Seven Day Bloggists

Or the economy of truth. In my quest for an acknowledgment that our electoral laws need reform, that the main political parties have absolutely no intention to effect such reform and in pointing out that the MLPN would rather abuse of this anomaly than change it I have always striven to discuss openly with people from all sides of the political spectrum. That is probably why, inevitably, for the Nationalists I am a Labour Wolf in AD clothing, for the Labourites I am a Nationalist in fancy dress and for the AD supporters I am not committed to their cause.

That has become a secondary aspect of this whole issue. J’accuse has always been party-neutral as could be seen from the very first post in the blog (note ABC – the difference between post and blog). Sure, we have agreed with this or that party once in a while but that does not make J’accuse an apologist for any particular party – it only takes a schizophrenic conspiracy theorist to see some kind of party robot in this blog… or a Nationalist apologist with a vengeance.

Ever since her appearance in this blog, Daphne seems to have purposely misconstrued its use and purpose. J’accuse is not or Campus FM or a newspaper columnist who can be told what to say, publish or write. When di-ve was being gagged or Campus FM newspaper commentators censored Daphne was nowhere to be heard defending the right to speak. Here is what she said on November 4th 2007:

The Leader of the Opposition said at a “political conference” in Lija that when he is prime minister, “those who don’t agree with something that the government does will be allowed to voice their opinion.” Gosh. Thanks ever so, Fred. Allow us to voice our opinion, you say? Words fail me.

Where has he been living since Malta joined the free world? We no longer live in those dark, dark days when he was president of theLabour Party and nobody could say or write what they thought because ofhis repressive party and the government it formed. I imagine he expects wild gratitude and celebration in the streets because he has given us permission to criticise him when he rules Malta. That puts my mind at rest. I won’t be locked up and whipped. Now I’ll vote for him, for sure.

I agreed with what DCG wrote that day. Of course it’s ridiculous to think that anyone not agreeing with government or criticising a government policy should worry about having his ideas bashed or told he is stupid, dysfunctional or labelled a supporter of the other side. I did not know of course that it in 2008 it would seem that you probably need permission to criticise the PN too. You won’t necessarily be silenced but you will be accused of being attracted to “cold, hard amoral” Sant.

No. So blogs cannot be so easily controlled. They are not owned by Go Mobile and you cannot make the same kind of pressure on the editor as you can possibly exert on a Sunday paper. So what does Daphne do? What could a propagandist (paid or unpaid) do to influence forum that has been detected to be out of control of the mainstream? How do you tell a renegade forum to shut up? You insult it and indulge in an exercise of mass character assassination. It involves painting a group picture of the blog and its contents and then shooting it down as a whole… Free thinking?… no si, let Daphne tell you who you are… here’s what she has to tell Le Jacobin (my highlights):

the views on this blog are representative only of the people on this blog, all of whom have long since decided where they stand despite pretending to dither and doubt. I am not here to persuade them otherwise; I am here to annoy them because I can’t bear smug and self-satisfied complacency, or the tone of supercilious superiority with which certain issues are being discussed here – the very tone, indeed, which is used by Alfred Sant.

Never underestimate my insight into human nature (or my sense of self-parody). The point hasn’t escaped me that a few of the young(ish) men on this blog are primordially attracted – consciously or subconsciously – to Alfred Sant because he fits their profile. They can’t admit this, even to themselves still less to others, because it bothers them. They are attracted to him (cold, hard amorality, no emotions, lack of ties to other human beings) for the same reason they are repelled by the ‘family man’ image of Lawrence Gonzi.

Also, le Jacobin, the people posting comments here are not the only ones visiting this blog, not by a long shot. Individuals like the ones you see here are not ‘persuadable’, even if I could be bothered to try, which I’m not. They just get a cheap thrill out of having people run after them to persuade them (you can have my vote, no you can’t, yes you can, no you can’t). Basically, we’re talking about attention-seekers here – the p***k-teasers of politics. And because I have the personality of my Staffordshire bull terrier, I just love to bait them. And they love being baited. So you see, it’s an interdependent relationship.

And that’s the long and short of it. To begin with, the views on the blog are representative of the blog author. Just like Daphne’s column and thoughts are just representative of Daphne, no mater how much she can grandly claim that what she writes represents the people. If anything the views in the comments very obviously represent the people who write them – pseudonyms and all. Secondly, that Daphne manages to make a sweeping statement about 3,000 people who read this blog daily election period) says much about her powers of assessment.

Which brings us to why Daphne is here. It would seem that the people she wrongly generalises into one group are political prick-teasers and are just there to be baited. Which is why Daphne cannot engage on a simple question like the issue of proportional representation and the Nationalist party’s abuse thereof. Her superhuman passion which involves insight peppered with self-parody is only there to annoy and bait. Sadly this campaign has forced me to review my impression of Daphne. This last comment was the also the last straw.

Sandro asked over and over again in his Kiss Me Licia style (not my words) why I was ignoring him and concentrating on Daphne. I was deceived by the cover Sandro. Daphne presents herself as someone who bases her ideas on reason. You present yourself with aggression and get lost in mazes of the blame game much more rapidly than her. In the long run, however, if Sandro managed to shed his persecution mania, let noisy bull terriers lie and think calmly before barking out, he would finally manage to get his message related to free thinking through in a much more palatable way. On the other hand once you remove Daphne’s cover of self-important assumptions, remove her bark and taunt, remove her sexist conceptions and schoolyard mentality… yep once you remove that there remains an empty vacant plot ready to be built upon by the next Environment Minister… whoever that may be.

That’s the last post I’ve wasted on Master Baiters (could not resist that one) and taunters… if you want more of the same go to her Seven Day blog… and if you want to read some mysterious report Sandro Vella claims to have about why I’ve joined the Independent go to his blog on the 7th March… I for one will be there because I have absolutely no idea what he is on about.


21 responses to “Seven Day Bloggists

  1. Without going into the merits of the case (Sant vs Pullicino Orlando), so now politicians who happen to be fathers are “untouchables” (to protect their daughters),as Daphne seems to suggest in her blog? This, in my own humble opinion (perhaps I don’t have Daphne’s level of “intelligence”) would lead to the conclusion that politicians who are also fathers are not allowed to contest elections for the sake of their sons/daughters.

    As for Daphne admitting she is a “baiter”, and her statement that she is here “to annoy”, in internet forums we have a name for that sort of people. We call them trolls. I guess this would equally apply to blogs.

  2. I am honoured that my “Kiss Me Licia” comment was referenced.

  3. Keith Chircop Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I am honoured that my “Kiss Me Licia” comment was referenced.

    You are now in line to become a U.O.M.

  4. Jiena ghandi t-tattici tieghi Jacques. U se naghmel bhal Sant. Kuljum nohrog b’xi skandlu. Imma peress li hallastli kinnie u twistees lilek se nohroglok kollox f’daqqa:

    1) Dak l-artiklu li ktibt qed nisthajlek li qed tipprova tilhaq l-IM Beck il-gdid.

    2) Inti dhalt fl-Independent ghax irnexxielek tattira l-attenzjoni ta’ l-editur billi tmaqdru. U l-editur dahal hawn gew u qal: “ostja madonna bicca blogger jaf ikun intellettwali izjed mill-kolumnista tieghi.” Mhux ghax trid hafna ta jigifieri biex tasal sa hemm.

    3) Ergajt paxxejtni u tfajt link ghas-site tieghi f’main article.

    4) Man l-aghar skandlu ghalik huwa dan pero`: lili tehodni wisq bis-serjeta` jekk mhux titnejjek bija lol

    Jacques, lili jibghatuli nies u jghiduli li li Jacques ittih wisq importanza u spazju. U jiena nwegibhom lura, sinjal li haqqu.

    Pero’ ddizappuntajtni habib. Kelli nispicca fil-gazzetta minnhabba fik biex nurik l-izball li qed taghmel.

    Qabel ma giet il-kolumnista tippostja hawn, jiena rari kont nitfa’ kumment, ghax kont naqra biss tieghek u ta’ l-ohrajn u tassew nitghallem hafna opinjonijiet inkluz ta’ Fausto. Jekk Fausto jikteb 5 paragrafi, ikun hemm 3 ma naqbilx mieghu imma 2 li jgaghluni nirrifletti. By the way, prosit Fausto dwar il-post ta’ Cassola.

    Jacques, ili nghidlek li hemm min qed jara dan il-potenzjal fil-blog u qed jipprova jinvadih bl-impozizzjonijiet tieghu. U mhux ghal kolumnista biss qed nghid.

    Jiena nemmen li kieku dahlu nies ohrajn tal-gurnali bhall-kolumnista, malli turi min inti se jaghmlu ricerka dettaljata fuqek. Kif qal tajjeb hafna Keith Chircop. Kif fil-fatt gara.

    Imma ovvjament ibusuli l-…. ta’ l-ghid.

    Jiena meta kont qed insemmilek il-kundanni, kont qed nitnejjek, pero’ jekk inti moderatur serju, bir-rispett kollu, ma kontx naccetta li thalli tippoxtja fuqi affarijiet tal-passat tieghi wara ricerka li ghamlet fuqi u tuzalek il-blog ghal dan il-ghan. Ghax hekk issa kulhadd jidhol bin-nickname u jekk naghmlu meeting iehor, jekk dejjem trid tistedinni, inkunu inqas mill-ahhar darba li ltqajna.

    L-avukat tieghi diga’ qomos biex jara kif jaghmel u tittiehed azzjoni fuq dak li gie ppostjat u jiena wkoll kelli hajra, imma mbaghad ftakart f’dak li nippriedka u ddecidejt li nhalli kollox kif inhu, allavolja inti hallejt kollox hemm on black and white, pero’ ma jimpurtax u mhux se nikritikak fuq hekk.

    Il-kolumnista m’ghandhiex bzonn lilek biex tikseb il-popolarita’. Pero’ anke tifel ta’ sentejn jinduna li inti hafna izjed intellettwali minnha u kont qed tikseb popolarita’ ferm izjed minnha. Popolarita’ fis-sens intellettwali.

    Provajt infehmek, u ma kellix ghalfejn infehmek jien. Nahseb il-mard ta’ l-elezzjoni wahlitlek l-ossignu li jitla’ ghal mohhok. Sorry qed niehu l-marda tal-kolumnista.

    Inti tahdem mod differenti minni Jacques. Kieku xi hadd fil-blog tieghi jikteb li habib tieghi u mhux ghandu problema mentali, inkeccih il-barra u mhux nibghatlu l-open letters habib.

    Jiena ghalija dan huwa the best blog of Malta in all aspects u jekk tahseb li qed nidilkek bix-xemgha, ahseb li trid, m’ghandix ghalfejn.

    Pero’ l-verita`: –
    The most commented blog
    The most active blog
    Front page changes everyday
    Mixture of political and personal issues
    Serious and less serious articles
    …and so on…..

    U dan hafna qabel ma’ dahlet il-kolumnista. Ovvjament jiena tajtek spinta biex jidhlu l-users hawn gew, imma kienet just ghajnuna zghira li l-bloggers ghandhom jaghmlu lil xulxin.

    Jiena ma kontx aggressiv Jacques. Jiena kont irrabbjat u nkazzat li m’intix tinduna x’inhu ghaddej.

    Se nieqaf hawn.

    Irnexxieli niktibhom l-2,000 kelma?

  5. Claire Bonello

    Victor, human nature can be changed, as can electoral systems. To start with, we can all stop looking at people with different political allegiances in a less judgmental and derisive manner. I grew up in a staunchly Nationalist family a couple of blocks away from a Labour stronghold. We were lead to think that Labour supporters were practically spawn of Satan. They clearly thought the same thing about us. Fifteen years down the line I realise that we were all wrong. I have met, worked with and observed shitty, devious and nasty types from all parts of the political spectrum. It has taken a long time for me to change my views, but it has happened. There is no reason to imagine that it will never happen on a larger scale.

  6. Din il-link niddedikha ghal dawk kollha lil tul din il-kampanja elettorali ma waqfux jisparaw kazzati. Specjalment lis-sinjura Daphne li kull opinjoni li mhux bhal taghha stmatha bhal paroli fil-vojt

    Sinjura Claire, ghandek ragun.

  7. I am falling in love with this Claire Bonello.

  8. Tghodd ghalija wkoll BigFoot?

  9. Sandro, int tispara hamallagnijiet. Kazzati mhux il-forte tieghek.

  10. “Without going into the merits of the case (Sant vs Pullicino Orlando), so now politicians who happen to be fathers are “untouchables” (to protect their daughters),as Daphne seems to suggest in her blog? This, in my own humble opinion (perhaps I don’t have Daphne’s level of “intelligence”) would lead to the conclusion that politicians who are also fathers are not allowed to contest elections for the sake of their sons/daughters.

    That is why she wrote in a very intellectual way that I have a mental problem and a past/present in court. Cause I am not a father. mmmmm….but I have a father and accidentally reads this blog as well.

    “As for Daphne admitting she is a “baiter”, and her statement that she is here “to annoy”, in internet forums we have a name for that sort of people. We call them trolls. I guess this would equally apply to blogs.”

    Yes, and I admit that for a very short period I acted as a troll. I went out of my way. No justifications. I apologise.

  11. Victor Laiviera

    Much better looking than Daphne, Sandro!! 🙂 🙂

  12. Sandro Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I am falling in love with this Claire Bonello.

    Ask her for a date. Note Mr.Laiviera’s competent remark.

  13. Sandro, your comment is longer than Jacques’ article.

  14. Come to think of it, has it slipped Daphne’s mind that Alfred Sant is a father too? Do her persistent attacks on Alfred Sant make her amoral too?

    Two weights and two measures.

  15. Keith: not only the comment.

  16. Kenneth Cassar Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    “Come to think of it, has it slipped Daphne’s mind that Alfred Sant is a father too? Do her persistent attacks on Alfred Sant make her amoral too?

    Two weights and two measures.”

    A very relevant remark.

    An indepedent observer could easily say that Daphne never considers that Martha, Dr.Sant’s daughter, “the flesh and blood” of Daphne’s own children, has been going for ages through the hell, which Jenny PO is unfortunately now experiencing.

    In her contribution to Daphne’s blog, Jenny PO should have advised Daphne on Martha Sant’s similar situation, which arises through Daphne’s constant diatribes towards Alfred Sant’s person.

    Indeed, two weights, two measures.

  17. Ghaziz Jacques,

    jiena krejajt dan il-blog b’solidarjeta’ mieghek u mieghek biss : –

  18. Sandro, you got this idea from the Italians who used to copy-paste Mastella’s blog and allow unmoderated commentary. Good idea to apply it to the mother of all non blogs.

  19. Victor Laiviera

    Just in case there is someone here who addressed mo on Daphne’s blog, please note that my comments there are being censored.

  20. Hu cold shower Vic.

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