Derby della Mole

And now for something completely different. Comments will not appear between 19.30 and 23.00 because I will be away from the computer. (All posted comments will appear later of course). Tonight there is the Derby delle Mole when the greatest team on earth face their city rivals.

Breathe in. Chill out. We’ll be back before you can say canatankerous.


5 responses to “Derby della Mole

  1. David Friggieri

    a) Forza Toro
    b) Piece ready. Stop. Will send tonight to your email address. Stop.

  2. Actually, it’s the derby della Mole, not delle. Mole being the Mole Antonelliana, the most defining oiece of architecture found in Turin.

  3. David. No piece received yet. Still refining. Che culo sto Toro.

    Jon: Cheers. It’s never late to learn!

  4. David Friggieri

    Will be sent to your gmail address in half hour. Stop. All night press coverage. Stop.

  5. half an hour? I need to get some sleep…. 🙂

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