J’accuse and Reflection Day

Letter to Independent on Sunday


Though I cannot purport to speak for the whole blogging community, I would like to express my satisfaction at the current level of coverage being afforded to Maltese blogs on your paper. This kind of interaction can only benefit both sides by provoking a healthy dialogue and response from our respective readerships.

I would like to correct a wrong impression that was given in the article “The election and the Blogs” (09.03.08). It was asserted that on reflection day “J’accuse continued blogging with relatively new comments pasted back”. I can guarantee that no posts were uploaded onto J’accuse as of 12.07 a.m on Friday (yes I missed the deadline by seven minutes) and comment moderation was reactivated meaning that no comments were allowed until Sunday.

This was done in full respect of our electoral laws. Unlike others I believe that although I do not agree with the law and its application I must still respect it so long as it is there. We are servants of the law so that we can be free.

Jacques Rene’ Zammit


One response to “J’accuse and Reflection Day

  1. And when will these people learn that “posting a comment” is not the same as “blogging”?

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