Bertu’s Cartoons #1


 J’accuse is absolutely over-the-moon to have roped in Bertu the Cartoonist for the first ever cartoon exclusively prepared for this blog. Not forgetting its roots in satire, this blog gladly engages in another of those severely underestimated tools of the old fashioned paper trade – cartoons. This one is inspired by someone’s obsession with moles… such as ” My moles tell me that Alfred Sant made it clear to the BA bosses…” which set me thinking and Bertu’s pencil scribbling… Thanks a million Bert… hope we can collaborate again soon!

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Malta License

If you would like to reproduce this cartoon, any reproduction should bear a clear indication that it first appeared in J’accuse ( and that the author and owner of proprietary rights is “Bertu”.


11 responses to “Bertu’s Cartoons #1

  1. Jacques,

    posted on Deficients’ web-log respecting your Creative Commons ideal.

  2. Hehe, thanks Mr. Vella

  3. hallik mit-thank you hehehhe

    issa per par condicio trid tpingi lili

    tinsiex li qeghdin f’kampanja elettorali!!!!!!

  4. Moles f wiccha biss ghandha din?

  5. Xkora, nafu biss li ghandha l-moles

  6. Brian Restall

    Glad to see that used a Creative Commons Malta licence Jacques. Prosit


    Bertu must be nearly blind….Dafnay’s mammary glands ain’t THAT big.

  8. Matthew Aquilina

    Smajt li ghandha/kellha carrot nose jien ukoll.

  9. Matthew Aquilina


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