So you don’t really want my vote after all

From the Times:

Those people who do not vote in this election, as well as those who vote for Alternattiva Demokratika, will be contributing to the election of the Malta Labour Party, PN leader Lawrence Gonzi told a televised press conference this evening.

Dr Gonzi was replying to a question put by The Times during a political debate organised by the Broadcasting Authority on TVM.

Asked what decision he would take if the MLP had to win 32 seats in parliament, with the PN winning 31and AD winning two parliamentary seats. Dr Gonzi replied that AD would form a coalition government with the MLP. He said people who do not vote and those who vote for AD would be indirectly electing the MLP to office.

So will someone explain what we can call that feeling of deep disgust after reading this kind of propaganda? I’d rather have Daphne call me stupid and immature any day… at least she says what she thinks. Gonzi wants me to think that I am intelligent but then insults me by throwing this rubbish at my face. It’s Eddie Fenech Adami at the Luxol Grounds all over again. Sorry Daphne but this is not a strategy it is suicidal campaigning. Let’s face it… who is Gonzi trying to convince back to the fold? The diehard nationalists who would vote for him come what may? Not really… he wants people who would vote AD to “see the light” and vote PN (and note the reason why… not because PN is good but because MLP is bad).

Anton would say figura di merda. He would try to “stendere un velo pietoso”. Unfortunately it is the tragicomic theme on which politics is run. We have an election based on bad choices. The persons mainly responsible for this bad choice want us to confirm them in power for another 5 years. And they have the guts to go on TV and gloat about this non-choice of theirs.

Is-sewwa jirbah zgur. Xoghol. Gustizzja. LIberta. Solidarjeta. Dejjem… kullimkien. Fiducja. and now… You’re Lumped with Us and better get used to it.

Thanks to Gonzi’s theatrics I am back to undecided. I am back to the possibility of not going to the ballot after all. There. Here’s a one man poll for you. As Holmes (Sherlock) likes to repeat, one man is unpredictable… it’s the crowd that’s easy to fathom. Gonzi needs to see quickly that the undecided are made up of the only individuals stuck between the two crowds of spineless flagwavers. Wake up and smell the floating voter…. and stop insulting him.


11 responses to “So you don’t really want my vote after all

  1. U ejja. Jacques – take a deep breath and count to 10. I didn’t watch the broadcast because I was working, so I’m going on the basis of what you say here (and the newspaper reports). When politicians of all stripes speak on television, they are addressing people of all levels of intelligence and not necessarily you, me and Victor Laiviera. It’s a mass audience, made up of all sorts. Television audiences are important for reaching people who can’t be reached through newspapers. The prime minister should have phrased it differently, to take account of the fact that only if you would ordinarily vote PN and switch to AD are you helping to elect Labour. He missed out the point that a switch from Labour to AD helps elect his party, and that a ‘no vote’ if you would ordinarily vote Labour does the same. He seemed to be taking it for granted that he was addressing PN-type sympathisers rather than a mixed audience that included Labourites – but then I also heard this morning that the newspaper reports weren’t that accurate, so before I run off with assumptions I’m going to do some checking. I don’t suppose any of us here can fault his arithmetic in saying that if you remove a vote from PN without also removing another vote from MLP, MLP moves into the lead without actually bothering to improve itself or work for votes. I think you are being a little bit nihilistic about all this. Let’s leave the nihilism on hold for the eventuality of a Sant premiership. I think that you and I can agree on that, at least. The difference is that I have absolutely no qualms about voting Nationalist to help make sure it doesn’t happen, and that abysmal performance (the abysmal performance was the potential prime minister’s, by the way, not the teenagers you call a ‘rabble’ – how are teenagers expected to behave?) only served to convince me further. The man can’t even give a straight answer to a simple question.

  2. The teenagers’ “rabble” has not been approved by many, even other teenagers themselves, and this notwithstanding the fact that yes, Dr. Sant’s performance was abysmal. Freedom of speech is about a heated yet civilized debate. Behaving like a brainwashed orang utan belongs to partisan politics. Furthermore, a leader expecting to spend another 5 years in government must neither instigate it, approve it or take advantage of it. And anyone who claims that last Monday’s rabble was not orchestrated is certainly in a state of denial.

  3. I think Gonzi has not taken into consideration those people (no idea if there are many or few) who would prefer not to vote at all rather than be FORCED to make a choice between two parties that don’t convince them. I’m one of them. I wouldn’t vote for the PN or the MLP. If AD was taken out of the equation, I wouldn’t vote at all. Gonzi also runs the risk of being rather heavy-handed about this issue and fostering resentment in those AD voters who were quite willing to give their second preference and subsequent votes to another party. Having your face rubbed in the lack of choice has that result

  4. Ditto, Claire.

    Gonzi is also failing to reach people who are now considering to vote MLP for the first time. I believe he is underestimating this swing.

  5. Jacques, ti voglio un mondo di bene, ma francamente non me ne frega (yes i like the phrase) un ca..o su come o se voterai l’8 Marzo.

    Detto questo, I see nothing wrong in Gonzi’s words, which as Daphne said were directed to traditional but perhaps disappointed PN supporters who are tempted to vote AD. You dont have to be Aristotle to realise that in this case a vote for AD is indirectly a vote for MLP (besides being a wrong choice i my opinion)). It is in Gonzi’s and PN’s interest to preserve the present duopoly, now and forever, hence his tactic. The same is happening in Italy where Berlusca and Fini are insisting on the ‘wasted vote theory’ and urging the population to vote PDL or PD only in order to crush the small parties. You can call them arrogant or whatever but this is their tactic, and personally I tend to agree with it.

  6. Hi Anton, yes the Fini warning about smaller parties was quoted (mind you – only in the PN’s, it was also used in the US when Ralph Nader contested. So – that argument is nothing new. However the reactions it provokes are not new either. People who feel FORCED to choose between two alternatives they do not feel any strong support for, feel resentment and (i) bow down anyway (ii) vote for the smaller party which is their first choice and ignore Berlusconi/Fini/Gonzi (not wonderful role models Lawrence (iii) do not vote anymore. Now Lawrence Gonzi is banking on people taking up option (i) but what happens in the case of option (ii) or (iii).? As it is he is also making voters who viewed him in a benign light, see the other side of him thus thinking twice about giving him subsequent preference votes

  7. don’t worry folk…this is the logic with which our politicians have run this country for over 50 years. Our politicians do not even have the decency to ask us to vote for them but all they do is ask us to vote against the enemy. Maybe they are aware of their limited ability after all.

    I always thought that not voting equates to not voting and sending out a strong signal to our jurassic politicians. I also thought voting AD equates to voting for AD and what it stands for whilst also sending out a signal to our Jurassic politicians that we yearn for something new, something different, something decent. But it seems I got it all wrong. All thanks to yesterdays Gonzo-pensiero.

    If come election day I vote AD and a few thousand people do the same but AD do not get elected it certainly won’t be our fault or AD’s fault. If the electoral system is undemocratic it is not the people’s fault. If the Jurassic politicians in parliament temper with the rules of the game to preserve power eternally and keep any ‘intruder’ out it certainly is not the people’s fault.

    Gonzi says stop hoping that this country could be a better place and help him perpetuate the status quo. Stop struggling for further democracy, pluralism, accountability, representation, discussion and equality. Stop hoping that a better Malta is possible.

    But all is ok, Gonzi will solve all of our problems. Financial crisis? Gonzi will solve it. Environmental deficit? Gonzi will solve it. Who needs an executive?

    What’s next for our own berlusonian factotum? Climate change? Darfur? Middle East Crisis? The war in Iraq?

  8. I did NOT quote Maltarightnow but, per la precisione.

  9. It’s okay Anton – Fini was quoted on many other news stations and newspapers – being one of them. S’issa maltarightnow m’ghandhiex monoplju fuq il-kliem ta Fini wkoll!

  10. Jacques, be fair. The guy was asked specifically about a situation where Labour have 32 seats, PN 31, and AD 2. In that case he said that ‘if he was hearing AD’s message correctly’, AD would form a coalition with Labour.

    Surely that would anyway be the correct way? If Labour get more seats they deserve to be the main partner in any coalition. It was in this context that he said that a vote for AD would be a vote for an MLP led government.

  11. Patrick, and what about MLP31, PN32, AD2. Now that’s an interesting scenario. Would Gonzi answer the same way

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