Say Goodbye (Postponed)


Say goodbye to concrete proposals about reforming the transport system.
Say goodbye to an environmental plan not influenced by the concrete lobby.
Say goodbye to electoral reform and debate about institutional change.
Say goodbye to divorce.
Say goodbye to the establishment of lay policies as against church influenced doctrine.
Say goodbye to a plan for the islands’ environmental future.
Say goodbye to honest political debate in parliament.
Say goodbye to visionary leaders and politicians.
Say goodbye to free market and competition without intereference in favour of government sponsored com[any.
Say goodbye to real freedom of the airwaves and ether… say hello to more interference in the media by MLPN.
Say goodbye to freedom of association and expression (the real one not the token one tolerated by the parties).
Say goodbye to your dreams of party conferences full of critics as well as people singing hallelujah for the leader.
Say goodbye to politics as a service to the people.
Say goodbye to honesty, legitimacy and accountability say hello to knee-jerk politics that is here to stay.
Say goodbye to governance based on solidarity, subsidiarity and civic participation, say hello to the party led inspirations that are oh so smart.
Say goodbye to an educational plan for all and say hello to education that fits cosily in the electoral manifesto.
Say goodbye to the emancipation of the islander mentality say hello to more fortress malta.
Say goodbye to new labour, christian democracy and civil debate, say hello to machiavellian short-term policy.
Say goodbye to open skies for the maltese traveller, say hello to the niche markets identified from office chairs occupied by blue eyed technocrats
Say goodbye to honest taxation policy say hello to the usual give and take (5 years of tdeparture tax… why remove it only on the eve of an election… why not wait till EU declares it illegal? let me tell you why… because otherwise the government would have to REIMBURSE the tax collected).

Goodbye to all that. This time you can only vote one way. Thank you labour supporters for constantly coming up with viable alternatives. Thank you nationalist new age hamalli who are content with not thinking so long as we can beat tal-lejber (and well done for the uni rabble by the way). Thank you alternattiva for your coalition strategy. Thank you everyone. I’d do the Alanis Morrissette naked picture but I’m a bit of a prude… you’ll have to make do with a picture of a chilled j’accuse frozen in the mountains. Frozen… just like any ideas for bettering the state of the Maltese islands… for the next five years (at least).


5 responses to “Say Goodbye (Postponed)

  1. You are a qualified writer.



  2. u mela hekk bloggja ftit. Jacques, ghalfejn fir-ritratt tidher nofsok biss? jaqaw ghandek il-b#!$ frizat? 🙂

  3. Is that designed to make us envious as we sit here at our desks, or what? Lucky you.

  4. Victor Laiviera

    You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  5. Jacques,

    lil min se tivvota allura?

    You are my leader. Li taghmel inti jiena naghmlu.


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