Non Sequitur 76

At the end of the Reggina – Juventus match in 2004, Moggi and Giraudo locked referee Paparesta in the changing room in order to teach him a lesson. They were officially accused of kidnapping (sequestro di persona). Here are two conflicting intercepted calls of the incident:

Moggi: “Ho chiuso l’arbitro nello spogliatoio e mi sono portato le chiavi in aeroporto…ora li apriranno! Butteranno giù la porta..”. Successivamente Moggi al telefono commenta con il giornalista Damascelli.”…Sono entrato nello spogliatoio, li ho fatti neri tutti quanti! Poi li ho chiusi a chiave e volevo portare via le chiavi, me le hanno levate, se no le portavo via“.

In these were some of the events that led to the stripping of two scudetti for Juvenuts after the Moggiopoli scandal.


It is being alleged (though I am sure proof and video willfollow later today) that Super One journalists were kept locked up at the end of a PN event in order to prevent them from interviewing Gonzi.

How about removing two years of government from the GonziPN team and attributing them to another party? Any volunteers? Maybe Labour?


8 responses to “Non Sequitur 76

  1. I wonder what’s taking so long for to put up an article about that whole hoopla.

  2. Back in 1997 I was working as a journalist for The People (remember that?). Alfred Sant had some small rally at the B’Kara MLP Club and I went there to ask him a few harmless questions about how he spends his Sundays usually – yes, I was that kind of journalist, i.e. not political, human interest. Remember, he was PM at the time. I wasn’t even allowed into the club. His personal secretary (I have long forgotten his name) “personally” saw to it that I was restrained and kept out on the pavement, until I gave up and walked off. This guy even demanded the film from the photographer who was with me on assignment. So there you go. These things happen all the time. Neither event is commendable, but too many pots call kettles black and vice versa on this island of ours.

  3. Here’s another non sequitur for you: last summer I walked into an MLP club in Gozo to buy a beer and found the barmen watching hardcore porn on the club television. But as Maltastar pointed out, I come from a family of hamalli, and therefore I didn’t record the scene on my digital camera to have it repeated five times a day, in slow motion, on Net.

  4. Bill Lauste (xi hadd b’balla penzijiet u xinxilji u midalji fuq sidru) ta HMS Illostjus qal hekk

    “The people are always so friendly, the weather always seems to be good when we come and there is never any hassle or bother,”

    u ahna nitqghatlu bejnietna eh?

  5. You’re not being fair Jacques.

    1 scudetto = 1 election victory.

    that means 10 years for the GonziPN in opposition 🙂

  6. La Juve e Moggi erano antipatici perche` erano vincenti. Tutta calciopoli, pardon, FARSOPOLI e` stata orchestrata da Merdatti tramite Guido Rossi (ex-Telecom) e la Telecom stessa di Tronchetti Provera. La giustizia sportiva ha tolto i due scudetti inguistamente, dopo un processo mediatico a furor di popolo. La giustizia ordinaria a livello nazionale e nella corte Europea sta ancora studiando il caso ed e` possibile che prosciolga Moggi e Giraudo.

    Questi non i fatti, indiscutibili e limpidi.

    Forza Juve…………tutto il resto e noia.

  7. din il-link hawn postha

  8. Jacques, you would have been right, had they locked up the electoral commisioner, not the journalists. Calcistically speaking, party journalists are more like ball boys…humbling themselves urbi et orbi, just to please the mother-team, unlike a referee they don’t decide who wins.

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