PN Projects 2008

From The Times:

The new Gozo harbour terminal was inaugurated by the Prime Minister this morning at Mgarr, making it possible for passengers to embark and disembark from the ferries separately from the cars. Dr Gonzi described the event as a major leap of quality for passengers travelling between the two islands.

In 2008, on the eve of an election the PN government inaugurates Mgarr Ferry terminal… making it possible for passengers to board separately from cars. Do I need to add a sarcastic comment to this one?

Truly the stuff that dreams are made of.


21 responses to “PN Projects 2008

  1. L-anqas Beppe Grillo man ma jippostja hekk!!!!

    Bil-mod habib isma’ minni.

    Ghati ftit nifs, ghadni ‘qas biss lestejt ta’ Harry u Daphne.

  2. Kont nimmagina li ha jiftah is-sit tat-teatru imwaqqa. Imma dak ghadu mhux lest. Kull ma ilu mwieghed hu mill-1987.

  3. But the Royal Opera House is in the electoral programme … again!

  4. if the elections where called for December, you would have written the same thing about Mater Dei, if for Janury = the Euro ….

    look on the bright side at least things are being done :))

  5. yes lex, that’s why we elect governments so that “at least things are being done”. go and wave your flag now

  6. What’s funny is that more things are done in the last month of an election than in 5 whole years. That Mgarr terminal must have meant a neverending story for the Gozitans. So much for having the Gozitans at heart, cara Giovanna and Dr. Gonzi.

  7. they are being done .. faster now then before yes, but i don’t think anyone can honestly say nothing was done in the last 4 years till now .. how about- waste management – eu – euro – mater dei – low budget airlines – park and ride – just to name a few ..

    re the mgarr terminal – I have no doubt you have been to gozo in the last year – it wasn’t all that choatic .. i think we started reapingthe benefits of the terminal quite a while before they launched yesterday .. but .. it could just me my opinion.

  8. Victor Laiviera

    Yes it is, lex. Check out how many times the completioin dates for all major projecta have been revises and revised and revised ….

  9. lex, I just tried to think of a Maltese translation of the word “deadline” in my head right now … but I can’t find one … will you help me out?

  10. “deadline” = skadenza skond Pawlu Caxaru

  11. rupert, yes we elect governments to get things done but that does not mean we should congratulate them when they do that because it can not always be taken for granted that things will get done. with your reasoning we should only look at negatives.

    go and burn a flag now 🙂

  12. typo. meant to say: yes we elect governments to get things done but that does not mean we should NOT congratulate them when they do that because it cannot always be taken for granted that things will get done.

  13. Justin there is a difference between electing a government to get things done and saying “at least things are being done” – don’t you think?

    PS – i don’t burn flags 🙂

  14. “skandenza” … that sounds more like when something expires to me … as has probably expired people’s patience when stuck in one-lane traffic on Manuel Dimech bridge.

  15. bilhaqq, caxaru pietru kien jismu mhux pawlu … qed thawwad

  16. Victor Laiviera

    Kien hemm antenat tieghu jismu Brandanu wkoll. It-tieni kienu nutara – min jaf kemm ħ**w nies. 🙂

  17. I would like to congratulate Dr Gonzi for inaugurating a terminal that should have been ready years ago.

    Thank you.

    Now, what if we start holding general elections on a bi-yearly basis? In this manner, public projects that should be completed in one year will start being completed within two, maybe. Isn’ that positive? (Note that adding an extra year to allow for an extension of time to the project deadline is paramount as this invariably leads to variations to the costs of the project for the benefit of those who build it)

    The latest I’ve heard is that Gozo Channel staff will equip vehicles with a radio controlled device before boarding and that passengers will be given a disposable remote control device – five per vehicle, actually. This will enable passenger and cars to board seperately.

  18. May i remind everyone that this was an inauguration of half a project. The project would have been completed if there had also been a terminal at Cirkewwa. why is it important “for passengers to embark and disembark from the ferries separately from the cars” in Gozo but not in Malta?

  19. Victor Laiviera

    Kemm int wiċċek tost, Rupert – trid kollox!


  20. Dear Rupert

    Of course it is important for some passengers to embark and disembark from the ferries separately from the cars.

    I can’t imagine the PM or any other Minister driving himself or herself up the ferry ramp now that there is this alternative route.

    Nevertheless, to be fair, it is more beneficial for tourists, students and those who use public transport in Gozo to use the gangways rather than the dangerous practice of embarking or disembarking through the vehicle ramps of the ferries.

    We are perhaps lucky than no serious accidents have been reported in the past.

  21. Yes Hericot, that’s why its half a project. but lets see the bright side; at least we reduced the possibility of accidents by 50% 🙂

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