After Bondiplus

Since I have to give in to the idea of this blog also being used as a forum (slowing things down a hell of a lot on the administrative side but I’m glad to be of service) during the elections, I invite readers to put their comments on the Bondiplus show under this post. Lots to discuss and lots to disagree upon… do it civilly as usual. Cheers.


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  1. Why not consider opening an actual forum attached to your blog and link to a particular topic thread dedicated to the discussion of each blog entry? ^_^

  2. Or rather open threads to discuss corresponding blog topics.

  3. = just log on in half an hour

  4. Gonzi gave a pretty good performance as always. He demonstrated that he’s knowledgeable about all the issues and is a relatively safe pair of hands.

    I was disappointed by the usual spin that MLP won its 3rd EP seat because of AD, rather than because of the PN block vote (ie because PN voters were instructed to stop at the last PN candidate).

    His answer on coalitions was toned down. It seems that he too cannot tell a tall tale in the presence of his opponents.

    The worst thing about the programme was Lou Bondi himself. Again, he made facile jokes, played the virgin and interrupted anyone but Gonzi. He asked Gonzi leading questions rather than cross-examining him as he does non-PN guests. This sort of blatantly partisan journalism should not be allowed on State TV.

    The reporting of the JPO vs Sant story was also horrible. Nowhere did Lou say that JPO refused to leave the studio after the BA had ordered him to do so. He simply repeated the PN mantra that Sant refused to be in the same room as him, or something to that effect. (To be clear, I admire JPO because he is the only MP who does not toe the party line where his principles dictate otherwise; I think that this whole permit issue is still too murky to stop me from thinking that JPO is one of the best MPs of the current crop)

  5. Re: forum. Thanks for suggestions guys. I’m in the blogging business. Managing forums is not my cup of tea. If you would like to set up a forum on any particular point mentioned in the blog feel free to do so. I will not take the responsibility for managing it or for its contents. I will gladly oblige with a link though.

  6. You should have watched Realtá instead Justin, like I did.

    Much more interesting and relevant. Bt the way, the PN did not attend – chickened out.

  7. Has anyone tried to post on Daphne’s blog? My posts keep getting censored.


    If JPO is one of the best….God help that little island.

    He can teach Hillarious a thing or two about shedding tears on cue.


    Hey Johnny….welcome to the club.

  10. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Who wants to read that commentary, when the real discussion is taking place on this blog.

    Thank you Jacques for allowing this space for a healthy discussion. Apologies if many of us have hijacked your blog and turned it somewhat into a forum. This hijacking, I trust, is of a temporary nature, but i will certainly keep coming back after the election is over.

  11. “Gonzi gave a pretty good performance as always.”

    Yes. Especially when he fished five euros from out of his pocket and waved it about, sayng: “LOOK! MONEY!”

  12. Ok, I’ll qualify that – he was pretty good on the substance as usual. The gangsta rapper moment was very cringe-worthy.

  13. Ganni Borg mela ma smajtx bil-mirror site li hija unmoderated?

  14. I think people are downplaying the effect of this JPO story. This beats the healthcare one. JPO is not convincing me AT ALL.

    1) He says he doesn’t know who he’s renting the land to … should we be so gullible?

    2) He says he did not know about the application to turn his land into a nightclub then ooops ….

    People are bothered with MEPA’s dysfunction a lot more than many imagine.

  15. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Btw, thanks to JPO’s antics, Sant’s press conference will be aired tomorrow at 8:30pm. Dr Gonzi’s press conference has been postponed to 9:45pm or later. Now that is what I call injustice. It just is not fair.

  16. You mean “Pufta Plus”?

  17. Justin: I used to think the same thing about JPO till about 12 hours ago…from then onwards all his useless lies have surfaced. He put himself in this situation needlessly..had he just admitted to his involvement and explaining that like all Maltese he has the right to apply for what the hell he likes, as long as he gets no special treatment, all this tantrum would have been avoided.

    Regarding your stand on national Tv I beg to differ. Bondi as usually did a poor showing, not because he is partisan, but because he fails to understand that he should limit himself to asking harsh questions to who he deems to be his adversary, but not to try and shut them up. On the other hand, if PBS offered enough space even to other partisan journalists who have different political allegiances, the situation would be much more interesting. This is after all what happens at the BBC, RAI and the American PBS (just in case you doubt..its really called PBS). However, this can’t happen up till when the editorial board of the (Maltese) PBS, remains appointed by the minister, and not by a parliamentary comittee. I purposely propose a parliamentary committee not the President, because since the latter is always elected directly by the party he has been militating in all his life, it would be very difficult for him to be unbiased in appointing this board.

  18. Someone said they had a clip of Michael Falzob calling Bondi a ‘pufta’ Is that really true?

    I’ll try and get it as a ring tone for my mobile.


  19. Malcolm Buttigieg


    Weeks ago, before the start of the electoral campaign, before the Mistra issue was revealed, my view about JPO changed when I heard rumours about his association with a famous Contractor who apparently is sponsoring his electoral campaign.

    I firmly believe that an aspiring environment parliamentary secretary or minister should not engage in such associations as this could potentially lead to conflicts of interest.

  20. Malinformed Ganni.

    It was Jason telling MF: “Kemm hu pufta Bondi” after the latter blew a sguub of how MF was seen having lunch with niente poco di meno che ic-CAQNU.

  21. @Ganni Borg

    Michael calling Bondi ‘pufta’ is very politically incorrect.

    If PN take advantage of this recording, that’s nothing short of hypocritical.

  22. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Yet another example of hokkli dahri biex imbaghad inhokklok tieghek. MF should know better. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  23. Ganni quoted Daphne’s blog.

    She is malinformed.

    Some disturbance on Bonzi’s mobile.

  24. Worst day of all the electoral campaign.

    JPO ridiculing himself “disguised” as a journalist (doesnt take much).

    The BA people changing their minds when they remembered that Sant is going to be PM next week.

    Alfred Sant nervously waiting beneath the Crosscraft backdrop………..

    Jacques still harping on an impossible coalition.

    Daphne ridiculing Batman and Robin.

    Me still wondering what the hell is going on and fully convinced that Malta deserves much better than all this tragicomedy.

  25. Anton Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    “Me still wondering what the hell is going on and fully convinced that Malta deserves much better than all this tragicomedy.”

    It is a highly amusing tragicomedy.

  26. Anton… try reading my posts more clearly. I am not harping on about a coalition. I am harping about the right to vote freely, the need for proportional representation and above all the hypocrisy of the two major parties and their witchhunters.

  27. Believe me Jacques I read them very attentively.

    I already said that I am not ready to sacrfice the country’s political stability for a lousy experiment.

    I am not ready to impose the will of 3000 citizens over that of 397,000, especially if it means introducing watermelons in parliament.

    Remember, this is not a question of whether proprtional representation is just or otherwise. It is a question of doing what is best for the country.

    See you on Saturday.

  28. By the way Anton, speaking of Saturday is there a particular dresscode or is it normal wedding stuff i.e. suit and all?

  29. Ganni Borg Says:

    March 3, 2008 at 11:04 pm
    You should have watched Realtá instead Justin, like I did.

    Much more interesting and relevant. Bt the way, the PN did not attend – chickened out.

    Pippo Psaila was still trying to recover from last week’s mauling on Realta and no one else volonteered ,out of fear of being blamed next week for yet another Gonzi “disfatta”.

  30. I believe its the usual dresscode for a wedding. Apparently its gonna be a sit-down dinner. Dont try to access the venue via Naxxar………….remember the counting hall is in the old Trade Fiar grounds.

    Would be good to inebriate myself in preparation for the following day (including Genoa-Juve).

  31. Buffu. I still do not know where it will be. Don’t worry wil find out on Thursday – no need to publicise on blog. See you Saturday then… don’t forget the vote for the greens before the wedding eh 😉

  32. The sight of aspiring minister of Enviorement /dentist/ journalist/ pinup boy/ member of parlament/ JPO bawling and throwing tantrums for the cameras was the funniest so far . Thanks for the laugh.

    Even funnier then Daphne calling the boy scouts and girl guides to assist her in some serious bullshit throwing from her cyber ramparts of Fackoff Castle in Buffu land, Cyberspace.

    And they say that Lowell is a bufoon.

  33. Sandro Says:

    March 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm
    Ganni quoted Daphne’s blog.

    She is “maliformed”.

    M I S I N F O R M E D!

  34. Yeah right………

    Intanto goditi questo:

  35. Anton Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Malinformed Ganni.

    It was Jason telling MF: “Kemm hu pufta Bondi” after the latter blew a sguub of how MF was seen having lunch with niente poco di meno che ic-CAQNU.


  36. Tiny request Jacques.

    Could you create a section where each one of us can submit his predictions on the outcome of next Saturday’s vote?

  37. I think that the sight of Pullicino Orland(o) waving his brand new press card and imploring Dottor Sant to look at him in his eyes will remain in our collective memory as one of the golden moments of the campaign farce 2008. JPO could not have given a more pathetic show. I wonder whose idea was it. Was this a result of some deliberation by the highly acclaimed PN strategy group? Or perhaps a touch of genius from Joey Saliba? Majestic.

  38. outloudandproud

    I’m not a catholic (shudder!-thump hands on chest!); I’m not properly sexually oriented (Shiver mi timbers!!beat of breasts accompanied by Catholic chorus of River Jordan incantations)..BUT..(gasp..hush)..I got a bloody good sense of humour and I love you all..yes..all of you!..Maltese politicians furiously playing fiddle to the gush of monosyllabic accolades from the farmyard…hump hump!no! Dance please we’re playing in C major….and the people! Oh yes, almost forgot. How could we forget? Call the accountant! Fire the fucker! He didnt remind us that they pay our salaries. Ahh ye People. Glorious masses of money..I mean, umm, you, our munificent benefactors. …flick flick flick through dictionary for antonym for fucked…hmmm.yes, tribesmen! (and women…of course…you count! you do, along with children..of course not the same category, please note!..but almost-when height restrictions accounted for).
    WHO/WHAT THE HELL IS CURRENT GOVT REPRESENTING? Battered Married Women? NO. Divorcees? NO. Gays and Lesbians? NO. People who cant get rid of tenants paying ridiculous annual rent for valuable property? NO. EU endorsed human rights organizations? NO.
    WHO/WHAT THE HELL IS CURRENT GOVT SUPPORTING? maverick construction developers? YES. Nepotistic cronyism? YES.
    Vote! and get the harvest that you’ve seeded. God bless y’all.

  39. Daphne, why are my commnts being censored on your blog? Who#s the coward now?

  40. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Apparantly Dr Gonzi stated the following:

    ‘Il-voti li se jintefgħu fl-Elezzjoni Ġenerali nhar is-Sibt li ġej se jiddeterminaw minn se jkun fil-Gvern. L-għażla issa tinsab f’idejn il-poplu.’

    What do you comment about that?

  41. Stating the obvious?

  42. Malcolm, one worMalcolm Buttigieg Says:
    March 4, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Apparantly Dr Gonzi stated the following:

    ‘Il-voti li se jintefgħu fl-Elezzjoni Ġenerali nhar is-Sibt li ġej se jiddeterminaw minn se jkun fil-Gvern. L-għażla issa tinsab f’idejn il-poplu.’


  43. Claire Bonello

    I watched Bondiplus and found the most interesting moment to be Gonzi’s U -turn from “Absolutely no way coalition” to “We will see after elections” (the way any politician would answer). Gonzi should steer away from stunts like fishing out a 10 Euro note out of his pocket and waving it around madly. They’re not very impressive.
    He continues insisting that the MEP result was due to people voting for AD, instead of Nationalists not transferring their vote to the AD candidate. Nothing new there – it’s the same spin doing the rounds via sms, email etc. Same old boring stuff.

    Incidentally it transpires that a registered letter informing JPO of the application was sent to him.

  44. Araw daqsxejn x’hemm fuq website ohra:

    The Late Night Hits Chart

    MidNight Lace

    Labour’s Lion of Change was seen eating lunch with Ic-Caqnu himself – his guest at the Le Meridien in St Julian’s. I wonder what he chose off the menu – half an ox, probably.

    Grin – it is an advantage, when one has a good keyboard, for it could easily have turned out to be an oxx.

    You have to hand it to Charlon: he’s a single-issue man. His obsessions verge on perversion.

    Grin – single issue = verge of perversion, multiple issues = perversion squared.

    So let’s see now – why would the Lion of Change have been lunching a deux with Charles Polidano, ….. Perhaps the Lion of Change was dispatched to secure a donation for his party’s coffers.

    Grin – obvious reason. if the NP were to decide to form a coalition with AN, one could not really have Caqnu and Anglu under one common tent. still, such a coalition could have advantages. Anglu could buy hotel requisites in wholesale bulk from Caqnu’s Lidl and Lidl representatives could use Anglu’s hotels free of charge.

    Sant wasn’t on the show to say that he’d bite off his long tongue, like he did last time, but his old friend Evarist Bartolo was, as slimy, snake-like and underhand as ever.

    Grin – for a brief moment of time, Daphne wished to forget that Evarist Bartolo is not essentially different than GonziPN Neandertals.

    he (Evarist Bartolo) fought against EU membership in the trenches at his friend Sant’s side, but I knew he couldn’t possibly dislike the idea. Then, when his super-intelligent high-achieving daughter (a really smart girl) won a place at Cambridge, he was able to take advantage of EU membership and the fact that he doesn’t have to pay the crippling fees that apply to non-EU citizens.

    Grin – the Bartolo chap seems to be a very Smart Alec (pardon, no reference to the movie with same title).

    Bartolo wasn’t amused. He put on his expression of outraged honour again. How dare Bondi criticise Sant’s policy? ‘You’d better be careful,’ he warned him in that Labour voice, ‘or we’ll know for sure that what people say about you is true.’

    ‘What do people say about me that’s true?’ Bondi asked. And Bartolo replied, ‘They call your show GonziPlus.’

    Grin – oh my God …… Varist has been seduced to reveal and betray the most national secret.

    The prime minister and Evarist Bartolo were asked to give just one final sentence each to wrap up that edition of BondiPlus. Well, what do you know? Bartolo stuck to the grand old Labour tradition of manipulating negative sentiments. ‘If you have always voted PN and are fed up of this government, come to us. Vote Labour,’ he said.

    Grin – and LarryLou agreed ……….

    Classy act, our Ev – he would use his last TVM comment before the general election to address the disgruntled Nationalist vote, instead of filling us with hope and inspiration at the wonders of a new Labour government.

    Come over to the Dark Side. Darth Vader is waiting for you.

  45. I agree with Claire Bonello, the semi-U-turn on the AD coalition thing was really interesting. Overall Gonzi didn’t perform that well, not because he isn’t able to perform well, but because being 8K votes under, one has to push to the maximum on the propoganda side, something Gonzi isn’t able to do.

    Gonzi worst enemies in this election were PN’s 2 decades in government and the series of corruption scandals last Autumn. Apart from that, AN (ex-PN liberals/environmentalists) and AD (ex-PN conservatives and real nationalists) have a limited but loyal group of votes and one can easily guess what these guys used to vote before…

    To conclude, we’re facing a big MLP victory next Saturday, probably they will get the 50% + 1. It will surely be interesting from my independent political observer point of view, to observe the behaviour, moves and policies of a new group in power.

  46. Are people still insisting JPO is innocent? He’s been caught red handed with his hand in the sack. Seems like even Gonzi has washed his hands from the JPO business. Also further confirms the fact that, as far as MEPA is concerned, some animals are more equal than others.

  47. Claire Bonello

    See letter below for some questions which JPO should answer. JPO should also address the issue of the registered letter (MEPA B Form) sent to him informing him of the application

    Talking Point confusion?
    Godfrey A. Pirotta, Guardamangia.

    I have to say that Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s Talking Point in The Times of Saturday March 1 was rather confusing and has pushed me to ask him some direct questions. Mr Pullicino Orlando says that he owns a piece of land (doesn’t say where) which he has rented to others and that three years ago these others had applied for a permit to build a commercial outlet with an underground lavatory and an open-air dance floor. He tells us that the only other building in the vicinity is a restaurant. He further states that he does not know the applicants for the permit and has never met them. My questions are these:

    1. When you rented this land to these people, was a formal contract signed and if in the affirmative, did the people involved turn up to sign the contract?

    2. Would you not agree with me that this is normal procedure?

    3. Would not this mean that you have met the people concerned and have an idea of who they are?

    4. Do you not think that it is unusual, if not impossible, for one to rent out property to people he has not met and has no idea who they are?

    5. As the land is yours would not these people need your permission before they can submit an application to change use of the property or indeed to do anything with the property?

    6. Would this not also mean that these people, unless they were acting behind your back, had consulted you on the matter and obtained your signed approval?

    7. Do you not think from what you say in your article that you have been kept well informed of the application process considering that you claim that you do not know the people and have no interest in the application?

    8. In not mentioning the location of the land in question are you perhaps not failing in being transparent enough with the public you so much wish to convince that everything is above board?

    As one whose sole income has come from service to the community and who has never dabbled in business speculation of any sort, as my questions should demonstrate, I have good reason to feel confused. I hope that for the sake of clarity Mr Pullicino Orlando will give credible direct individual answers to each of my questions.

  48. Claire Bonello Says:
    March 4, 2008 at 11:01 am

    “See letter below for some questions which JPO should answer. JPO should also address the issue of the registered letter (MEPA B Form) sent to him informing him of the application”

    Daphne’s lawyer husband should have advised Daphne accordingly before Daphne plunged head-first into the JPO fray.

    Political correctness and political responsibilty should persuade Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando to give up politics and concentrate his energy on the practice of dentistry, which, if done according to a state of the art, is interesting enough, and rewarding enough, for an individual with a profile neurosis.

    May I remind Daphne and Cora that they have, as yet, avoided comments on following:

    An indepedent observer could easily say that Daphne never considers that Martha, Dr.Sant’s daughter, “the flesh and blood” of Daphne’s own children, has been going for ages through the hell, which Jenny PO is unfortunately now experiencing.

    In her contribution to Daphne’s blog, Jenny PO should have advised Daphne on Martha Sant’s similar situation, which arises through Daphne’s constant diatribes towards Alfred Sant’s person.

    Indeed, two weights, two measures.

  49. Careful, Periklu, or the clown will tell you to eff off, like she is now telling people even in comments in The Times online. Says much about the person and her pretentions of moral superiority.

  50. Kenneth Cassar Says:
    March 4, 2008 at 11:20 am

    “Careful, Periklu, or the clown will tell you to eff off, like she is now telling people even in comments in The Times online. Says much about the person and her pretentions of moral superiority.”

    Daphne will not tell me off because she will know from my posts that I am quite upright and quite determined with regard to my convictions.

    Moreover, I show adequate respect towards Daphne, which respect is unfortunately neglected by other contributors to blogs and fora.

    Of course, I do not fail to note that Daphne’s own level of respect is very often too dangerously low.

  51. The JPO affair is a controversial conflict of interest, not corruption. Corruption of integrity maybe. The application hasn’t been approved by MEPA yet. So it isn’t a case of favoritism (yet) either. Just pointing that out.

  52. Good for you, Periklu. Respect is earned. That’s why Daphne does not have my respect at all. I guess panic shows a person’s true colours.

  53. For example, if a referee who sides with Juventus has to ref a Juventus match, that’s not corruption.

    We can’t use the word “Corruption” instead of “favoritism” or instead of “conflict of interest.” They are all bad but they all have different meanings. “Corruption” doesn’t encompass the other two. Dictionaries are there for a reason.

  54. And just to be clear…Daphne’s eff off was directed to AD’s Harry Vassallo, and not to me.

  55. @Keith Chircop

    But would the ordinary Joe Bloggs dream of asking MEPA for a permit to turn his agricultural land into a discotheque? It may not be corruption YET … but it certainly smells rotten to me. In my view, an application of this sort should have been turned down without batting an eyelid.

  56. Claire Bonello

    The real issue about the Mistra affair is whether JPO knew about it and if he did, why did he not object to it earlier (when he was notified with that registered letter MEPA Form B, if at all).
    If he did know about it before Sant revealed it, why did he not object to it then and ask the applicant to withdraw the application as he has done now?

  57. Roast: It certainly smells rotten to all of us.

    Claire: I don’t think anyone doubts JPO knew (or orchestrated) what was going on.

  58. Keith re Mistra, a MEPA permit HAS been issued. The only difference between an outline permit and a full development permit is that in the former MEPA has agreed that the project will take place but still has to agree on the details. In a full development all details have been agreed upon. There is another application for an extension of the 1st application which is still pending.

  59. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Chaps, I suggest you have a look at

    All the articles related to yesterday’s farce which put JPO and PN in a bad light, and the article in which Sant exposed that JPO knew about the application have been removed.

    Try to follow the links to the articles and see if you get the same results!

    So much for democracy and freedom of expression.

  60. Could be that The Times is in the process of adding more to the page? Don’t know, let’s give it some time.

  61. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Including the press statement issued by the IMJ? What can they possibly add to that.

    The articles related to Dr Gonzi are all still available for viewing.

    I may be wrong of course.

  62. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Ok they’re back…I was wrong

  63. Victor Laiviera

    If there is anybody here who has addressed me on Daphne’s blog and thinks that I did not answer, they should know that my replies on there are being censored.

  64. Victor, Daphne now has opted to preach only to the converted. is a new Gonzipn strategy?

  65. Victor,

    you have an alternative. Many visitors visit this mirror site (unmoderated version) :

    Same articles but free moderation.

  66. @Malcolm

    They haven’t exactly been removed … but to see most of them you have to click on “more election stories” … probably Times realised this is a blow for JPO’s credibility.

  67. The Times changed the order that the articles have been published.

  68. No, Gold Roast. It was actually “removed”, but only for a minute or so. Probably just a technical hitch while publishing the comments.

    Regarding having to click on “more election stories” this is due to the updated new content. With every new story, the last one moves down.

    I know that The Times’s pro PN slant is no secret, but I bring this to your attention for fairness’ sake.

  69. On second thoughts, the story in question should be the third item in the list at the time of writing.

  70. Malcolm Buttigieg

    @ Kenneth

    Then they have something wrong with their clock.

    Consider for amount the following news items, where the first four items appear on the home page in chronological order.

    2008 General Election Special

    Sant highlights incompetence, conflicts of interest – Today, 13:08
    Labour leader Alfred Sant this morning took a tour on the “Victory bus” to localities which, he said, highlighted government…

    Gonzi criticises Sant for not facing Pullicino Orlando – Today, 12:28
    Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said this morning that it was not his role to defend anyone in the current Mistra controversy and if, after due…

    Gonzi urges supporters not to take victory for granted – Yesterday, 20:27 – Claudia Calleja
    Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi this evening called on supporters not to take victory for granted in Saturday’s election and stressed that all…

    IMJ regrets granting of press card to election candidate – Yesterday, 20:03
    The Institute of Maltese Journalists said this afternoon that it wanted to express its displeasure at the way the Department of Information had…

    Receipt shows Pullicino Orlando informed of Mistra application – Sant – Yesterday, 21:23
    Labour leader Alfred Sant insisted this evening that the Prime Minister was not saying the truth when he denied that the Cabinet had discussed the…

    AD focuses on education – Yesterday, 19:22
    Alternattiva Demokratika said today it was disappointed that a subject as delicate as education – and in particular, the issue of the…

    PM asks Mepa auditor to investigate Mistra case – Yesterday, 18:11
    Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has written to the Mepa auditor, Joe Falzon, asking him to investigate the application for development at Mistra,…

    Does anyone notice anything wrong in the chronological order?

  71. Kenneth, the Times are putting the stories not in chronological order but in the order of importance they want to give them.

  72. Malcolm Buttigieg


  73. And if you go into the Times website just now you’ll see that “Gonzi criticizes Sant” is still the main topic, even though “Sant highlights incompetence” came later.

  74. Yes Malcolm and Gold Roast, I noticed that and acknowledged my mistake. Interesting.

  75. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Well, the Editor has every right to chose what he deems to be the hottest stories!


  76. Well yes Malcolm … but then I hope the Times doesn’t expect me to call it an independent newspaper.


    Corruption….favouritism…..cheating….defrauding…..what’s in a word?

    A rose by any other name is still a rose.

  78. Malcolm Buttigieg Says:

    March 4, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    Well, the Editor has every right to chose what he deems to be the hottest stories!

    Especially if a certain Guido Demarco is on the board of directors of Strickland house.
    Min jikkmanda jaghmel il-ligi .

  79. Keith Chircop: do you notice anything about me that indicates I want your respect? Please stop discussing me behind my back. You’re like a clutch of classroom bitches. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an election campaign on, and people are not interested in reading your views about a newspaper columnist. They want to know what you think about either one or both of the two men who are in the running for prime minister.

    That’s why is averaging 13,500 hits a day.

  80. I didn’t even you mention in this blog.

    What the hell are you on about?

  81. Matthew Aquilina

    Funny, you tell keith to stop talking about you behind your back? Lol what a nerve to say that when you speak about so much people behind their back and even got a libel today for spreading a blatant lie.

    13,500 hits does not mean 13,500 votes for gonziPN, puffin fish.

  82. Can someone tell me where in this particular blog (After Bondiplus) I even mentioned her name?

  83. She probably woke up suddenly with a nightmare about Sant winning the elections and decided to attack me for no reason.

  84. Matthew Aquilina

    Keith, don’t you know that people like Daphne are now capable of lip-reading and doing quite badly I might add, ending up in court with libel charges?

  85. Alejander Borg

    Daphne you got tired of lick lick suck suck on your blog today already?

  86. “You’re like a clutch of classroom bitches.”

    Keith, I did not you attend “The nuns at St Dorothy’s Convent”.

  87. “You’re like a clutch of classroom bitches.”

    Keith, I did not know you attend “The nuns at St Dorothy’s Convent”.

  88. Dik bhalissa qeghda ccempel lil Gianella biex tfittxni talli kkuppjajtilha l-web-site.

    Eh bilhaqq sorry, dik ma tahmilix bhal ma jahmluhix il-familja De Marco kollha….

    ….ghandha ragun mela tilghaq Alejander Borg.

  89. She picked the first person whose name shows up in blue and used him to publicize HER blog.

    Which is why she was using and abusing this blog all along.

  90. Alejander Borg

    Dear Daphne A.K.A – The Bitch Witch – Gonzi Pn’s Ass licker – Democratic Satanist

    wow 13,500 hits doing lick lick suck suck makes you better than ciccolina, you remind me alot of that Vacuum Cleaner of Teletubbies “NuNu” if I’m not mistakin . everywhere you go always with that sound going on !! LOL

  91. This is Jacques’ house and he does what he wants. But if someone attacked others in my blog as an excuse to publicize his/her new blog, I would ban the bastard.

  92. He he….miskin Jacques, vera nithassru pero’.

    Ghamel f’qalbu. Sthajjiltu telqitu t-tfajla imma issa jidher li qed jirkupra.

    Imma jidher ukoll li regghet giet twegghalu qalbu.

    Issa naraw Jacques ghandux il-forza jaghmel dak li ghamilt jien di principju. Dawk tas-seba’ snin.

    Daphne xebghat tqabbad il-moderator, dak li qal eff off, biex jiccensura ‘l hawn u ‘l hinn u tqabdu jsemmi balla ismijiet jippostjaw. hhahha….

    Christian Peregin
    John Schembri
    Corinne Vella
    Carmel Scicluna
    Gilbert Camilleri

    …….ghid lil moderator biex juza daqsxejn fantazija fejn jidhlu l-ismijiet heheheh

  93. Matthew Aquilina

    Aren’t those puppets Sandro trained to post and say whatever their Godmother tells them to?

  94. Hehe puppets with the same IP address.

  95. Matthew Aquilina

    Genetically-Engineered Clones.

  96. Ara dan gie apposta mill-Germanja biex jitkellem kontra l-MLP u fuq is-site ta’ Defnicient kumbinazzjoni dahal biex jillinkjana ma’ dan il-video u kumbinazzjoni he joined youtube l-ghada li Defnicient fethet il-blog taghha :


  97. U kumbinazzjoni ftit sighat wara dan Charles Camenzuli skopra l-video tal-youtube:


    hehe Kif sabu tghid? Il-keywords ta’ YouTube idumu 24 siegha biex jigu ccirkolati fis-search engine.

  98. To:

    Ghaziz habib,

    Xi nies baghtuli xi e-mails fejn baghtuli dan ir-ritratt li jinsab mehmuz ma’ l-e-mail.

    Dan ir-ritratt li qieghed tara huwa mehud mill-web-site ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia – .

    Mill-artiklu taghha : – Monday, 3 March 1430hrs: Hot news – the bullying coward storms out in a sulk .

    L-istorja hija li kien hemm xi hadd jismu JustinBB u kkummenta fil-blog ta’ Galizia u qal li mhix demokrazija li Daphne ticcensura l-kummenti tan-nies li ma jaqblux maghha.
    F’daqqa wahda, l-moderator, li hija l-istess Daphne Caruana Galizia qalet lil dan JustinBB, li jekk irid jhedded lin-nies u jincitahom ghall-vjolenza ghandu jigi fil-forum tal-FKNK.

    Din l-e-mail griet ma’ hafna nies u ccirkulat mhux hazin sakemm waslet ghandi u qed nghaddilkom din l-informazzjoni.

    Nittama li dak li qeghda tghid Galizia, mhijiex il-verita’. Nammetti li dan l-ahhar kontu qed tigbdu s-simpatija tieghi u ta’ hafna nies peress li wehiltu intom ingustament dwar xi atti vandali, imma wara dak il-kumment l-affarijiet u l-opinjonijiet jistghu jinbidlu facilment.

    Il-link dirett tal-kumment ta’ Daphne (jekk dejjem ma hasritux) huwa dan : –

    Sliem u l-lejl it-tajjeb.

    Sandro Vella

  99. Qabel ma thassru se naghmlu backup ghand Jacques.

    Justin BB on Mar 4, 2008

    Andrew I hope that you recognise the irony of applauding freedom of speech (i) on a blog that only allows comments that agree with the author’s point of view, and (ii) following up your applause with a proud statement that you tried to shut somebody else up.

    Your claim to having been undecided earlier in the campaign and only having changed your mind following the JPO saga is also somewhat hard to swallow when you were booing and shutting AS up on 18 February.

    [Moderator – Justin, how did you reach the conclusion that no posts which are in disagreement are allowed? Because Victor il-professur tad-demokrazija told you? You aren’t seeing any because no one is posting any, apart from someone claiming to be Karl Schembri, and a couple of elves here and there. I don’t think there’s any value in posting racial slurs and threats of violence, but if you do, you’re at liberty to browse the FKNK forum.]

  100. M’ghandix aptit nonfoq flus incempel lil tal-kacca. E-mail ghalissa bizzejjed. Ghax fuq l-esperjenza li kelli ma’ Falzon, gieni ftit gholi l-kont……imma worth it.

  101. I peeked at dcg’s website and noticed that is genetically engineered, with apoligies to Charles DNA Mangion.

    Its clone is by far better and more realistic.

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