Casse-toi alors!

French President Sarkozy had his first visit at the Salon de l’Agriculture. The meeting could not be pre-arranged and so Sarko met people who liked him and those who, let us say, do not really appreciate his style and government. A video has been doing the rounds of the internet. In it, Sarkozy is in the middle of shaking hands with many people in the crowd… until someone refuses to shake hands. “Ah no. Don’t touch me… you’ll dirty me” – is what Monsieur le President gets. Does he start some lawsuit? Does he call in the army, navy and raise a whole brouhaha? Not Mr Sarkozy. His answer? It’s there for all to hear: “Get out of the way then… poor idiot” (The term “con” does translate literally as “penis” though it does not always fit that way).

Less theatricals. More real people behind the politics. I guess sometimes you’d wish trivial issues were solved that way.

Here’s the vid in all its glory.


5 responses to “Casse-toi alors!

  1. Well, I find it quite humorous… heh, but (most of) the guys commenting on the video don’t seem to share my viewpoint…

  2. “Get out of the way then… poor idiot”

    One of the people commenting translated that as “poor wanker”. But anyway, most of the time it is difficult to translate literally obscenities, particularly Maltese ones into English.

  3. It’s probably because Sarko already has his hands full with other cases he’s instituted. There was the one where they airbrushed his love handles, the one where he was shown in a low fare ad …

  4. I don’t blame Sarkozy for his reaction…

    Almost as good as Juan Carlos’ reaction to Chavez and his heckling

  5. Sarko’s reaction was mildly amusing.

    I’d rather see the vertically-challenged magyar vampire deliver a foul-mouthed riposte than see him acting like a spoilt crybaby:

    (and I’m in a smug mood today: con never meant penis, it meant cunt. I would have thought a latin-lover of your caliber wouldn’t have had any trouble spotting the origins of the word [cunnus/connin]. If there’s one word close in spirit and in etymology to “con” I think it’s our own “ghoxx” [not oxx btw – ghoxx] – even if ours is slightly harsher…).

    “mur hudu, mela…
    mela mur hudu, ghoxx”

    J’accuse Note: You’re right. My bad. Kemm jien gh*xx.

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