Why chromosome?

I dared, I ski-ed and I returned. So what have the Nationalists ever done for us? Isn’t that what it is all about. The Euro they tell us… it seems we beat older members of the EU to it but barring countries who opted to stay out I do not see who they are talking about. As for the Euro… yes Fausto… the people chose to get into the Euro. Deny it will you? At least that is what I voted for… a Malta firmly entrenched in the EU with the Euro and free movements (unhindered by illegal taxes). It’s not as though it’s a detour on the planned steps that formed part of the path of EU membership and beyond. Even bumbling Labour can only criticise joining the Euro by saying that they would have waited a little longer (oh but to be different).

Daphne squeezed a list of economic and educational achievements. Great. If I had Justin’s diplomacy I would say that these points are taken and well taken. They are just what makes PN the less dangerous alternative. Their achievements in politics are in the right directions. In the meantime my argument is that the baggage they carry is getting bigger and bigger. Lately Daphne and Patrick have taken to reminding me that I live abroad or that I am a couch critic. So be it. My job is to point out the insufficiencies of this party that seems to believe that it is the only answer to Malta’s future.

Let me give you a parallel you might understand. What I am talking about here is the equivalent of “The Cost of Non-Europe” report. Staying on these same lines of politics and debate as we have had for the past fifteen years is a slow development. We neglect huge swathes of potential policy-making. We ignore that our society is a changing society. Our parties have long defaulted on the line of political values – politics is not just about what you know about people and how you sell them the line they want most, but it is also about the values that underpin policies. Ask any member of the PN council how today’s policies fit in with christian-democrat values and barring Ranier Fsadni (if he is a member) I doubt you’d get any answer.

I don’t care about Sant. I don’t care about AD. I can afford not to care. I am not suicidal nor am I delusional. I am a wankellectual with ideas about the future. This election is a win-win situation for me. The absence of big issues that made it necessary to choose the horse that would drive them home has brought out the ugly face of the dearth of ideas in local politics. Employment, literacy… which normal government does not have those goals? Am I minimialising Nationalist achievements? Yes. Because they cannot be made to run away with the idea that they are gods’ gift to Malta when they run the government along the lines of the OBVIOUS.

Where is the debate? Where is the internal review? Answer me this: Does the nationalist government believe in a help-yourself society with clear rules and level playing field? Yes? Why then so much shifting of the goalposts over the years?  Why the impotent Competition Office? Why the sad situation in broadcasting? The fake pluralism? Or does the nationalist government believe in an interventionist state to help the weakest? Is the PN aware that not everyone is in line with its thinking on marriage? Shall I go on? Or do you prefer discussing economic estimates?

Thank God there is Sant to compare to and to scare us all off…. as I said Daphne… you cannot write a piece about PN without implying that there is the shadow of Sant overhead. The goodbye piece that Sandro liked so much was all about what we will not see in the next 5 years of PN government should it happen. I have not bothered to answer all your insinuations about intelligence, or suicidal tendencies… they all fall back to the Gonzi vs Sant argument. Out of point. They are lost on me. Should I tell you that I am far more intelligent than you because I see beyond that argument? Maybe I should. Probably I am. I am not bothered about biting a nose to spite a face… I am bothered about people not being able to see beyond the tip of their nose (excuse the Maltesism).

This election is already come and gone for me. The non-issue of who to vote for has long been chronicled in this blog. It is part of the shameful charade that is our democracy. You can dress it in Mgarr Ferry Terminals, employment figures (??) and a quest to make people stay in school (wow)  but the underlying charade that is fast becoming the opium of our political ideas will remain there. My warning and that of others like David and Justin and Mark will remain valid long after the carcades have died down and Gonzi is off to inaugurate another pontoon.


1. Daphne says: “Take care to distinguish between being paid to hold opinions and being paid to write about them. I have a few libel suits pending against people who failed to make the distinction.”

21st century thuggery? The libel suit…another relic of the MLPN regime. Give me Kuomitang orders any day.

2.  Advertising Interlude.

Vote PN. You can choose who to vote for in five years time. Partito Nazionalista… cosa vuoi di piu nella vita?

3.  Daphne (again): Dwardu: if you think I’m so boring, don’t read what I write. This was a free country the last time I looked and nobody is forcing you to log onto http://www.independent.com.mt. If your view were the universal one, I wouldn’t have been retained as a columnist for almost 20 years, generating the same response from readers that I did in the beginning. I’m not showing off here, but countering your rude and ill-mannered remarks.

Interesting plug for the Indy – the world is changing slowly but surely 🙂 20 years D? Is that the same paper for 20 years or is it some time with one and some time with the other? As in your retainer was not continuous for 20 years… why was that pray? A switch in readership? Honest questions I promise. Need some refreshing of the old brain cells. Fausto?

4. Y chromosomes? Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream. Where’s Jason Micallef when you need him? 🙂



18 responses to “Why chromosome?

  1. The interesting fallback currently used by Daphne (but also employed by other women in debates) regarding how we consider women’s ideas reminded me of this song by the great poet “Fatal Bazooka”. Sorry no time to translate the lyrics but I guess you get the gist.

    Mais tout de suite on retrouve un message du ministère du meilleur ami
    de l’homme, j’ai nommé le ministère de la femme. Avec un message 100%
    macho sans guacamole. C’est pour vous les ladys…
    En déplaise aux puristes, la langue française demeure beaucoup trop
    machistes, rien a changé
    Un gars c’est un jeune mec, et une garce c’est une pute.
    Un coureur c’est un joggeur et une coureuse c’est une pute.
    Un chauffeur il conduit l’bus et une chauffeuse c’est une pute.
    Un entraîneur c’est un coach sportif et une entraîneuse ben, c’est une
    Un homme à femme c’est un séducteur et une femme à homme c’est une
    Un chien, un animal à quatre pattes, une chienne c’est une pute.
    Un cochon c’est un mec sale, une cochonne c’est une pute.
    Un salop c’est un sale type, une salope ben c’est une pute.
    Un allumeur ça allume le gaz, une allumeuse c’est une pute.
    Un masseur c’est un kiné, une masseuse c’est une pute.
    Un maître un instituteur, une maîtresse c’est une pute.
    Un homme facile c’est un gars simpa, une femme facile ben c’est une
    Un calculateur un matheux, une calculatrice c’est une pute.
    Un toxico c’est un drogué, une toxico c’est une pute.
    Un beach un volley sur la plage, une bitch c’est une pute.
    Un Hilton c’est un hôtel et Paris Hilton ben c’est une pute.

  2. As for the Euro… yes Fausto… the people chose to get into the Euro. Deny it will you? At least that is what I voted for… a Malta firmly entrenched in the EU with the Euro and free movements (unhindered by illegal taxes).

    My God, it might have been hard work for you to mark that “X” in the “Yes” box during the referendum and get us into the EU and the Eurozone with two criss-crossing marks of the pen. If only the electorates of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria were as hard working as their Maltese counterparts.

  3. Ask any member of the PN council how today’s policies fit in with christian-democrat values and barring Ranier Fsadni (if he is a member) I doubt you’d get any answer.

    Why should it? The Party statute never said it was a Christian Democratic Party.

  4. This election is already come and gone for me. The non-issue of who to vote for has long been chronicled in this blog.

    So will you stop blogging until the 8th of March? I am experiencing campaign fatigue but, thankfully, Sant keeps providing me with some fresh (as in “not Labour Conference approved” fresh) material to write on.

  5. “I don’t care about Sant. I don’t care about AD. I can afford not to care.” – Yes, Jacques, you’ve made your life in Luxembourg. So why should you care? You can fly in, drop your mess, fly out again and leave us to cope with the results. And the big mystery here is why, with all your angst and precious behaviour, ARE YOU EVEN BOTHERING TO FLY HERE AND VOTE AT ALL? Why bother, if it causes you so much emotional pain? Why not just stay put and take an interest in the exciting political life of Luxembourg?

    Yes, Jacques, going on 20 years: 1989-1991 The Sunday Times; 1992 – The Malta Independent; 1993-1996 The Sunday Times; late 1996 to the present: The Malta Independent on Sunday and The Malta Independent. Time flies when you’re having fun.

  6. Mock if you will, Jacques. The fact remains that the only reason you are able to live and work in Luxembourg is because of the Nationalist Party of whom you so disapprove. Where would you be otherwise? Let’s look at the options…

    Feminism “was established”, Jacques, so that no woman would ever have to be dependent on, or subservient to, a prat like you. If you don’t want to be called one, then don’t behave like one.

    I hate to point out this painful fact, but at some stage in life it is necessary to become an adult. You can ward it off until your 30s nowadays if you don’t marry, don’t have kids, and shrug off as much responsibility as possible, but beyond that you’re on dangerous ground. Picture yourself behaving and talking the way you do 10 years down the line and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know why, but I find men who are still rebelling (against what?) in their 30s more than a little annoying. You can’t arrest development for ever.

    Ecclesiastes 3: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth? Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?”

    I’m no Bible-basher, as you know, but I find it helps to put things (and egos) into perspective.

  7. I’m with Daphne on the feminism bit (not the Jacques being a prat part though). To be honest I think that light-hearted jokes about feminism consolidate misogynist stereotypes, whether they reflect the views of the person telling the joke or otherwise. It is hard for men to understand the cause of feminism and the passion with which it is fought because we have never suffered the daily injustices that women must overcome. Consider that the mere fact of one’s gender could be a barrier to being taken seriously. It is the pinnacle of injustice, but we observe it every day as though it were perfectly acceptable. I will take misandry to task any day, but it is a far less dangerous vice than misogyny.

  8. Sorry for changing the course of conversation. Two pet peeves that’s all.

    Daph and Justin:

    Feminism. That might well have been the case well until the late 70s (or even the early 80s).

    I work for a European institution where a positive discrimination system (or whatever the hell the system that favours one sex over the other is called) is in place. 65-70% of the workforce is composed of women under 35 . Now, any man who’d complain about that (let alone wave a placard about or picket) would have to be 1. insane, 2. a homosexual, 3. a hermaphrodite.

    But I must admit the positive discrimination system just leaves me perplexed. Surely the point of feminism was to get rid of any sort of sexism not to replace the swap the victim’s and perpetrator’s roles. It’s a bit like if slavery wasn’t abolished but a rota system for which race gets to be slave this decade was instituted.

    I read a study on the voting patterns of Weakest Link contestants (well, I read the abstract actually). The contestants for whom there is no strong correlation between wrong answers and getting voted off are black persons and women. Even if contestants are racist and sexist (which they would never dare to be in public anyway – the self-imposed moral censure is generally too heavy on sane, normal people), they definitely don’t want to show it or to take any actions which would even vaguely suggest they are racist and/or sexist.

    (in case you’re interested – old people and Latinos are the ones getting voted off)


    I find your online persona much more likeable than your columnist one, but calling Jacquest angsty….? Pot-kettle-black.

    And please, please, please… lose the “I’m married and have kids, so a priori, Daphne 1 – Anyone w/o kids or spouse 0″* posture (and yes I AM old enough to be married and have kids but I don’t want to be – at least not for now). why mention it every single time? does a registry certificate and producing an offspring give you that much-needed edge in a debate? or does it suddenly give you intellectual and moral superiority over those who have decided not to go down that route yet (or aren’t interested in going down that route). It’s my planet too.

    If someone’s arguments don’t hold water, starting their arguments with the phrase “Speaking as a mother/father….”, won’t suddenly transform whatever they’ve just said into a well-reasoned, solid argument. You might well be a mother/father, you might well be married, and you might well be 30-40-50, but what you’re saying still holds no water.

    Daniele Luttazzi: “credo che la gente sposata odia vedere chi non lo è – me lo chiedono sempre: quando avrai figli, quando ti sposerai? quando i miei amici sposati mi chiedono ‘tu quando ti sposi’, io rispondo ‘non lo so – tu quando ti divorzi?'”

    *(Daphne, I’m not referring to this particular case – fil-fatt nahseb naqbel mieghek…)

  9. I have to say, not your finest hour Jacques. You’ve allowed yourself to lose your cool. As for the feminist jibe, Justin gave the perfect reply.

    You ask ‘where is the debate’? Well, you asked a question – what has the previous government delivered – and you got some answers. Instead of soberly analysing them you’re just saying – ‘but those are obvious’.

    Of course high employment is an ‘obvious’ objective for every government – the trick is to find a government that can deliver it. A good many don’t and are rightly kicked out for it.

    As for the euro – sure, the old member states ones that are out are out by choice (although many new ones, that are treaty-obliged to adopt the Euro remember Fausto, would love to be in but don’t make the grade). But our financial situation – which is what we’re trying to measure here – is now certainly better than that in many of the 15.

    Finally – I live abroad too, for now, so I certainly didn’t criticise you for that. Nor for being an armchair critic – we all are, and an honourable role it is too, as long as it’s done fairly and rigorously.

    If I’m participating in this debate it’s because, like you and all the rest of us in this conversation, I want the best for our little rock, however imperfect it is.

  10. So if Jacques was married and had kids his opinions would have more weight? Please.

  11. David Friggieri

    Bordel de merde if you’ll excuse the expression this morning.

    Daphne’s comment which starts “I hate to point out this painful fact” and ends with “you can’t arrest development for ever” chastising Jacques for being a 30 year-old rebel for…what? Oh yes! a) criticising a system b) having the guts to write publicly about it and c) perhaps, just perhaps believing (maybe foolishly, yes) that things can get better.

    Daphne then asks “rebelling against what exactly?”

    Now this is the height of crap I’m afraid Daphne. If one were to follow your line of thinking, debate and challenges to government/the political system/the powers that be/the way politics is done/feminism (yes that too) should have come to a halt in every single country which hauled itself into the EU or which acheived a certain standard of living.

    That’s clearly not the case. Debates in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium whatever… continue to challenge, question, poke fun at, turn things on their head, make caricatures out of everything under the sun.

    And it’s a large variety of people who do the challenging. Women and men, boys and girls, grandfathers and grandmothers, prostitutes and lawyers, cinematographers and journalists, singers and losers. Of all ages and sizes.

    My oh my! In ‘more civilized countries’ (as you like to call them), women are actually writing post-feminist books nowadays. Check out Ariel Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs and Catherine Castro’s A Bout de Couple.

    In Daphne’s book Jacques is a prat. Much better to carve out a comfy political career licking some big wig’s boots I guess.

  12. Victor Laiviera

    I’m feeling a bit redundant here. 🙂

  13. and now for something completely different……

    milli jidher pippo psaila qed jorganizza quiz night. nhar is-sibt. tghid hu permess li tikkopja???

  14. It is hard for men to understand the cause of feminism and the passion with which it is fought because we have never suffered the daily injustices that women must overcome.

    try getting involved in a child custody case and you’ll understand perfectly what that means…

    which brings me to: anyone wanna marry me? yawn…

  15. Great. I see the feminism jibe hit home. It’s just not done is it? Throwing in a ridiculous non sequitur at the end of an article – without even saying why you say it or arguing in favour or against it. A bit like the Vote Harry Get Freddy bit last Sunday on the INdy. Needless to say I have my own thoughts about feminism and feminists. Daphne would be surprised but I’m mostly on her side on this one… what I actually find ridiculous is why it should still be an issue in the 21st century but that is not women’s fault it’s thanks to the messy politics that goes on day in day out in our country.

    The only feminists I don’t like are the ones who believe that their arguments are right BECAUSE they are feminist. Just like the married people who think they have won some experience points. Or like a gay person in a ay rights argument. (And I’m all for those too)… My point was just that Daphne… an argument at the end of an article… just hanging on hte end is no argument at all…. and can only serve to bring on more mud-slinging prat calling.

    As for the Luxembourger who is comfortably ensconced there thanks to the NAtionalist Government. YAWN YAWN and YAWN again. My interest in voting comes as a normal citizen. It is my civic duty which I take on with a passion. Your knee jerk reactions that citizens who “have it right” should not vote are pitiful. Cheers to David for explaining it in more diplomatic terms than I could in 5 minutes of wifi access.

    Arrested developmemnt? I’m everyday people. There’s all kinds. I will not fall down to answering the adult crap all over again. It remains beside the point. I can see that you got your tits in a twist (feminist expression used in par condicio with balls in a twist) when I said I don’t care about Sant. You forget that I said that this election is come and gone. That we all have been forced into the corner of voting PN. You continue to fail to be the real forward looking adult and seeing that we still have 5 years of government by default ahead of us.

    As a Maltese living in Luxembourg I seem to have more of a mature conception of the problems that lie ahead. FUnny I would have thought that living in Malta and being more directly affected would make you more interested and worried about what will happen after the election is won by a party that can only campaign thanks to other parties faults. My bad there. Maybe after having been told over and over again how your position as a married adult alloows you to make certain judgements I was taking this step for granted. My bad again.

    Tell me when you wake up and smell the coffee. This campaign as Fausto says is boring and will remain so. The stakes were played when the Nationalists removed any other possibility of voting and hte Labourites complied by offering a non-alternative. Good. You want us to vote PN. We will do that. What is the next step then? Who is going to stop a cocksure government from cocking up even more as the ideas dry up over the next few years?

    So long as we elect married men and women to parliament I guess our prolems wil be solved. Lubbly jubbly. I’m off to play with some snow.

  16. P.S. Couldn’t read the bible thingy Too complicated for my brain. I’m stuck at Ezekiel 25:17.

  17. Daphne (or the devil) quoting the scriptures!! I never thought I would see that day.

    Jacques mentioned correctly the absence of issues in this election. To be more precise, I wouldd add that there are real issues to be discussed in this campaign..it’s just that none of the main parties find it conveenient to flag them. So, whether it’s the strangehold of the construction industry over the well-being of the island, the long-term threat of illegal immigration..we are regaled with a deafenening silence.

    Furtermore, I would add another huge issue with serious political and financial implications which NONE of the parties have alluded to in this campaign…but trust me, it will soon crop up after the elections. I am referring to pensions.

    At the moment all the parties are trying to create this feel-good factor with tax cutss, reductions in surcharges and what not in order to tackle the cost of living, and yet it is well-known fact that any action taken on pensions will have negative consequences on our purchasing power. However no-one tries to factor this into the equation, as it’s simply not convenient to mention the pension problem in the middle of this dreamland campaign.

    The fact remains however that PN intends to move towards voluntary, and subsequently, MANDATORY contributions – in this legislature. As for Labour? They wil “study the issue” and (Vic correct me if I’m wrong) implement the conclusions before the end of the next legislature. Talk about signing a blank cheque!!

    ..and none of our intrepid journalists challenge our politicians on this point.

    Reverting to Daphne and her knee-jerk reactions on unfavourable comparisons between her rants and Fsadni’s contributions.. Daphne appeals to the emotions (fear) and Fsadni appeals to the intellect (for example, by taking the trouble to point out specific incompatibilities between the electoral programmes of AD and PN) . You many not agree with half of what Fsadni is saying, but at least you get the feeling that he respects the intelligence of his readership.

    “The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none”. (Thomas Carlyle)

  18. Jules would approve.

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