Moderation II

I cannot read 176 comments in 15 minutes. In two days 4,300 hits have been registered. Yesterday alone we had 2,330 visits. I can feel that some moderation is needed. It would be silly now to shut down this blog’s comment section because of irresponsible comments by some people. Don’t make me do that … I’d suspect some would want just that.

I appeal to Sandro (iva in tl-ewwel ghax l-istil tieghek hekk jitlob) , to Daphne (you’re second because you’re involved) and the others to act responsibly. The tone you choose is part of your style. The language you use is just as important. If you advocate change I hope it is for the better. A little aside… just as I allow everyone to talk on this blog, I do not necessarily back the ideas of anyone writing on this blog. It is a discussion between mature individuals… I personally find fault in Daphne’s labelling, in Sandro’s vulgar way of expressing himself and in Victor’s blinkered view of Labour politics. But that’s me. I am the kind of person who only worries when people agree with him. (See Caparezza – search Wikipedia – sorry no time for links).

I am not shuttingdown this blog to please those who would rather this kind of discussion does not take place. It is obvious that without moderation one feels less restrained and tends to write more rubbish more easily. I’m disappointed when that happens. Disappointed for yourselves because if you stop and think it means that left alone and to your devices you can only descend back to vulgarity and mud-slinging> So much for the hope of better politics… back to the blame game.

And frankly I was never made to be a moderator…I’d rather provoke the discussion and let’s get on with the clash of ideas and their synthesis… we are already too late thanks to MLPN…. do we really need all this bullshit to drag us further into the slow track?

David where are you? Well done for the victory in Rome… you’ll see the revenge in Madrid is sweet. And GO LIVERPOOL!


11 responses to “Moderation II

  1. Don’t shut down the comment section: it’s providing entertainment to thousands – a new form of voyeurship, getting a thrill from other people’s on-line conversational battles. It’s all part of the fun, so don’t be a spoilsport, Jacques. They accused me of sounding like mummy. Now here you are, sounding like daddy. But then, we ARE behaving like naughty children.

  2. Daphne, ghal darba qed naqbel mieghek. 🙂

  3. Victor Laiviera

    *Neigh, neigh*. 🙂

  4. “In two days 4,300 hits have been registered. Yesterday alone we had 2,330 visits”

    oh will you stop reminding us how popular your blog is every day already! :p

    kollha ghira dik (nahseb).

  5. Ara xi ħlew f’daqqa waħda…kif immansajt lil kulħadd Jacques 🙂
    Keep it up. We all enjoy it after all.

    Skond jien in-nuqqas ta’ issues (bħalma kienu l-UE u l-VAT fl-aħħar elezzjonijiet, ngħidu aħna) qed iwassal għat-teftif f’xulxin. Tipika f”din it-toqba ta’ pajjiż. Just nippreferi jekk dik it-tip ta’ diskussjoni ma tixteridx fil-blogs ukoll. Inkella might as well noqogħdu nisimgħu n-Net u s-Super 1.

  6. Oh, go on Jacques. It’s a blog, not a Mother Theresa of Calcutta appreciation society. And besides,look at the bright side. It’s an online site, and the evil Labour Party thugs can’t just burn it down, like they did in 1979. I suppose the Holy Nationalists could always try to bribe you to shut up, but they can’t pressure the boss of the company which runs your site to gag you, like they did in 2008. (Having said that, you never know: “Iva, flimkien kollox possibli”.)

  7. Hallini Jacques,

    m’intix tinduna li qed nuza l-blog tieghek biex jizdiduli l-hits. Jikklikkjaw fuq my nick name meta nippostja hawn?

    Can you please link my blog in this post where my name is mentioned please? It is part of my terms and conditions.

    I wonder how a newspaper continues to be published though her continuous deficit.

  8. Jacques, I find fault in that you do not find fault with what I write. Please say you do not agree with me. 🙂

  9. David Friggieri

    Tajba l-ghajta minn fuq il-muntanja Jacques. Lil Elija u lil Mose warajk kien jonqsok u kont tigi qisek is-Salvatur fil-festa ta’ Hal-Lija.

    Roma caput mundi. Grandi emozioni all’Olimpico ieri sera. 80,000 spettatori, un mare giallorosso, una grande famiglia romanista. U lanqas speech wiehed m’ghamlu. Tghajjir iva – konta l-Lazio. Totally overshadowed by the great feeling of being one big happy family dans laquelle tout devient possible. One faith, one people.

    Things have got pretty dirty, I see. Which is a pity but somehow to be expected in pressure cooker island fejn kull vot jghodd, fejn ghal kull ghadma hemm mitt kelb, fejn l-irjus jishnu malajr, fejn nattakkaw lill-messaggier ghax wasslilna messagg.

    Something we haven’t discussed yet, linked to pressure cooker island. Here it is in Jacquian sytle:

    I’ll give my number one vote to the political party which comes up with a convincing 20-year plan to manage the one overarching problem which Malta faces. Too many people, too little space. Generic ‘green’ policies won’t do.

    Earlier, in one of her sweeping comments, Daphne wrote something on the lines of “lots of you writing here are dealing with their hang ups caused by their strict Catholic upbringing”. Pas moi, chere Daphne, je t’assure.

    And finally, before I stroll along towards Piazza della Repubblica, a question: why do Maltese people hate each other with such passion? There’s a total disgust for ‘the other within’ that I haven’t detected in other nations. Allez, a bit of soul searching in these tense times.

    (Soundtrack in internet cafe off Piazza Barberini: Frankie Goes To Hollywwod – The Power of Love)

  10. Il-allu x’bad buzz waqa.

    Do we have to take it all so seriously?

    So the debate got a little nasty. It happens on online debates. check out the roasting this poor guy got in the comments section after this guardian blog last week.

    And David: “why do the Maltese hate eachother with such passion? There’s a total disgust for the other within that I haven’t detected in other nations.”

    Come on Dave. You live in a country that can’t even remember why its sticking together (Belgium), where the 2 communities are so angry with eachother that they often refuse to speak eachother’s language even if they know how to. In the US McCain will have problems in the upcoming election because in a completely polarised country he’s committed the heinous crime of trying to work with the Democrats in the past. I’m sure you’re following the not so harmonious electoral campaign in Italy.

    Though we’ve certainly got our fair share we have no monopoly on division and pettiness. So we get a little excited every five years, and then got on with our real lives once the fun is over.

    I just wish we didn’t bloody grumble so much!

  11. David Friggieri

    Patrick – considering that we don’t have any ethnic (ex-Yugoslavia), religious (Iraq) or ideological (Italy) differences to thrash out, I’d say the tone of the ‘debate’ shows an inordinate amount of disgust and intolerance for fellow country men and women. Bomb threats in 2008? I was going to add ‘linguistic’ to that list (we’re hardly comparable to Belgium on this one, you’ll agree) but I won’t as I see that , amazingly, some people still feel that they can carve out a superior niche for themselves by dissing a language.

    Maybe it’s just that our debates go from ‘discussing ideas’ to ‘personal insults’ very very fast. Perhaps it’s just a question of size. Small ain’t always beautiful.

    PS: Jekk ghandek aptit bad buzz iehor ikri Dogville u ghidli x’tahseb.

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