Kerry’s Ring and other Travels


Hello y’all. It’s midnight here. Which makes it one of the clock there. Just back from Cork where I had a great meal at a not so Irish place called Wagamama. Don’t you just love the amai sauce? Besides, it’s always great to start your meal with a bowlful of edamame. Simply delicious. We ended up in Wagamama because the few pubs serving food required a reservation. I also did try to get into an Italian restaurant called Rossini – not out of some great love for the Iti fayre but more out of hope that they’d be showing the Inter – Juve match. Turned out to be fully booked too. So I got to eat Japanese while being constantly updated by Owen who was watching the match in a bar/restaurant called Giallorossi… in Prague.

We effing won. Camoranesi and Trezeguet showed the world who the real Kings of Italy are. Anyways. I’ve had a brilliant two days after a jittery start. Plane was delayed for 9 hours from Charleroi to Dublin. We almost had given up on it – especially with Ryanairs lack of information and its efforts to encourage passengers to cancel the flight (and bear the responsibility for the cancellation). Something should seriously be done about the fact that an airline can technically keep you bolted up in an airport gate for 9 hours and not let you out to eat (or smoke).

Once the early disappointment was over we hit Ireland with a bang. We landed in Dublin around 5 pm and by 6 we were heading west. At elevenish we had hit the windswept, Atlantic kissed shores of the Far Irish West and spent the night in a splendid B&B called Clifden. The next day we ventured around Galway, travelled past the Cliffs of Moher and got lost around Killarney (more like Glencar). We had our Blair Witch Moment, lost in the pitch dark between forests and lakes until we finally found our second B&B close to Beaufort.

Today we spent the first part of the day driving around the breathtaking scenery doing The Ring of Kerry. It’s a lovely scenic drive around the Kery peninsula. Incredible. Really. I kid you not. Photos will be up on flickr asap. Halfway we stopped at a maravillious coffeehouse in Waterville in what was really a blast from the past. Music was played on a turntable/gramaphone, the pies and cakes were fablicious and the mochas heart-warmingly splendid. I just had to mention it. It was not at all touristy kitsch but a warm welcoming oasis placed on a lovely beach with grey pebbles and dark blue sea.

Having done Kerry and its ring we moved on to Bandon. Which is where I am typing my current post. The B&B is called Kilbrogan House and it is run by two lovely people – one of whom is fully conversant about Malta’s socialist past. He seems to hate Mintoff because “the bugger” chose to kick out the British army just before my host was hoping to get stationed there. He was sent to get the Brits off Cyprus instead. Anyways do look up Kilbrogan House if you ever visit this part of Ireland. The present house was built in 1818 and is an absolute stunner. The rooms are fit for royalty (hence my presence) and the conservatory looks like a place you could spend hours of reading. You do not even to bring books along since the in-house library is very well stocked. And there’s wireless internet too (free). What more could you want?

I’m off to cuddle up in the warmth of the room and to watch a nice film. Good night everybody and have a Happy Easter if you are reading this on Sunday.

*Photo: Panorama on Ring of Kerry Route (from Internet not my own)


3 responses to “Kerry’s Ring and other Travels

  1. David Friggieri

    New Juve rocks! Roman greetings from Berkshire.

  2. Hi Jacques,

    Urbi e non masorbi

    Happy Easter! stop

  3. My. my. I really felt sorry for you having to keep your mind on maltese politics while on holiday. (but I liked your article on TMI). Your account of of Kerr’s Ring tickled my fancy for Ireland. My hubby and I go for the Iberian peninsula and never been to Ireland. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of the holiday

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