The King of all Bloggers

The King of All Bloggers is interviewed by Marie Benoit:

Which is your favourite blog?

Firstly and foremost my own blog,, and then all those blogs that choose not to pander to the demi-biblical verses of the mainstream partisan political entities, nor falling to the greed-driven temptation for advertising space. A virgin example for others to follow in both cases is Jacques René Zammit’s blog,

Obviously I mention Jacques because I know that he will grab this article and post it to his own blog, which may lead to many more hits upon my blog, not necessarily because I actually believe what I just said.

Obrigado Sandro.

To add more hits upon his blog [sic] click here.


2 responses to “The King of all Bloggers

  1. OMG SV is still the same… what a wa**er!!! *rolling eyes*

  2. I am the greatest wanker of this island without the need of political handjobs. Not like you George.

    I masturbate with myself.

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