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    Log on in in just 1 hour!!! heheh almost the same….


  2. NICE ONE!!!

    EFAPN hahahaha I have just noticed it.

  3. Apparently Eddie Fenech Adami is highly selective with who he affords his pardons…

    A (democratically elected?) president for the Maltese people or a president for the party?

  4. Ah…in just one hour! U jien qed nghid wahdi…fejn hi din l-ostra karikatura ta Sandro!…hehehe

  5. Mela Ghandna GonziPN u EfaPN

    Matthew zied MugabePN

    u Gold Roast PutinPN

    inkompluhom f’din il-post. naraw min johrog bl-ahjar wahda

  6. JavierEchevarríaPN

  7. Matthew Aquilina


  8. KhomeiniPN

  9. Guys, in the spirit of your exercise (dramatically hyperbolic as it is), I guess that all things considered and bearing in mind how over the last 40 years (even while making great strides and achievements) we can look back and see the main artificers and reasons why we are currently contemplating this mess of a political arena there is one and only one political acronym that sums it all up perfectly…

    not mugabePN, not putinPn not all the others being suggested… but the one that has been with us all along and is the reason that today we are here not discussing between options but complaining about the choice before us…

    ladies, gentlemen, robots and elves… I give you….


    partisan cravings aside… you’ve got to admit… they’ve both come out in this election and we’ve seen what kind of politics they promise for the future. With parties like these who needs Putin?

  10. OceaniaPN

    “You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world. ”

    – O’Brien in George Orwell’s 1984

  11. Matthew Aquilina


  12. @Matthew

    Now that IS a bit far-fetched.

  13. Kenneth, was it Room 101 or Radio 101?

    Sandro, iva x’ghamiltlek jien? ghalfejn qed thammigni hekk? Jien tifel sew. Irrispondini Dr. San..dro. Ghalfejn ma tridx tkellimni eh? ……….

  14. Hemm l-avukati. Tkellem maghhom.

  15. In addition to that I would add ProdiMLP .. a feeble alternative.

  16. Nies,

    jiena ma nafx ghax Jacques diga’ waqqghali l-idea pero’ ghadni nemmen li missna niltaqghu mhux jiena u Jacques biss imma xi hbieb minn hawn gew.

    X’tahsbu ghid u x’tahseb Jacques?

    Sorry qed nerga’ nqajjimha. Imma qed nara li se nitilfu okkazjoni bejn il-hbieb.

    Is-Sibt wara l-votazzjoni, x’tahsbu nies?

  17. jien nigi ukoll



    mhux Jacques irid jorganizza man? Ejja Jacques ghamel announcement bhal ta’ l-ahhar darba. Jiena mhux se naghmlu. Niltaqghu bejnietna. Dawk li jippostjaw hawn gew.

    Nixtieq niltaqa’ ma’ Friggieri u xi posters ohra bhal Raphael ecc. ghalkemm nahseb ikun imhabbat dak.

    Ghamel invitation Jacques, ejja. Fil-kaz nergghu niltaqghu l-Mellieha hux.


  19. Mela sa issa qeghdin:


    min izjed? Hemm xi undecided?

  20. Harry jixtieq jigi bil-kundizzjoni li ma jhallasx bl-ircevuta.

    Ejja min izjed?

  21. A bit of fantasyfiction:

    Imagine, because of the nonstop pre-elections mudslinging by MLP and PN that on Sunday, the results are announced…..

    AD 51%
    AN 40%
    MLP 6%
    PN 3%

    Would serve MLPN bloody right.

  22. JPO:
    “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”
    “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”
    “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”
    “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”
    “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”
    {repeat ad nauseam}

    Ghaziz, JPO, hawn min jistenna sa 4 ijiem u hawn min jistenna sa jumejn.


  23. “tistenna 4 ijiem qabel l-elezzjoni biex thammigni Dottor Sant?”

    Jigifieri JPO qed jghid li Dr. Sant hammgu u mhux hu thammeg wahdu? Kellu xi pistola ma rasu meta ffirma l-formoli tal-MEPA rigward il-permess li ntalab biex l-ghalqa tieghu issir nightclub? Hmmm … ha nara … immagina jien sid il-kerha ta’ din l-art. Nahseb li nippreferi li l-art tieghi tintuza bhala nightclub milli bhala ghalqa … nightclub irendi izjed flus minn erba kabocciet mizrugha jew qed inhawwad?

  24. Claire Bonello

    Please have a look at some of the comments on The Times online website. Their authors seem to be wannabe detectives and are sniffing out clues by the dozen. Oh, and they’re also trying their hand at being part-time Perry Masons/Sherlock Holmes/Miss Marple?Hercule Poirot. They have concluded that the only parties to benefit from this suspect eve-of-election arrest are AD (how? By getting their leader sent to prison?) and MLP (you tell me), then somehow it must have been engineered by some special secret unit of MLP and AD supporters who infiltrated the police force, kept their positions secret for a very long time and then whipped out an arrest warrant to make the PN look bad (They must have slipped up by revealing their top-secret operation to Medialink journalists who got so excited at the thought of being able to tell Harry that he’s going to spe3nd the next two years in jail that they let the cat out of the bag). The present day conspiracy theorists remind me of the Old Labour supporters in the 1980s who used to say that the violence then was caused by Nationalist agent provacateurs.

  25. Re. Is-sibt… ghandi tieg lli se jibda fil1700 u jibqa sa tard bil-lejl
    ergo go ahead and organise sangrino. in the meantime nipprova nikkuntattja xi nies il-gimgha… jekk nohrog nixxala (i.e. niehu te bil-kwiet)

  26. Imma nghid jien, possibli li hawn kulhadd jahseb allura bl-istess mentalita’ li jahsbu dawk li jkunu qed ibandlu sidhirhom fl-ewwel filliera tal-meetings tal-labour, jew l-istudenti li jibboojaw ‘il min ma joghgobohomx…il kurutur ta’ mohhkom daqshekk miftuh illi ma tghaddilkomx minnu li haga bhal din jista’ jbaghti biss minnha il-PN u tiehduha ghajnejkom maghluqa bhala att taghhom? jien il-ftit li dort fuq din is-sajt ma tantx qed nara xi berah ta hsieb wiesgha – jidher illi l-kultura bazika tibqa’ l-istess anke jekk il-kulur huwa wiehed ‘gdid’ – jehtieg hafna izjed minn hekk jekk intom tassew interessati illi tbiddlu il-kultura tal-politika f’pajjizna…

  27. s(M)artipan, ghandek zball wiehed zghir. fuq din is-site hawn hafna kuluri differenti. Min blu , min ahdar u min ahmar. m’hawn xejn gdid f’dak is-sens, il-fatt li nuru rispett lil xulxin huwa xi haga gdida.

  28. s(M)artipan, ha nikkwota lili nnfisi:

    The only logical explanation I can find for this is that, from their polls, PN realized they lost waaay too many votes to AD, they realized they didn’t have a chance in hell of winning this election. Also, 4000 more voting documents than usual went uncollected this time round, most of which from PN stronghold districts. So PN figured they had nothing to lose by pulling out this hidden card.

    Now we can REALLY rule out a PN-AD coalition, that’s for sure!

    Note to those passing comments in the Times website:
    Saying this is the work of MLP makes as much sense as saying it was the work of the Zionists! Dik il-qarnita is-sewda! Dawk l-ghedewwa taghna! Catch my drift?

    Ahna mhux mohhna miftuh? Jew inti ghajnejk mghottijin biz-zebgha blu?

  29. Smartipan: I can understand your summary. At the same time you commit a grave error you assess this blog the way you would assess a political party – and then reach a sweeping conclusion. I am aware that many of the posters this morning tend to swing on the Labour side of matters – alas PN posters are scarce wherever constructive debate has been takiing place this election. Ad posters too have their own agenda. I feel that this blog has provided a commonf platform for all to discuss within (never censoring anyone). I will be the first to admit that we have a lot to work on to achieve the ideal… especially since in my opinion falling back to MLP because PN slips is not exactly the brainiest move ever – but that is my opinion. Slowly we will shed our feelings of duty towards the MLPN, our obligations and learn to assess in an objective light. In the meantime comments like yours only trigger off another viscious circle in the instinctive nature of people who have been thinking in the same manner for 30 years.

    As for berah ta’ hsieb wiesgha… I am sure you have better sources than this… try suggesting some… all links welcome.

  30. Jew inkella…

    Xoghol FREDU SANT! Xahham in-nies tal-qorti, xahham in-nies tal-headquarters tal-Pulizija, kif ukoll il-gurnalista u il-cameraman tan-NET. Iva hekk gara! PERSWAZ!

    Happy now?

  31. hahahaha…mela l-ewwel nett prosit tal-programm tajjeb… le ma nahseix illi hawn hafna fora ta diskussjoni wiesgha…dahhaqtuni tnejn, x’intom fast, u fis-sens posittiv – tihdunix hazin…ma ridtx ngihd illi mohhkom maghluq…xtaqt nghid pero’ li dak li jsehh kulhadd jarah mil-lenti tieghu …xi forma ta kolorazzjoni fuq il-lenti ghandu kulhadd – sweeping statements u gudizzji ta’ malajr hawn hafna ukoll – ma nahsibx li nahsibha bhal min ilu jahsibha lbl-istess mod ghal 30 sena…l’anqas ma nqis lili nnifsi ta kulur jew iehor i…anzi nixtieq li kellna sitwazzjoni fejn l-ghazla hija tassew ghazla…

  32. Tehodnix bis-serjeta lanqas s(M)art. Ghandi balla dwejjaq fuqi. Kieku taf kemm tlift rispett lejn il-PN ilbierah. Ftit minuti qabel sirt naf bil-bicca xoghol, kont qed nitkellem kontra l-MLP ghax flok ghamel kampanja elettorali sura, ghamel xhar shih jaqla il-hama. 5 minuti wara naqra il-press release ta’ Harry Vassallo…

    Issa naf b’certezza li ghall-5 snin li gejjin, partit li ma joghgobnix sahta ha jmexxi.

    Either way, I’m royally screwed for 5 years.

  33. I won’t try and be a Perry Mason about the Harry V incident; I certainly won’t try to say who was behind this, or who may have benefited from it.

    But in all this horrible murk please consider one, simple, irrefutable fact that remains crystal clear: there is only one entity that definitely loses out because of this whole sorry incident. And that’s the nationalists.

    It is certainly of public interest to know that the leader of a political party has been so careless as to allow a court imposed fine to be converted into a prison sentence (it happens automatically by the way after a certain time period has elapsed). But the last thing the antionalists wanted was for some bloody PC007 to create a debacle like this that allows AD to play the victim.

  34. Yeah, that’s explains why it was NET TV who broke the news to Harry.

  35. I meant “that” not “that’s”.

  36. It’s also certainly of public interest to note that our President (and ex-PN Party Leader) didn’t pardon the tax return case of an AD candidate, whereas previous Presidents have let renowned drug runners go free.

    Harry doesn’t need to “play” the victim here.

  37. What a coincidence! The arrest warrant crossed the seargant’s mind a couple of hours after a NET TV journalist + cameraman broke the news to Harry Vassallo.

  38. Keith, tinsiex li kollox possibli

  39. That still hasn’t explained how such sensitive information was available to NET TV journalists before it was available to Harry himself. And, like Keith, it does sound too good to be true that it is a coincidence. I mean, since October 2007 5 months have passed … that converts to around 3600 hours … and somehow, Harry got informed first by a NET TV journalist, followed by the seargent, within a 4 hour span.

  40. “Keith, tinsiex li kollox possibli”

    Rupert … jekk tara l-kummenti ta’ fuq it-Times jghidulek ma jistax ikun … il-gvern, jew xi terza persuna, ideffes denbu fil-qorti jew fil-pulizija. Jalla jkun hekk, imma min ghandu memorja bizzejjed, m’ghandux ghalfejn imur lura xi hafna snin (tipo 80s jew hekk), jinduna li xejn ma hu impossibli. Xejn ma hu inkorrompibbli.

  41. I’m sure die-hard Nationalists will believe it was all a coincidence. So what, those people were going to vote PN anyway.

    What about the floating voters and the disgruntled Nationalists? Will they believe this tale?

  42. Hadd mhu se jwaqqfek milli tivvota GonziPN, s(M)artipan. Imma jekk int m’ghandekx mohhok mghaluq tirrealizza li issa veru wasalna fil-qiegh.

  43. “I’m sure die-hard Nationalists will believe it was all a coincidence.”

    Or maybe they will believe it was a malefic plan from those pesky Labourites desperate to get elected into government.

  44. Gold Roast – Sensitive information? A court case that probably took years, a sentence pending for months? How secret do you think this whole thing was?

    The guy has let this big problem grow and fester for all this time, and with the help of a police sergeant naively trying to do his job has seen a golden opportunity to try and turn it to his advantage.

  45. David Friggieri

    The Times’ latest report sounds like a mix between a Pierino movie and something out of Kafka, if you get my drift. ‘Well-meaning’, almost funny, bureaucratic coincidences, slips and errors which ensnare the victim nonetheless. All it needed was a steamy twist a la Edwidge Fenech.

  46. Tony M, why don’t you continue watching NET NEWS?

  47. Calling all you nationalist Sherlocks out there. Please try and forget those exciting Famous Five books full of mystery tales and excitement and try to put your thinking hats on to try to solve the Mystery of the Discriminatory Pardons (or why loads of other people who don’t send in their vat return get a pardon but Harry doesn’t -also go into the little side issue of how the full force of the law comes down on the AD leader but lets off Queroz and Zeppi with a gentle pat on the bottom). While you’re at it, you Super Sleuths can solve the Mystery of the leak to Medialink (or how the PN journalists knew beforehand what the forgetful sergeant had just remembered). Perhaps you guys have already sussed out who is to balme for all these terrible goings-on. Must be Alfred Sant …. apparently he’s also to blame for JPO forgetting about an application to build a mega-disco on his land

  48. Claire, rumour has it that JPO even forgot that he had signed a contract

  49. So, its not a rumour, JPO kner about the contract, he signed it

  50. Bertu, thanks for pointing that out. Perhaps our amateur detective friends can now get to the bottom of The Case of the PN Politician who Forgot about the Disco Application on his Property. Or – even more intriguing, they can solve The Mystery of the PM who was not told about this by his PN Politician. We await their sleuthing results with interest

  51. Seems like it’s “Harry Vassallo day” on the online times today. I find it hard to believe that Harry is a criminal or a tax-evader … “traskurat” maybe … and the latest news has it that Harry still hasn’t filled the necessary forms to indicate that he is not responsible. It could also be that bureaucratic nightmares are being used to shed a bad light on Harry. We all know how unnerving bureaucracy can be! However, what hasn’t been explained is a NET TV journalist knowing the news before Harry himself. Personally, if an arrest warrant had to be issued for me, I would like to be the first to know … knowing from a media source isn’t exactly ethical. Apparently, Harry has been time and time again a victim of this. He even got to know of Rene Rossignaud’s resignation through NET. This behaviour leaves me perplexed.

  52. My blog is getting loads of hits from people searching “harry vassallo arrest”. Everybody wants to know the details.


    The ministry of finance issued a press release where among other things they state that two cops went over to investigate a break-in in the vicinity of Harry’s home and while there they discussed the warrant with him……

    My question is: what would have happened to Harry if the break-in occured next week or did not occur at all?

    Harry must be the unluckiest sonofabitch around….next to the Crybaby that is.

  54. I’m watching the Gonzi – Sant debate on TV. Gonzi has just said that the arrest warrant was issued because Harry Vassallo collected VAT from people and did not pass it on to the department. This is not what the department or the ministry of finance or Harry Vassallo said. Everybody (except Gonzi) is stating that the fines are due for non-submission of returns. It’s becoming standard practice for these kind of statements to be made by PN politicians on the eve of the election when it’s too late to rebut….way to go

  55. ghandkom mass mtg helu hawn ikolli nghid – mhux li jiena fan tal meetings imma hafna preaching ot the convrted qed nara hawn daqs f’postijeit ohra…kenneth kulhadd jasal ghall-konkluzjonijiet tieghu u ghax jaghmel hekk ma jfissirx li mohhu maghluq jew miftuh…jien it-tip li f’dawn l-affarijiet ma neskludi xejn…f’dal pajjiz ahna wisq lesit li naslu ghall-konkluzjonijiet li jghogbnu lilna…personalment ma wasalt ghall-ebda konkluzjoni cara…hlief li din il-haga taghmel deni biss lil partiti wiehed…u bilhaqq halli inkunu cair fil-fatti sa fejn naf jien lil Harry m’arrestah hadd

  56. s(M)artipan: M’arrestawhx. Tawh 2 karti li jghidu “Dokumenti Biex Persuna Tinzamm il-Habs” u qalulu ibda rranga l-affarijiet tieghek halli meta tkun lest tigi l-ghassa u niehduk kordin.

  57. u iva jigifieri jekk idum biex ikun lest mill-affarijiet tieghu daqs kemm dam rieqed fuq il-fatti tal-kaz ghandu ftit zmien iehor barra…zgur li hekk tghid ezatt din l-ittra? l-istorja tizvolgi…min qed jghid il-verita’?…min jaf?…araw…:

  58. I watched the Gonzi-Sant debate. It’s difficult to say who was the winner of this debate, as both presented their arguments in a convincing way. What I think Gonzi has failed with respect to Sant, however, is to feel the pulse of disgruntlement. And I can say that as I myself am a “disgruntled” traditional Nationalist voter who, at the moment, cannot bring himself to vote PN … probably not MLP either, but definitely not PN. When Sant speaks, he’s poking his finger in the disgruntled people’s open wounds. He harps about corruption (which it’s true, it’s rampant). He harps about incompetence (which exists galore). He harps about bad planning and bad financial managment (one probably need only walk a few blocks away from his house and look at the nearby road which has been tarmacked, undone again because of some bad planning of some sort, and redone to the great inconvenience of the neighbours or remember the unnerving traffic on Manuel Dimech bridge) . He harps about nepotism (it exists, and usually walks hand in hand with incompetence and corruption). He harps about bureaucracy (who isn’t fed up of that?). He harps about a dismal health service despite a state-of-the-art hospital (probably here one will remember the long waiting list in order to do an operation, or the blood tests the hospital staff lost for him). I’m not defending Sant here .. I’m just saying that he knows were to poke his finger.

    On the other hand, Gonzi is doing a Marie Antoinette. We all know how much the French queen was oblivious to the pulse of her people. Gonzi is doing the same: “tajnikom sptar gdid, dahhalnikhom fl-ewro, bla bla bla” … but he is not sensitive to the wrongdoings of his own party. Indeed, Sant was right in saying that he has “no regrets” for the wrongdoings of his party. Gonzi had 4 years to understand why he is losing election after election … he even commisioned a report for that. What did he do? Nothing. What do the disgruntled nationalists want? They want Gonzi to say “Yes I admit there is corruption. Yes I admit there is nepotism. Yes I admit that we must manage our projects and their finances better.” But Gonzi doesn’t do that. He just boasts about his Mater Dei and his Euro as though they were a brand new pair of tits. Dear Gonzi, we don’t expect you to be perfect. But when you say that everything’s almost perfect, when the rest of the people don’t feel that way, then you have lost the pulse of your electorate. When you do not show commitment to change what is wrong with your party in government, you cannot expect people’s votes. Yes Gonzi is behaving like Marie Antoinette, and we all know the fate of that French queen. She was dragged out of Versaille, and Gonzi will probably be sent packing from Castille. At least the guillotine will not be a real one but a metaphorical one.

  59. dispassionate

    It is not absolute power that corrupts, but the fear of losing it.

  60. Dear all, forget the conspiracy theories. Harry Vassallo was not granted a Presidential pardon because he was not bothered filling in his VAT forms. Saviour Balzan tells us that Vassallo is “disorganised” but even the most disorganised of the lot would make some effort to set their things straight when faced with a Lm6,000 fine or imprisonment.

    And the “threat” to put Vassallo behind bars was really the case of a humane police sergant who got in touch with Vassallo over a theft in a property next to his family’s vacant property (yes, the Vassallo have one of those) and invited him to regularise his position. He was given a velvet glove treatment. Which the government bureaucracy never gives the rest of us.

  61. Agree in toto with Fausto.

    Una messa in scena vergognosa. E costui ci predica il nouvo modo di fare politica……….

    Ma per piacere, scendi da quel pulpito e regolarizzati.

    Harry Vassallo santo subito!

  62. Victor Laiviera

    Tha person who wrote that piece for the Commiusioner of Police deserves the Oscar for “best screenplay” in the next award ceremony

  63. Fausto – thanks for pointing out the fact that the incident arose because of non-completion of returns and not for non-payment of VAT collected. In fact it was Laurence Gonzi made that accusation on the debate to night. He should have been more accurate, as should have JPO when forgetting the disco on his land.

  64. I wouldn’t want to be that sergeant right now.

  65. Fausto, you forgot just one small little detail. Could you please explain how Net TV asked HV about the case a few hours prior to the police informing him? Was it a coincidence? This is a blatant abuse of power, nothing more nothing less.

  66. Victor Laiviera

    The PN maintained its tradition of winding up its electoral campain with a big fat lie.

    One year it was AD and abortion.

    Anotherr year it was Sant and uni entry.

    This year it was Vassallo and VAT.

  67. “David Friggieri Says:

    March 6, 2008 at 4:10 pm
    The Times’ latest report sounds like a mix between a Pierino movie and something out of Kafka, if you get my drift. ‘Well-meaning’, almost funny, bureaucratic coincidences, slips and errors which ensnare the victim nonetheless. All it needed was a steamy twist a la Edwidge Fenech.”

    Surreal is the appropriate word.

  68. Claire Says:

    March 6, 2008 at 6:33 pm
    Bertu, thanks for pointing that out. Perhaps our amateur detective friends can now get to the bottom of The Case of the PN Politician who Forgot about the Disco Application on his Property. Or – even more intriguing, they can solve The Mystery of the PM who was not told about this by his PN Politician. We await their sleuthing results with interest

    Guess who got his illegalities sanctioned now.
    How ironical.

  69. Jon Says:

    March 6, 2008 at 11:52 pm
    I wouldn’t want to be that sergeant right now.

    Some one has got to get the blame. That is what salaried minions get paid for.

  70. Folks, it’s after midnight and campaigning is over. Most likely, the blog owner is unable to switch on moderation. So please show some restraint and show respect for his decision not to publish anything related to the campaign.

  71. wondr if Daphne will be complying as well on her blog.

  72. I go away for a couple of days, I come back, and I see you’re all still bitching in your inimitable humourless way. Well, how about this, then? Lawrence Gonzi doesn’t fill in his VAT returns for six years, is prosecuted, still refuses to fill in his returns, is fined, still refuses to fill in his returns, applies for a presidential pardon but refuses to fill in his returns, the presidential pardon plea is turned down because he hasn’t filled in his returns, the fine is converted to imprisonment because he hasn’t paid it and hasn’t filled in his returns, then the police leave the arrest warrant on the shelf for five months because the person in question is the leader of a political party, then they visit him about another matter and say ‘Look, hadn’t you better regularise your position so that we don’t have to do anything about this?’ and Gonzi calls a press conference with his Kate and his children and whines about the wicked police and the wicked government that is persecuting him. Well? What do you have to say about that?

    Two weights and two measures, you lot.

  73. Thanks fausto. Was tweaking the blog for the next two days of silence. Moderatin will be going on now. Apologies for the delay.

  74. Oops. I see Daphne and I were in the same place at the same time (at least on the ethernet) good night Daphne!

  75. Victor Laiviera

    OK, Fausto, we’ll give you a break. 🙂 🙂


    Good Luck Malta.

  77. Jien qed nirrifletti…!

    Grazzi ta’kollox Jacques.

    hhtp:// (naqra riklam ghalija nnifsi)

    Jekk tara lil Dr Portanier waqt din il-migja tieghek f’din il-Gzira ghaziza taghna, sellili! Malta zghira imma kbira fl-istess hin.

    Rupert, nispera li tinsab tajjeb! Prosit tal-website u ta’ l-arti u x-xoghol tieghek. Laqatni hafna. Habib/konoxxjenza antika, dak kien zmien is-sekondarja u anki l-universita ghalkemm konnha fi snin differenti!

    Dejjem Taghkom

    Il-Fulu (Haricot)

    PS (aka nom de plume Malcolm B aka – dan ta l-ahhar riklam ukoll)

  78. If the nanny state has deemed it verboten to discuss the election is it at least possible to discuss the fact that the nanny state has deemed it verboten to discuss the election? It is a condescending “don`t give the kids anything with caffeine in it too close to bedtime” approach that I personally abhor.

    Personally I think that it is especially unneccessary where it pertains to the internet. I doubt that a nerd or forum nerd is really the type of person to be incited to commit serious acts of political violence.

    A few glaring exceptions are noted. 😀

  79. patrick tabone

    Jacques – Nicely played endgame. Keep well, Patrick

  80. The mother of uncomfortable silences.

  81. The late Albert Rizzo’s name isn’t on District 10’s ballots.

  82. Victor Laiviera


    UPDATE: Police arrest Mepa, MTA officials team Sat, 08 March 2008

    Top officials at the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and the Malta Tourism Authority were in the last days detained by the Police in relation to the issuing of a controversial development permit. is informed that the Police are conducting serious investigations on the operation of top Mepa officials in relation to a particular permit. The officials being interrogated are from Mepa, particularly the DCC board.

    This e-newspaper is also informed that the Police investigated officials from the tourism authority.

    In the next days there will be further developments on the case. It is not being excluded that persons will be arraigned to court early this week.

  83. Matthew Aquilina

    Imbghad kien hawn min ghajjarni ax qedt ghala Gonzi qed ihajjar lin-Nazzjonalisti jivvutawlu? Qaluli ax diga saru l-karti!…..

  84. Voting has been extended till 11 purportedly because of queues. I’m looking at the polling centre up my road – practically no voters but loads of PN candidates on mobile phones….

  85. Il-kejk inhema issa … avolja ghadna s’ghada sakemm induquh.

  86. Fausto – thanks for pointing out the fact that the incident arose because of non-completion of returns and not for non-payment of VAT collected. In fact it was Laurence Gonzi made that accusation on the debate to night. He should have been more accurate, as should have JPO when forgetting the disco on his land.

    I said that because I’m ready to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone and I have no problem in believing Harry Vassallo when he says that he actually withdrew from the activities of the company some ten year ago. But when on the companies’ register you still appear as majority shareholder, director, secretary and legal representative, as far as the law is concerned, you are collecting tax and you should be forwarding it to the Department.

  87. Skond is-survey tieghi:

    Are you an iljun tal-bidla?
    GRRRRR 32%
    No 68%

    Taqtghux qalbkom PN supporters!


  88. According to a MaltaToday survey conducted yesterday, George Pullicino garnered a massive 13.5% of votes in district 10.


  89. Uncollected voting documents increased by 3000.
    That put to rest claims that people weren’t being found at home by policemen because they were at work.

    Voting turnout only 93%.
    This gives a clear indication of how unhappy people are with the current government.

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