little Britain” purveyors of such delicacies as Heinz Baked Beans, Bovril u Vegemite, Chutneys varji u anki Irish Bacon.

  9. i would love a fuckin fry rite now

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