Technical Note

I am off. Comments might take a long time to appear (till my next internet cafe visit I guess).


3 responses to “Technical Note

  1. “Jacques René Zammit on Mar 19, 2008

    Aaah. The Dame never ceases to please. Somehow the Times was never the same once the Lorna column stopped. If Daphne will allow me a plug, Lorna enthusiasts will find a series of “crits” of her literary works on J’accuse. All you have to do to savour them is to go to and type “TGIL” in the search box on the right column. Enjoy.

    My hard work earned me the description “a luxembourger that smells of gozo cheese” by the dame herself. You can get a mouse pad commemorating the occasion here: (of course not one specimen was sold).

    End of spamming. Now back to work!”

    Dear Jacques,

    just to let you know ta. I really don’t bother on my blog. But the link behind your name is more than enough. It might be that other bloggers would not appreciate that.

    By the way, how consistent you are. I really admire you for ridiculing L.V.

    Now I feel the Easter spirit. Heroid and Pilatus in galore status washing their backs.



  2. Sheelagh na Gig

    Her hands holding herself
    are like hands in an old barn
    holding a bag open.

    I was outside looking in
    at its lapped and supple mouth
    running grain.

    I looked up under the thatch
    at the dark mouth and eye
    of a bird’s nest or a rat’s hole,

    smelling the rose on the wall,
    mildew, an earthen floor,
    and warm depth of the eaves.

    And then one night in the yard
    I stood still under heavy rain
    wearing the bag like a caul…

    Seamus Heaney from Station Island

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