The Power of the Blog

An interlude. We are caught up in an election frenzy and J’accuse has (in)advertently become a forum of sorts for people from all walks of life, all forms of political belief and, sadly, all forms of political fanatism. I cannot complain it seems. I am not quite sure that the aim of a blog is to have a large readership. The more the hits pile up the more the quality of the debate seems to dissipate… and a priori that does not seem to be a good thing. On the other hand I could take advantage of the larger audience and try to sell my ideas to willing buyers. Therein lies the crunch.

Regular readers of J’accuse – those who hung around when the debate was not so feisty and we were busy asking questions about where the blogosphere would end up – know the particular stamp this blog has. Like many another blog it is a one-man band. It is an exposition of thoughts – some bloggers like Maltagirl would call it ramblings. J’accuse tended to be one of the more political of Maltese blogs but that does not make it any less personal. The blog as a tool is a magnificent platform for one person to express his ideas. The more interaction there is the better. It pays however not to forget that this is not a political party. It is not a campaign as such (although campaigns have formed part of the J’accuse agenda – remember the Lampost Campaign?).

We form part of the ether and until now the only censoring there has been is the one we provided for ourselves. J’accuse had its own style. In its early days a few posts criticising Norman Lowell and Vivamalta attracted some hate messages from the forum. We did not use libel suits or cry foul. We argued like with like without descending to personal attacks or vile media. J’accuse is still blogging. The lone poster from the vivamalta forum came and went and ended up being censored by his own kind. Because sometimes reasonable arguing can work.

The blog is not trying to sell you anything in the end. It tells you how I think. Nothing obliges you to follow my reasoning nor to agree with me. There are no hidden tricks or agendas. You may be surprised that sometimes I change my opinion. You may not find it normal that I change tack. That too is an instinctive reaction that is inbred into our minds by the bipartisan way of thinking. In a real argument and discussion it is actually recommendable to shift from one position to a different one – a synthesis of two previous reasonings. I would consider it presumptious to think otherwise.

Earlier slogans of this blog included “we could cushion the entire earth or just your brain”. It was a tongue in cheek way to tell readers that they could save themselves time by reading an already formed opinion rather than take the trouble to form their own from scratch. I doubt anyone took that seriously. On the other hand the idea of “fresh thinking” is a flag I will gladly wave. A few bloggers got used to thinking outside the box. We shed the knee jerk reaction, the partisan positions and the regurgitation of propaganda. That was as far as substance is concerned. When it came to style we did have a few slips (I recall the earlier blog wars – remember Mark? – which I regret). We learnt from them and became stronger. We have evolved from that and learnt that style is also important.

In our book both “Busli l-bajd” and accusations of ignorance are both non-acceptable. In philosophy the argumentum ad hominem was long denounced as a cheap form used by the most hopeless of debaters. In football parlance we like to play the ball not the man. So yes Sandro I condemn you for using foul language as much as I condemn Daphne for her condescending attitude which does not help the general discussion. And when I don’t vote for Labour I do so because it is my reasoned opinion that that vote was not deserved.

I say “I condemn”. As in me. An individual with ideas and a blog that is open for all to discuss. I am no hero. All I know is that Malta needed open spaces to discuss. J’accuse offers this service at no cost except maybe the time it takes me to let this blog exist. Until now there is no J’accuse party and I do not think there ever will be. When I say how I will vote I say it frankly. I hope that at least one person in each party reads this blog post and takes note. I criticise, not because I want some kind of footballing victory, not out of some hatred of the other half of the population. I criticise because I aspire for better politics. A better world. Romantic and idealistic yes. Presumptious? Not on your life. The first step in this silent revolution will be when everyone realises that the space between their ears is not to be monopolised a priori by any party. The reason why people have votes is because it is assumed that they understand the importance and weight of their prerogative.

Right now this blog is in a weird election mode. Half way between a forum and a personal space. I think it was Keith who commented that someone is overestimating the power of this blog. In a way I understand what he means. In another I say that there is a bit too much underestimating about the power of each individuals’ thought and ideas. Yep. I think too many people have been underestimating the power of the blog.

May the force be with you.


33 responses to “The Power of the Blog

  1. Ok have said that.

    Trid norganizzaw ikla ghal bloggers/readers kollha? Jew 7th jew 8th March?

    Jixraq li naghmluha waqt li jkun hawn inti Malta.


  2. Jacques,

    x’fiha hazin bil-kelma “Busli l-Bajd?”

    Hekk wegibthom dal-ghodu lill-forzi armati (dawk li DCG sejhitilhom girls’ guides) meta kien gej jehodli l-pc. Ghedtlu issa mhux zmien ir-Ramadan jewwilla?! Ghedtilha biex tbusli l-bajd ta’ l-ghid!!!

    heqq heqq heqq Jacques hijos, hawnhekk waqajt ftit ghan-nejk.

    Jigifieri inti tikkundanna lil Daphne biss issa mhux lili wara din l-ahbar?

  3. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Do or do not. There is no try!

    May tbe force be with you too Jacques.

  4. Malcolm Buttigieg


    Nammirak ghal haga wahda. Li ma tibzax minn Daphne. Pero jien la ser tikkonvincini Daphne, la int u lanqas Jacques biex inkun ghidt kollox. Pero xorta jibqa l-fatt li dan il-blog interessantissimu! Prosit Jacques.

    Nivvotta kif inhoss u wara li nizen u nixtarr sew dak li gara f’dawn l-ahhar erba snin u dak li qed jghidu il-partiti kollha, mill-kbir saz-zghir.

    Ghaldaqstant m’ghandix bzonn tyres jew arm bands. Nifflowtja wahdi. U jekk neghreq ikun tort teighi.

  5. Malcolm,

    x’qed nipprova nikkonvincik jien?

    Dan il-blog huwa ta’ l-ostja man. Vera tieghi ahjar minn dan u ghalhekk nigi s’hawn biex lil Jacques naghmillu ftit kuragg.

    Jiena li nista’ nghidlek u dan b’onesta’ li ghadni ma nafx lil min se nivvota.

    AN = ghad ma hemmx maturita’ bizzejjed.

    AD = nafdahom hafna imma nibza’ mill-policy taghhom dwar ir-refugjati.

    PN = tellghu lil EFA president ta’ Malta, dahhlu l-Euro bl-addocc, maggoranza tat-toroq f’Malta mnejjkin, ma attivax ir-referendum tat-Trattat ta’ Lisbona, arroganza galore pre elections.

    MLP = Cert li se juri arroganza kbira wara l-elezzjoni. Cert li se jzid it-taxxi ghal alla. Cert li jekk vera z-zero tolerance tigi implimentata, jista’ jkollu problemi serji fil-gvern habba l-konsegwenzi ta’ dan il-gvern. Cert li se jtajjar l-irjus u dan huwa hazin. Pero’ to be fair, in-nies li ma tajjarx fin-96, fixkluh immens.

    NL = Ma jaqax taht id-distrett tieghi. Naqbel mieghu fil-kritika tieghu pero’ zgur mhux fis-soluzzjonijiet.

    Irrid nahseb bis-serjeta’. Daphne mhix tghini. Jacques jghini hafna pero’.

  6. I would like PN to get elected with a majority of votes, but with AD and maybe AN getting 1 seat in parliament apiece.

  7. Jiena nixtieq Gvern mhux arroganti. U li ma jitkellimx pastaz fil-blogs ta’ haddiehor.

  8. Wara hafna snin fil-poter impossibli ma ssirx arroganti…

    Sfortunatament, hemm 2 partiti kbar biss u wiehed minnhom ma nista qatt nivvotalu minhabba il-leader.

    Suppost ghandna nivvutaw lil min nahsbu li ghandu l-ahjar programm elettorali. Nixtieq li jkun hemm siggu jew tnejn tal-partiti iz-zghar fil-parlament biex innaqsu il-poter mill-partit il-kbir li qed jigverna.

    Sfortunatament, hemm iktar nies li jahsbuha hekk fil-partit il-kbir li nippreferi (out of the 2) milli fil-partit l-iehor. Niddejjaq kieku minhabba f’hekk jitla dak il-leader li ma nahmilx. Imma ninkazza wkoll jekk ma jtellghux siggu il-partiti iz-zghar.

    M’ghandix bzonn canvassers jiffloodjaw blogs biex nasal ghal dawn il-hsibijiet.

  9. Come on, Jacques, get off your high horse: “I condemn Daphne…”. Who are you – a Roman emperor? You’re beginning to sound like Harry Vassallo, with delusions of grandeur. I’ll say what I like, quite frankly – and as a well-brought-up boy from Paceville, you should know better than to say that the kind of abusive behaviour (it’s behaviour, manifested through language, and not just language) Sandro uses is in any way on an equal plain to any perceived ‘arrogance’ on my part.

    If you don’t like what I say, and it hits home where it hurts, that doesn’t make me arrogant. It just makes you sensitive. If you want people who beat around the bush here, you can count me out.

    I’ve just watched, on Bondiplus, Alfred Sant’s third abysmal performance in four days. After the disaster on Xarabank, and the fiasco with Herman of The Sunday Times, we had an unbelievable almost two hours of atrocious manners, hostility and refusal to answer a single straight question, butting in when others are talking, heckling other speakers, shouting liar while another man was talking. Arrogance? Hamalli? Abject lowest of the low? I think George Vella had better apply to his ‘leader’ the abuse he applied to students.

    All those of you who think that it makes no difference whether the country is led by Gonzi or Sant: think carefully, and don’t let your own personal bugbears get in the way of clear thinking. The man is beyond belief. There is no way he is able to run the country without making a mess of it. If you think you’re in the frying pan now, don’t head for the fire, for heaven’s sake.

  10. “There is no way he is able to run the country without making a mess of it. If you think you’re in the frying pan now, don’t head for the fire, for heaven’s sake.”

    I agree.


    Am I right Jacques?

    Is that your PART THREE? lol

  11. I stand by what I said Daphne. The debate has been sidelined too many times by these exchanges which do nothing to further reasonable discussion. Insofar as the debate is concerned both vulgarity and arrogance are detrimental. If it’s a high horse you want to call it… feel free to do so. Reread the post. It’s my opinion… there’s no delusion of grandeur there unless you mean that having an opinion different to yours regarding how a debate is conducted is tantamount to big-headedness.

    When it comes to substance of the debate, once you remove the mud, the crossfire and the digressions you might find that we agree on one thing till now – Labour and Sant is no solution. Fair enough. It’s a reasoned opinion I have and one with which you seem to concur. No high horses there I guess. The thing is that I can see a valid platform in you, in Sandro and in Victor for what that matters – the validity is the willingness to discuss. When we let this discussion get waylaid by puerile reactions then we play into the hands of Old Politics… old style. Baggage. When the facts are there for all to see, when the debate has been set clearly before everyone and when the time has come to decide everyone will be alone in the ballot booth and frankly I do not think that either busli l-bajd or ignorant voter will do anything positive to the way people think.

    Once again you use the personal argument. If I only want people beating about the bush I’d not be blogging publicly but have my own private blog of memoirs. Sadly people have been fine tuned to a particular way of living politics. I don’t want that. Notwithstanding any fait accompli I am faced with when voting this time round I still insist that the first step to changing things is with attitude. Calling me pompous, arrogant, pretensive etc will not change my will for change. Jesus, that’s my little manifesto… am I not entitled to have it?

    Condemn. Disagree with. You know what I mean. Now if you want to take that opportunity to take a jibe at Harry… Feel free… I think it’s cheap… actually it does not cost anything at all!

    ** “If you don’t like what I say, and it hits home where it hurts, that doesn’t make me arrogant. It just makes you sensitive.” – It has nothing to do with not liking what you say and everything to do with not liking how you say it. If you can’t get that then counting yourself out is an option that is open to all, Sandro included.

  12. PS. And if it’s classical rome we want to talk about… I’d prefer the republic. A nice place in the Senate (elected by the non-nobility) followed by a term as a consul…. Does that help?

  13. Come on, Jacques, get off your high horse: “I condemn Daphne…”. Who are you – a Roman emperor?

    No, Daphne.

    Jacques is this blog’s owner. And we are his guests and we should behave decently.

    So, my apologies Jacques and thank you for condemning me, though we are good friends. This shows how real you are.

    I promise that I will stop harass Daphne on this blog. You noticed Jacques that I did not even mention her on mine. I am not that stupid, you know he he he he he he

    I know she wants that I will mention her on my blog but nini nini hhahahahahahah

    Ejja Jacques, siehbi. Issa tlabtek apologija. Se naghmluha l-ikla jew le?

  14. Sandro: You still have not changed tack and style. I repeat from my high horse. You are free to speak as you like but if you moderate your terms and discuss issues and substance you might find that it gets harder for others to contradict you. As for your conclusion re:AD…. pleasures yet to come… my guess is that you will be unpleasantly surprised. At least the way I am going till now.

  15. re: Ikla tal-bloggers. Not this time Sandro. A bloggers meal is a bloggers meal. Outside politics, outisde everything. We will have time for the blogosphere when things calm down.

  16. Jacques,

    bir-rispett kollu pero’. Din tal-busli l-bajd, ma kinitx offiza politika. Kienet ir-reazzjoni tieghi lil Daphne li dal-ghodu rrapportatni l-pulizija f’gieh Alla man. Issa ejja nkunu razzjonali ta.

    If you can’t get that then counting yourself out is an option that is open to all, Sandro included.

    Grazzi siehbi. L-onesta’ tieghek hija apprezzata.

  17. A final PS before hitting the mattress. I am not just brought up in Paceville. I had a Gozitan upbringing and my sense of discipline comes from the Jesuits… a community I admire more and more. I cannot imagine your argument of “sandro is more offensive than me” holding any water with Brother Mifsud (guess you had to be there). The point is that it is offensive. Yellow door to both of you… and another word on the matter and it’s school on Wednesday. 🙂

  18. goodnight. Last one out turn off the light.

    Ridiculous addendum: You’ve broken the 3000 barrier today guys (J’accuse hits calculated from 0100 hrs to 0100hrs).

  19. “Sandro: You still have not changed tack and style. I repeat from my high horse. You are free to speak as you like but if you moderate your terms and discuss issues and substance you might find that it gets harder for others to contradict you. As for your conclusion re:AD…. pleasures yet to come… my guess is that you will be unpleasantly surprised. At least the way I am going till now.”

    Man, jiena lilek qatt kellimtek hazin? Inti lili qatt kellimtni arroganti? Jiena lil Chircop, Mark Vella, Patrick Tabone, Victor qatt kellimthom hazin? Jew lil Rupert jew Raphael? Kemm ilna nafu lil xulxin qatt kellimt lil xi hadd hazin hawn gew jew fil-blogs ta’ l-ohrajn?

    Ejja nkunu saqajna fl-art. Forsi ma taqbilx mieghi. Imma kif ridtni nkellimha lil Daphne ghid? Tipo habib, urejtha fejn naqbel maghha u urejtha fejn ma qbiltx u fejn ma qbiltx attakkat b’mod tal-wahx lili u lil kull min forsi behsiebu jivvota l-MLPAD. Kien hemm post, insejt fejnha, fejn ghedtilha li ghandha certu artikli vera oggettivi imma mbaghad tizloq fin-niexef ghalxejn.

    Dwar il-vot ghandi suspett kbir li se tivvota lil AD. Forsi ghandi zball. Pero’ tivvota lil min tivvota ghandek kull dritt bhal m’ghandu kulhadd. Jiena nirrispetta l-gudizzju tieghek u minn ghandek parir nista’ niehu. Dal-blog sar il-punt ta’ riferiment tieghi ghal din l-elezzjoni bhala riflessjoni.

    Dwar l-ikla tal-bloggers ahna maturi bizzejjed man. Ma hemmx ghalfejn insemmu politika. Nitkellmu bis-sens kif dejjem tkellimna.

    Jekk tbiddel fehmtek infurmani.


  20. If Jacques will make some room, I’ll climb onto the high horse and make a pronouncement too: Nothing positive has come of the mud-slinging or arguments that revolve around personalities. I’m quite sure that virtually nobody has been convinced by insults or language that some find offensive. On the other hand, the negatives continue to pile up. Firstly (and most importantly in the context of what Jacques is trying to do with this blog), the substance of people’s arguments is lost in the noise. Secondly, people who are very capable of engaging with views that they disagree with lose the opportunity to do so. Thirdly, people’s feelings are hurt for no good reason. And finally, it now appears the negatives have transcended this forum and entered the real world.

  21. Interesting article from maltastar : – .

    Artiklu li jista’ jilluminana ghalxiex din l-ossessjoni!

    In the Nationalist Party, George Borg Olivier is remembered as a gentleman. He was never rude. At least, not in public. People remember him fondly. He truly was a gentleman.

    Eddie Fenech Adami, George Borg Olivier’s successor, is remembered for the massive debts he amassed for his country. His philosophy was always “money no problem” and that was the hallmark of his administrations. If EFA had a project in mind, it would cost twice or three times what it should have if executed. He splashed money as if he were the President of the United States.

    It was money, of course, that came from your and my taxes. Not from his bank account. He was profligate with the tax revenue he so mercilessly raised from us. When he left office, and handed over to Lawrence Gonzi, Malta was in debt to the tune of over one billion Maltese liri.

    No wonder Lawrence Gonzi never sings his praises! How could Dr Gonzi do that? He would be thought an idiot!

    Those who adored EFA enjoyed the good life. Look at his faithful henchman, Richard Cachia Caruana. He is still living a life of luxury in Brussels. Though, as chief negotiator at the EU membership talks, he sold a considerable chunk of the Maltese population, who hunt and trap, down the drain. Their hobby was to be sacrificed. For the country’s “good”. Of course.

    But not Daphne Caruana Galizia’s hobby, of launching literary vitriolic missiles at Labour. That prospered. She made her name at that other PN stable, Allied Newspapers, and when even they could not stand her longer, she went to The Independent stable. Always on payment. I wonder, who in the PN pushed her case for payment, from Allied, and then, from the ‘Independent’.

    Who spoke for her with the directors of these companies? And promoted her writing? For she needed help in her case, she is not that good, her writing is sometimes as boring as Judge Caruana Curran’s erstwhile long-winded judgements.

    And today we have Lawrence Gonzi at the head of the PN. He is the nephew of Malta’s late political archbishop, SIR Michael Gonzi. He gets Daphne’s imprimatur. Every Nationalist leader will. Daphne’s bandwagon is unfailingly linked to Pieta. She will never be ‘independent’.

    He smiles a lot. Lawrence Gonzi, that is. Though sometimes he metaphorically stitches his lips to stop the smile. Because he knows that it bothers people to see him smiling, when the country, and the people, are in such distress.

    From the burdens he has imposed on them.

    Such as the utilities surcharge.

    Everyone pays that surcharge, every WSC bill carries it, and the consumers, you and I, have to pay it. If we do not, we will not have water and electricity at home. It will be cut off. And no compasion shown.

    And because Alfred Sant has vowed to halve that surcharge, Lawrence Gonzi has told us that that cut will benefit only those who have a swimming pool, or an air conditioner!

    Such as Lawrence Gonzi himself. Of course. Isn’t he ungrateful!

    Of course, come March 9 or March 10, when the election result will be known, Lawrence Gonzi is going to declare that he does not want to benefit from Labour’s surcharge cut. Dr Gonzi is going to say that, for the country’s good, he wants to pay the full surcharge under Dr Sant’s government. He has benefited sufficiently well from his privileged position as leader of the Nationalist Party. Which he did not really work for. Which he got from EFA, without fighting for it. Ask John Dalli about that. So Dr Gonzi wants to pay back some of the privileges he enjoyed from the favour done him by Eddie Fenech Adami. Whose munificence was repaid to EFA by being made President of Malta.

    Maybe Richard and Daphne will join Lawrence in that. They are enjoying a good ride, maybe now they will help the country’s kitty. For they always do what they do in the country’s interest. If you doubt that, you are not Maltese at heart. Their contribution is honest. They don’t enrich their pocket. They work for the country. Oh my, how my heart bleeds!

    And, of course, so will the Nationalist Party’s supporters. They will not want to enjoy the benefits of a Labour government. They will not want to benefit from the surcharge cut by half that Dr Sant has promised. Because, according to Dr Gonzi, it will not be available, except for those who have a swimming pool or an air conditioner.

  22. I am not quite sure that the aim of a blog is to have a large readership. The more the hits pile up the more the quality of the debate seems to dissipate

    The more hits there are, the less personal blogging will be – at least that is what I tend to do.

    I really enjoyed this post – it summarises what the majority of bloggers think; people are not obliged to read a blog, they can easily get away from it all.

    However, I think that no one could predict that one blog alone could generate so much interest on the eve of the election – and generate so much discussion. I was one of the few who thought the Maltese blogosphere wouldn’t make it till the end of 2007 (I had a post somewhere)… and yet here you are 🙂

    And whilst I may not agree 100% with everything you say, I sure hope you’ll keep on blogging cause despite the comments, I think there are many people who appreciate your point of view.

  23. Hareg il-verdett ta’ J’Accuse:

    “…Sandro I condemn you for using foul language as much as I condemn Daphne for her condescending attitude which does not help the general discussion. ”

    M’hemmx appelli meta jaqtahhielek il-BlogMeister.

    Sentenza diferita. Skond ir-rih tal-gurnata s-sentenza tmur.

  24. Malcolm_buttigieg

    Ara Daphne wkoll! Another demonstration of her love for Alfred Sant. Judging by the hour when she wrote the comment on BondiPlus, I suspect that she dreams and daydreams about Alfred Sant all the time. She must either have a secret crush for him or else she may have some form of OC (what is the third letter to complete this?).

    The only person on Bondiplus who had a not so good performance yesterday quite frankly was Lou. Although I pinpoint two of his questions which managed to hammer Alfred Sant. The one on corruption and the one on cost over-runs. Well done on that one Lou.

    Just a couple of comments on that programme.

    Lou stated that the government has to notify (this is the word he used and he realised the implications of this word when he was going to reread the response obtained from the EU representative) the EU commission when implementing a tax credit system for businesses to counter for the cost of the surcharge on water/electricity bills. A notification does not imply that approval is required.

    Georg is one of the worst prima-donnas in local politics. His preformance deserves a 10+ for artificiality. Let’s hope he does better than Fabrizio Faniello did in the Eurovision and that he garners a few more points in the election. I enjoyed seeing him brag that he sends his kids to the most expensive private school in Malta, how is that for a superiority complex. Incidentally, some private schools already have a reception class. Chiswick House School is one of them. Lil Georg nghidlu jhallina please. Kien, ghadu u jibqa jdahhaq. I can see him as the dame in one of MADC’s pantos.

    The Gozitan representative of AD was the most sensible and likeable. AD continue to impress me. They have very valid people at their helm.

    The AN candidate was short in his comments but straight to the point. Accountability for instance.

  25. That maltastar article is biased, as expected.

    Funny how Gonzi will pass around energy saving bulbs, whereas Sant will lower the surcharge on electricity, so we’ll be able to use more energy.

    We definitely can’t say we have 2 parties that are so similar we don’t know which to choose from.

  26. Regarding Bondiplus.

    Bondi came off as the most obnoxious guy in the room. With Sant around, that REALLY is something.

    Georg kept trying to get Fredu mad, to no avail.

    The Alternattiva guy looks like someone you wouldn’t mind having a beer with.

    Azzjoni Nazzjonali didn’t get enough screen time.Their candidate performed very wekk but he needs to learn how to expand on what he has to say and hug the microphone a little bit.

  27. ^^^ I meant very “well”.

    “wekk” was a misprint, like the ones found on MLP’s electoral programme.

  28. Those weren’t misprints, Keith. According to Sant in his interview with Herman Grech at The Sunday Times “the computer malfunctioned.”

  29. Yes … that computer malfunction excuse was pretty lame, amateurish I must say.

  30. Malcolm_buttigieg

    Listen chaps, did you hear the latest news. Sant tried to go golfing at Maghtab but was denied entry. I wonder if he will try Qortin too? Who was his caddie?

    How’s that eh?

  31. iva vera, they told him you cannot get in because there is a risk that you will be run over by the trucks still dumping waste

  32. Malcolm Buttigieg

    Hey, but the trucks are not dumping waste on Maghtab but at Ghallies. Ghallies is only 0 metres away from Maghtab.

    Do you remember the book “Fil-parlament ma jikbrux fjuri”

    Lanqas fuq il-Maghtab nahseb ma jikbru fjuri, pero nammetti jien mhux xi espert fil-hdura. Dak inhallih ghal min jifhem.

  33. seems to think that being a columnist is not a real job, and that being paid for it is unusual, given that the newspapers are full of people who write for free to see their names in print, or because they have a political message to sell. And apparently, it’s strange that I should be paid by the newspaper I work for given that I “am not that good”. Well, that’s a laugh and a half. Their cub ‘reporters’ have obviously never heard the expression Unique Selling Point.

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