So You Won’t Vote for AD?


Rick’s comment – hailed as the most sensible by Daphne – is being bandied around the internet by PN enthusiasts as the reply to the promoters of the free vote. It is of course one that reaches a conclusion that PN’s environmental package is loads better than that of the Green Party. One thing you learn in strategy is not to fight people on their own turf or at what they are best in. Pity this sensible rationalisation chooses to iron over decades of environmental policy thought about by Ad. Pity it ignores that it took the EU whip to get PN going on things like Maghtab. Pity it ignores over 10 years of bulldozering the environment by PN. Pity the rationale behind it is so superficial.

But I am not here to tell you to vote AD. I am especially not here to tell you that if your priority is the environment the ONLY rational vote is for AD. My own priority is not the environment. It is governance and legitimacy. But I am a coward. A pussy. I will not give my number 1 choice to AD. I will not do it because I too don’t want to risk Sant in government. I will give it to the bunch of cowards who hijacked my vote. That makes me more of a coward. I will give it to them even though I know that they will not move one bit to improve that situation. SuperGonzi yes… StupidGonzi would be wishing for too much. He will wave a magic wand and suddenly become the champion of trees and fresh air but he will not change a system that will keep getting him elected so long as he has to face a band of fools in opposition.

So don’t vote for AD. Like me vote AD number 2. I am sorry for those who like Rupert who think that I ignore Labour. Labour is such a big disappointment I do not bother to talk about it. Labour is where PN is heading to. Only the PN still have a few (very few) ideas left that lets them distinguish themselves from Sant. In the battle of poor ideas they win on points after the bell has rung and the audience are knocked senseless. I gave up on Labour reform long ago. It will not happen unless there is a big mircale. A PN miracle will not happen either. We will be lumped with new apparatchiks and yes-men once the old ones are phased out. Only the new ones did not even fight the battle for freedom in the eighties… no these ones are an assorted bunch of ex-dj’s, closet homosexuals (nothing wrong in being one, just don’t endorse anti-homosexual policies), and idiots who climbed up the only greasy pole available to get to the PN top. They backed the right donkey and are almost there.

Don’t vote AD then. I suggest you vote number one for the least incompetent of the two big ones. That is how a rational vote is defined these days in the mainstream party approved media. It’s not really a choice as much as a negative appraisal. It speaks volumes about our current politics.

For the real vote, for the second ballot, the real one…. choose who your rational, intelligent conscience tells you. In this election we will keep our eyes on the number twos. We hope they go to AD everywhere. We hope they will last long enough to be seen. In the meantime we commit our real vote – the rational vote that has been hijacked and has been “loaned” to us graciously by the MLPN powermongerers to the least bumbling of the lot. So who shall it be? I’d give mine to the Green Version of Gonzi… the Incredible Hulk of 2008 but he’s not running in my district… so I’m tempted to give it to the last one to wear the green mantle… George Pullicino … the man with whom the buck of Vote George, Get XXX started… only this time I know it’s for real.

ADDENDUM: Tempted to vote for GP number 1 but essentially I will not. I need to identify the weakest link of the PN candidates in my district. He or she will get my number one vote in the hope that he gets eliminated and the AD candidate inherits my number 2 vote. For obvious reasons I cannot encourage too many 10th district voters to vote for the same PN guy as number one since this plan might backfire and we might risk another goof warming the parliamentary back benches. Sic transit gloria aelectionis.

P.S> Fausto if GP does not run in the tenth district please inform me. There’s too much europop in this bar for me to really bother checking. Anyway my number 1 vote is a token so replace GP with [member of hijacking party of choice]. And I end this post as YETI BAR (free wifi at Oz en OIsans) plays Thriller…. the best sold album ever… by the guy who barely made it out of court after accusations of kiddie-fiddling. Which goes to show that the popular choice ain’t always the biggest saint in town.


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  1. Huh, you call me a cynic just because I work the two-third mathematics for you. So here are the Nationalist candidates for the 10th:

    Arrigo Robert
    Borg Olivier Paul
    Cristina Dolores
    Dalli John
    Falzon Joseph
    Felice Donald Carmel
    Frendo Michael
    Galea Franco
    Gouder Karl
    Psaila Philip
    Pullicino George
    Rizzo Albert
    Zammit Dimech Francis

  2. Felice No. 1

  3. Tanto fumo. Niente arrosto. Peccato.

  4. Watching Bondiplus (where Bondi is not quite an impartial arbiter, to say the least). Gonzi has the gall to say that he would not consider a coalition with AD, because Harry attacked him personally (apparently). PN then bandy about Rene Rossignaud’s resignation letter in which the main thrust is that AD are risking handing MLP the government. So Dr Gonzi, does your ego dictate that you would rather have an MLP government than a coalition with AD? We’re listening and considering whether or not we should vote with gloves on our hands.

  5. Victor Laiviera

    What fiun, Fausto – you have the chance to vote for a plagiarist.

  6. I had reached your same conclusion ages ago. What the Nats are risking with their miserable campaign is to insult me so much that I change my opinion.

    That we have reached this stage shows the dire straits we are in. The Nats have been in need of a reform since the landslide defeat in 1996. That they are still hanging around with a chance to win this election shows what a disastrous state the Labour Party is in. This election should have been theirs by default. All they had to do was accept their leader’s resignation five years ago.

    Had that happened, the Nats would have been heading towards the biggest defeat in their history and AD would have elected their first MPs without difficulty.

    What the Nats should worry about is that they may win this election but they will go from zenith to the nadir very quickly.

  7. It is very sad to see intelligent people, some of them friends (or friends of friends, not intended as an insult!!) feel so threatened and ‘hostages’ in a ‘democratic’ country.

  8. Excuse me again, but with all due respect 1 Cacopardo (with AD) is worth a 1000 Rene Rossignaud’s… 30 years in the PN Carmel knows what he’s talking about and is ready to risk all.

  9. It is actually very sad to read your post, dear Ralph. It is a shameful emblem against free speech, thought and expression.

    Onore a Jacques (a friend indeed).

  10. A comment on AD; not a pleasant one to write, because I honour their good intentions. But while those good intentions don’t pave the road to hell in this case, unfortunately they seem to pave the road to nowhere.
    By most definitions I’m a green. In recent years I’ve been a paid up member of Greenpeace, WWF and Birdlife (if no longer the case it’s because I’m careless with subscriptions). I separate my waste, turn off the ignition when stuck in traffic to reduce emissions, sign petitions with the best of them, try to shop ethically, think David Attenborough is cool, even have a pair of sandals somewhere. Faced with a choice between a green and a not green option I’m usually ready to take the former even if it means some inconvenience.
    AD should be my natural home. In fact I’ve voted for them in local council elections; but never at a national one.
    The most important decision to make at the start of a campaign is the choice of battlefield. AD, a long time ago, chose a electoral one. But as election after election has shown that’s the wrong choice of battlefield. Time after time only party activists have felt able to vote for them, and it will be the same this time.
    AD fails to capitalise on all the goodwill that the many thousands like me have for their cause. But worse than that, they unwittingly do me a disservice, similar to the one Jacques is experiencing now, though he wouldn’t put it like that. When they say they stand for the environment, or for electoral reform, and yet get only a tiny proportion of the national vote they send a message that support for these causes is weak.
    Is there an alternative? Yes. A national movement of greens, a coalition – that word again – of all greens and green NGOs. People like me would sign up on day 1. With hard work and professionalism you could build up a membership of thousands; you could then negotiate with parties before an election and make them compete to take up your issues before making an endorsement. And after election day you could track progress and hold the government to account. Local Councils would also give you a chance to do some good local work too.
    Jacques wants to vote for electoral reform, but can’t vote for AD. I’d like to vote green, but I won’t be voting for AD; I’ll be voting in the way that I hope will deliver the greenest of the options actually on the table. Everyone else who shares either of these causes and who isn’t actually an AD activist will probably do the same. If that means we’re all pussies, then miaow. I’d rather call it results-based, sensible voting.
    If you do form that movement after the election I’ll be a member the next day. (But remind me when the subscription lapses…)

  11. What fiun, Fausto – you have the chance to vote for a plagiarist.

    I’m registered in the 6th. Which means that I will have even more fun not voting for John Dalli.

  12. So, basically what you are all proposing is for us to do what the PM failed to do in these four years ie change the cabinet for him. This is exactly where PM Gonzi failed miserably. The outgoing cabinet was his responsibility and he did not have the courage or political will to make any changes.

    The only long term guarantee for change in this country is to make our politicians realise that when they when they do mistakes, they will pay.

  13. Come off it Anton…yeah sure I’m stifling free speech… it seems that I have ‘powers’ to intimidate people now! paranoia and spin is the order of the day it seems.

    As for forming ‘movements’ and watching by the sides while the ‘big boys’ play ball… sorry not our cup of tea… vote for them, get lumped with them, grin and bear hux xi tridni nghidlek :))

  14. Curious incident…and just for some calm discussion…

  15. Patrick proposes that AD should back away from the electoral battlefield and form a coalition/grass roots movement with NGOs etc. He thinks that this would catch on and be able to influence the major parties. I can safely say that it will not. The only thing that puts pressure on the parties to reform and to take environmentally-friendly decisions is the possibility of losing out on votes. There are instances which illustrate this. The Ramla l-Hamra (ulysses Lodge) decision was strangely overturned (MEPA found a loophole that could have been used in other cases). The decision to extend the development zones was not. In both cases there was huge public outcry by green NGOs. The difference was that the Ulysses Lodge decision was closer to election time. This is why green movements without voting back-up have practically no influence at all in the election interim period. I can do without a government which remembers its obligations at 5 year intervals (gvern tas-sulluzzu).
    I also find it slightly arrogant to find people suggesting that other parties do not contest just so that their party’s electoral prospects are not challenged. You do not find anybody from AD suggesting that the PN or MLP guys morph into a bocci club or a grass roots movement.

  16. The PN has declared that it does not want to form a Coalition Government with AD. The PM has declared the same thing. This clip was shown on tv yesterday evening. Mr. Fenech kept insisting that the PM was not saying that, when it was evident that the PM had declared that the PN will not be forming a coalition goverment with AD.

    What are the AD afraid of? Can’t they accept a no from the PN.? Or are they afraid that now the people who were going to vote for AD will be scared that the only option for AD to raise to power is to form a coalition with MLP, and this would surely make them lose the vote of disgruntled nationlists? Was this why Mr. Fenech kept interpreting the PM’s No as a yes.

  17. Nice one Shaz. I would define this a Lorry Sant moment. Who needs thugs when a well framed law gives you a nice platform to pul the leg of those who are forced to vote for PN?

    Daphne… this is the political thinking of the 21st century in Malta. The bottom line is there and I’ll repeat it ad nauseam. A political party like PN is proud of not needing any policies to win an election. That’s what happens when the marketing department has been given too much prominence and R&D is practically at a standstill.

    Nice one again Shaz… enjoy the carcading…. I only wonder whether it is sad that should MLP win the election there will be a part of me that will think of you and others like you and rejoice that notwithstanding lal efforts you still failed.

  18. Mark: The video is only proof of what formed the chip on your shoulder against the nationalist party. It’s the sons of mummy and daddy who could not name half the capitals of Europe, could not explain why we switched to the Europe and think that Schengen is a rock group. They will turn up to yell Gonzi and Gonzi and maybe some of them will even envisage a career as a politician given the right filofax, mobile and suitcase. Nothing new under the sun. If it consoles you they undermined our work in SDM as much as they undermined anyone elses. There’s plenty of Shaz’s to go around.

    Patrick: AD have every right to contest an election and offer an alternative. PN has no right to bully them out through its gerrymandering. I will not vote AD number one (and risk the comment of Tanto fumo niente arrosto) because I disagree with their current strategy and because we have been given the hobson’s choice once again. But I do not dare tell AD not to run. That is what PN wants and if just for that I support AD’s courage to battle the MLPN strategies.

  19. Can anyone tell me why Simon Busuttil, in his double life as a press conference moderator, now stops journalists from asking questions which are not related to the subject chosen by GonziPN?

    This is exactly what the PN media used to criticise Alfred Sant about before the referendum. I seem to remember certain journalists storming out of the PC in protest.

    Well, the foot is now clearly on the other foot.

    Vote Nationalist, get Labour.

  20. Chip on my shoulder for posting a video, jahasra? Tridx timplika wkoll li jien naghga mitlufa tal-PN, li suppost ghandi DNA blu fir-realta’, u li jaqbilli nivvota PN u mhux AD biex niskongra l-babaw Laburista? Hsibtek tafni aktar, jew forsi ma tafnix…

  21. Claire, Ralph, Jacques:

    Let’s be clear – AD have the right to do whatever they like. I certainly haven’t and don’t put that into question.

    I, on the other hand, have the right to make the observation that their current strategy hasn’t worked yet after c.20 years and might usefully be revisited after the election. Making that observation in the tone I have done is not being arrogant, or trying to bully anyone. It’s fair comment.

    And I make that comment, moreover, not because I am following a party agenda, but because I share most if not all of AD’s objectives, and am frustrated that current tactics are not the optimal ones to secure their realisation.

  22. I do not know Daphne, or ever met her in person or ever spoken to her in my life. I am merely stating a point. I was one of the 22,000 and more who gave my first preference vote to Arnold Cassola in the MEP elections in 2004.

    Having said that, watching Bondi Plus last night, made me stop and think/reflect.

  23. Victor Laiviera

    You should have watched Realtà instead Shaz – that would have REALLY made you think – catch it next Sunday if you can.

  24. Patrick’s comment may be genuine, but it is the exact tactic the PN ahave used for years. It is a strategy of postponement, because they know that someday soon, the writing will be on the wall. I venture to say that its is pretty naive to expect a change of heart from the major parties re. electoral reform, expecially form the PN, who have sold us the spin that we should sacrifice our vote in order to reform Labour, en attendant Sant’s replacement. It is charitable of Pn to want to reform theier arch-enemy. I wonder expextantly what their new excuse will be once Sant’s replacement is elected…they’ll surely find another skeleton in his/her cupboard, and once agin postpone reform.

  25. Unfortunately, there are too many debates going on at the same time. Anyways, i believe that if the MLP are in government after the 8th March, 2008, they will only last for 5 years, and they are surely not convincing floaters, with their tactics. One thing for sure is that they have some cheek criticising the government on Education, no wonder they got such a bad welcome yesterday at University. I think Harry Vassallo did well too!

  26. Victor Laiviera

    Shaz, Labour’s record in education isn’t that bad – though some mistakes wre made.

    But so what? The PN were against the vote at 18 – does that mean that they can only expect votes from people of 19 or older?

    We leran from the past and move on – and that is exactly what Labour has done,

  27. I share Mark’s scepticism about PN having a change of heart. This is more so when I see the new generation of PN operatives. They are the same people who blocked an amendment that I proposed to the KSU constitution whereby there would be a run-off vote if no candidate reached a 50% threshold. Their excuse was that it would be cumbersome to have more than one round of votes. I suspect that the real reason was that they knew that (i) they would likely have a relative majority, (ii) having independent groups running would threaten their hegemony. The vote following my presentation of the amendment was quite amusing in a dark way…

    Voti favur: kull min jahseb b’mohhu u n-naghag tal-Pulse jghollu jdejhom ghalenija.

    Voti kontra: skiet; jgholli jdejh il-President tal-SDM, jgholli jdejh il-President tal-MZPN, jghollu jdejhom il-merhla Nazzjonalisti.

  28. U ejja!!!, I am going way back now when i was a form one student, attending a church school and classes were held in people’s homes.

    Not so long ago, (10 years ago) stipends were to be paid off as loans!! Din kienet ir-rih tal-bidla??

    Alfred Sant is not convincing at all – Even with journalists, he gives the brushing of the shoulder. And he has learnt from the past and moved on? I wonder
    Floaters need answers and sound proposals.

    Hopefully, for all of us, they have learnt from the past and have moved on!!

    Time only will tell!! We have to wait and see!

  29. Shaz, Gonzi has said that “coalition is not an issue”. However it is really up to the electorate to decide. If there is a scenario of PN with 32 seats, MLP with 32 seats and AD with one seat – would Gonzi pass up the chance to form a coalition then? Why would he? He would get to implement the 300 plus promises with the added benefit of AD’s consistency and credibility in the environmental field, for starters. Why eliminate the opportunity of a more consensual and synergetic form of government. the PN will always bring up the “coalitions are unstable” argument but there are loads of countries which are governed very well with coalitions. Italy is an exception – but its problem is another word beginning with “c” – “corruption” and not “coalition”.
    With regards to the MEP elections, if PN voters had not been disuaded by whispering campaigns etc not to transfer their votes to Arnold Cassola – he would have been elected instead of a Labour MEP and Malta would have had representation in the European Green Group. Yet, as always, the PN won’t even give up its No 2s in an MEP election. Are they going to want electoral reform or meaningful change? Not now, not ever.

  30. Gonzi qed jibblaffja, dak kollox…kieku jkun hemm il-bzonn ta’ koalizzjoni, tahsbu li jcedi l-gvern lill-MLP fuq principju? Nesa li kien madwar il-mejda meta lill-AD, fi zmien ir-referendum ta’ l-Ewropa, offrilhom siggu (plus il-kunsillera AD jsiru sindku) jekk l-AD ma johrogux ghall-elezzjoni?

    Almenu l-Labour f’dan il-kaz qed jghid l-affarijiet kif inuma: jekk jinqal’ kaz ta’ koalizzjoni, naraw. X’tista’ tghid ahjar minn hekk?

  31. Dear Claire,

    Obviously I am in no position to reply and give answers. With regards to your question “Would Gonzi pass up a coalition then?” with a scenario of 32-32-1 this question should be made directly to the PM and not to me. People out there do not know what is going to happen in this eventuality. I believe it is up to Alternattiva to ask questions and to disseminate this information to all, when known. When the PM was asked about forming a coliation with AD, he said No. At least this is the impression people got yesterday evening.

  32. U mhux ovvja li qed jibblaffja? Jemmnu min irid jemmnu, ghax vera kaz li trid tkun tixtieq temmen gidba sfaccata bhal din biex temminha.

    Imbaghad is-sabiha li Lou Bondi li suppost kien qed jimmodera d-diskussjoni ma halliex lil Edward Fenech jispjega l-punt li l-PM qed jghid li qed jghid ghax hekk jaqbillu; qad jinterrompih b’hafna ‘imma l-Prim Ministru mhux hekk qal’. U kumbinazzjoni l-unika persuna li ma kellhiex bzonn tigi interrotta mill-‘points of information’ tal-moderatur kienet Jason Azzopardi (PN). Jekk irridu dat-tip ta’ totaliterjanizmu psewdo-intellettwali nafu liema kaxxi ghandna nimlew fl-elezzjoni.

  33. Dear Justin,

    Hadd ma jista’ jghid ser jigri – People have to vote with open minds. Ftakkru li hemm hafna floaters, u mhux kulhadd ghandu partit. People can go vote with the better the devil you know mentality. But then again, if the PN really wanted a coaliation with AD, then i believe they would have started discussing this possibility with AD stakeholders. And after Clyde Puli’s outburst on Bondi Plus last week, is AD still willing to form a coaliation with the PN? This is what i want to know. So many questions, yet few answers. And Justin you are not in the PM’s Mind. Who knows forsi vera ma jkunx irid jaghmel coaliation and would want to be in the opposition

    For today that is enough!!!

  34. Victor Laiviera

    Shaz, let me ask you a question – you referred to the dispute about the church schools – ahev any of tyhe refoms introduced by tye Laboput Gov at the time been reversed?

    Wasn’t it the case that the principles were sound but the execution was horrible?

  35. No none of us are in the PM’s mind, but I would caution against taking everything that politicians say at face value. Do you offer Alfred Sant the same benefit?

  36. AD should have accepted Fenech Adami’s offer five years ago. If it had done so, Harry would have been Minister for the environment for at least four years (till the reshuffle), he would have showed what he can do and AD would have gained much more credibility. As every other small party in the world, AD has to flirt with one bigger party most of the time. It has not only not flirted with anyone, but harshly and continually made fun of both parties, especially the one AD knows she needs if it ever wants to be in government. That’s not the way to go for such a small party.

  37. The principle that parents had to send their children to church schools free of charge? even if they could afford to pay for their children.

    Allahares, those reforms had to be reserved…
    Local councils
    The VAT into CET
    low cost airlines
    u imbaghad hafna u-turns
    Will the MLP really ever change? Track record ta’ u-turns ghandu
    MLP give the People sound proposals tipo surcharge, why not use the polluter pays principle?

  38. Ghaziza Claire,

    Jien kont wiehed minn nies li kont qed nghin u immexxi l-kelma halli Mario Mallia jitla fil-kunsill ta’ Bkara. Kont influenti bizzejjed hemm u kuntent li, ghalkemm bi tqanziha, tela. Kont ukoll qed inqassam il-fuljetti biex jaghtu 1 lil Eddie u 2 lil Harry biex ma nsemmiex ir-referendum! Dak iz-zmien kont irrabjajt ghal dak li qal Fenech Adami u ghadni irrabjat sa issa. Madanakollu internament kulhadd kien jaf li l-principji li jhaddnu f’AD huma l-aktar vicin tal-PN.

    Niftakar kien hemm ragel li waqt li kont qed ninpustalu flyer fil-letterbox hadili u waddabili f’wicci u qalli ‘jien favur l-Ewropa!’. Kont ghidtlu li anki jien!!!!! Fil-fatt ghalhekk Harry kien qalilna biex nivvutaw 1 lil Eddie. Minn dak iz-zmien pero’ l-AD baqghet iebsa hafna sahansitra ma’ Gonzi. Issa jien nara difefrenza bejn Gonzi u Eddie (specjalment fl-ahhar parti tal-legislatura). Strategikament AD qeda tinfed sejf f’sidirha kull darba li tattakka pubblikament lil PN. Dan b’dispjacir nghidu – imma huwa ir-realta’. It-tort la hu tal- PN u lanqas hu tal-AD imma hija l-biza’ tal- MLP fil-Gvern. Darba waqt laqgha interna ta’ l-AD kont semmejtu dan il-punt u ser nerga nghidu hawn – AD ghandha isem fil-passat taghha li jorbotha ma l-MLP u l-aktar mod kif l-AD tkun tista timxi l-quddiem ghax VERA hemm postha fil-parlament hu billi titkellem mal-ewwel mal-PN, tohrog il-punti li maghhom fejn taqbel mal-PN u anki tghid fejn hi ma taqbilx u anki tisuggerixxi tibdil. Wara din il-laqgha jinhargu l-manifesti elettorali. U jekk trid tattakka hemm hafna minn fejn tattakka specjalment fuq affarijiet vagi biex ma nghidx insensati li johorgu bihom l-MLP.

    Jekk joghgbok erga’ wassal dan il-messagg tieghi lil Antiki u nies ta vera go l-AD bhal Mario Mallia u Harry Vassallo.

  39. But that is the thing Justin. At the moment you hear AD vs PN, when AD and PN should be working together and discussing coalition with the PN. Mhux tiggieldu bejnitkom – especially when the EU principle is not an issue.

    Alfred Sant – they did not commit themselves – We are used to the issa naraw wara elections mentality

  40. AD chose not to take the seat beacuse it always wanted to be chosen by the electorate.

    I guess AD in government without having been elected would have been the most ineffective coalition partner ever, as it would not have had the backing of the voters and would have been at the mercy of the PN.

    Kudos to AD for not having accepted this attempt to annihilate the party, as is the PN’s mission> It showed them its mettle a year later by tallying 23K+ votes.

  41. Another thought!!

    With whom is AD willing to form a coaliation? with MLP or PN? seeing how AD keeps attacking the PN, it seems like AD cannot forgive Eddie. People have a right to know or has AD already discussed a coalition with MLP, when seeing the MLP’s non-committed answer…

    People have a right to know before casting their vote…..

  42. AD has attacked both PN and MLP. Think surcharge, renegotiation of EU package etc. If, and I repeat if, it has attacked PN more than MLP that is to be expected because PN is the incumbent. The parties run on their own steam and then discuss coalitions post-election. Did the Christian Democrats and Socialist Democrats in Germany run on the same ticket? No, they fought tooth and nail during the election but respected the will of the electorate when the numbers in the Bundestag became clear. AD has indicated quite clearly that it would prefer to form a coalition with PN because they share some core values but they are running on a manifesto for a coalition with whichever party. This is not something out of the ordinary because nobody can predict with certainty what will happen post-election or which party will accept more of AD’s coalition proposals.

    PS two exclamation marks following ‘another thought’ make an easy target for snide remarks 🙂

  43. Victor Laiviera

    Shaz, I’m afraid that your comment reflects a lot of PN spin.

    For example, the MLP was never against Local Councils – it waas against the participation of the political parties. And the church, all the major unions, and most of civil society agreed. The PN went ahead regardless and we can all see the results. The MLP was proved 100% right on that.

    As I have said, I agree that the VAT to CET was a blunder, But you also have to take into consideration the deficit which the MLP found on taking power in 96.

    Tha MLP never promised to remove cash registers – just VAT. Anybody who thought so was fooling himself.

    Again, th MLP was never againmst low-cost airlines – it just wanted safeguards for our national airline as all sensible countries do. It was FZD who dragged his feet for years.

    As for the EU the MLP said that it should be decided by an election, whereupon it would accept the result – as, in fact, happened.

    What other U turns did you have in mind?

  44. AD has said loud and clear that, should the electoral result necessitate the formation of a coalition govt, it will ally itself with the party with whcih it reaches the greater agreement on its main points in its electoral manifesto. Harry Vassallo recently also went on record implying that a Blue-Green government is much more desirable to a Blue or Red govt alone, but that’s Vassallo’s desire, and the reality will be dtermined if and when it arises.

    I think the main question is coalition, rather then who with who. In a country with so few parties, such a choice is a luxury. On the other hand, no-onbe has ever spoken of the scenario where AD does not dtermine who makes it to government but gets elected and stays in opposition. That would be another interesting discussion.

  45. Mark, throughout its history AD never had a polished strategy come a general election. Its members hardly ever managed to articulate themselves in public (except for a few). Some of its officials continually show (even on this blog) their hatred towards the Nats, with whom now they want to make a coalition. If their only chance of being in government is in a coalition with the Nats (at least till there’s a new MLP), then, for Christ’s sake don’t keep harping against Goooonzi till the eve of the general election. It’s true that AD is a party and has to compete (the answer to RR’s resignation letter). But AD is not fighting for 33 seats but for one. And so what applies to the big parties doesn’t apply to AD. What AD has to do is to develop strong ties with the Nationalists (or with Labour, once it has changed), while at the same holding on to its own green identity. It should sound like the green-wing of one of the bigger parties. And then – just contest two or three districts – and not all of them. If their only chance of electing one candidate is from one or two particular districts, then its useless to contest on others, trying to sway votes from the party you want to make a coalition with and, thus, risking not having it elected.

  46. Being a coalition partner does not mean that you love your partner. It is not a GWU-MLP marriage but a partnership borne out of compromise and consensus, something totally lacking from Maltese politics.

    Here in Luxembourg, as the most glaring example, the goverment is a coalition of Christian Democrats and Socialists: how’s that for love and hate?

    If you still labour (no pun intended) under the illusion that AD shoud become best buddies with the PN and refrain from attacking them, then you have got the political nous and depth of Rene’ Rossignaud. Enjoy Labour!

  47. Mark – minn fommok ‘l Alla! PN fil-gevrn u AD oppozizjoni jew vice versa. Jien ma naqbilx meta jsir diskors fuq ghax il-germanja ….. Mhux ghax mhux interessanti ta’ imma ghaax ir-realta’ ta’ Malta hija differenti. Il-hasra li nara jien hu li l-AD u l-PN ma jiftehmux minn qabel l-elezzjoni biex itellghu gvern bejniethom. L-ewwel haga tkun forza li l-MLP ma jiflahx ghaliha. 2. Hemm hafna art komuni, imma fejn ma tantx jaqblu jkunu ta’ riegni ghal xulxin u jkollna l-ahjar miz-zewg dinjiet specjalment meta nitkellmu fuq zvilupp sostenibli ecc.

    Il-gwaj hu li dan id-diskors ma jsirx minn qabel u l-elettorat ma jkunx jaf x’jista jigri. Hawnhekk tihol il-biza fuq l-MLP. Hija sfortuna ghax hemm bzonn AD ukoll fil-parlament.

  48. Victor,
    What about the partnership? li il-partnership rebah? dik kienet l-isbah!! and Now they are all for Europe.. Non-committed on divorce, no-committed on coaliation. Darba Gonzi ghal li if the people want divorce he is willing to discuss…
    U-turn fuq il-local councils participation of political parties –

    With regards MLP, alfred Sant is not credibile and i believe that disgruntled nationalist people or floaters will not be voting for MLP this time round as people did in 1996 – when PN supporters turned their votes to MLP.

  49. Sometime last week in one of the many television debates, i heard an Ad representative saying that Ad have the possibility of electing 4 members of parliament. In this scenario, 32-31- 4 will AD be stronger?

  50. Victor Laiviera

    Shaz, it is a fact that many constitutional experts are of the opinion that the decision to join the EU was unconstitutional without a 2/3 majoruty either in parliament or in the referendum. I think that is what Sant was referring to, and his words were spun into something else by the PN. But that is a closed chapter now.

    As for participation in local concil elections, what else could they do? They tried for years to respect the people’s wish that councils be free from partisan politics – but the PN refused to play. In the end, the MLP HAD to participate – and started playing the game better than the PN which wha=t really bugs them I think,

  51. With regards to the Debate at university yesterday, Dr. Harry Vassallo got his share of applause from the university students.

    But then again, i think he made students and peoplea fraid when he mentioned that AD in coaliation could make the government dissolve re: the golf course.

    if this is the 32-32-1 scenario – this is frightening to say the least

    This scares floaters big time !!!

  52. Imma x’tippretendi Shaz, li partit ambjentalista jaccetta li jippartecipa fl-isfregju tal-ambjent? Qed jghid dawn l-affarijiet minn qabel u l-partiti l-kbar jafu li jekk iridu l-golf courses ikollhom jiffurmaw gvern bejniethom f’kaz li jkun hemm tlett partiti fil-Parlament, jew ikun hemm gvern ta’ minoranza li jkollu jiftiehem mal-partiti l-ohra minn kaz ghall-iehor (li taf tkun haga tajba jekk tithaddem bhan-nies). L-alternattiva hija li l-izghar partit fi gvern ta’ koalizzjoni jaccetta kulma jrid il-partit l-iehor.

  53. Saviour Balzan

    What was even far more worrying was the juicy bait laid out in Xarabank by Joe Azzopardi for Dr Michael Falzon.

    Joe aka Peppi asked Dottor Michael Falzon if he would consider a coalition with the Greens and Michael trying once again to be educated and middle of the road, said he would not repeat what Francis Zammit Dimech had just stated, he would not rule out a coalition.

    Which was exactly what the PN was hoping Falzon would say.

    That is: Give the impression that the MLP will bind themselves in a coalition with the Greens, hoping that disgruntled Nationalists who had thought they would flock to AD would suddenly put their feet on their ABS.

    Once again, I am lost for words. How stupid can Labour get? Or to be precise, how naive can Falzon get?

    Anyone who knows the Greens will tell you that they are as close to Labour as Simon Busuttil is close to giving up his MEPs wage and donate it to the Little Sisters of poor. But the Nationalists have managed to convince several angry PN people that the Greens are truly in bed with Labour.

  54. U għal min nesa…tiftkaru l-hard time li taw il-Labour lil Cassola dwar il-passpaort? U kemm l-AD stinkat biex isemma leħinha favur l-Ewropa?


    The latest Malta Today survey. I’m a bit skeptic about surveys … they usually show a lot of no replies, and the scientific way in which they are carried out is doubtful. However it is interesting to note a 9.3% swing from MLP to PN and only a 1.4% swing vice-versa, with some 2-3% of the electorate opting for AD. If indeed that is the case, that is enough to topple the scales in favour of MLP. These were the results of the 2003 elections:

    PN 51.8%
    MLP 134,092 47.5%
    AD 0.7%

    And, quoting Daphne … 45% of the electorate would vote for MLP even if their leader is a talking parrot or a prancing chimp.

  56. Sorry, I meant PN to MLP in the above post.

  57. That is the thing – Labour if i am correct want to build two golf courses, the Gonzi PN government, made a u-turn on the Xaghra l-Hamra Golf Course. So how can AD want to form a coaliation with these two parties, i don’t know! – then there is the surcharge… AD’s polluter pays principles make sense, but then both the PN and MLP’s stand on surcharge is not in-line with AD. And this is what makes me wonder re: a coaliation Government with AD with both parties when they are not agreeing with these principles!!! Surely a coaliation Government set against these principles will bring political turmoil to Malta. Can Malta afford another political party in Government playing with an AD seat, and a dissolvation of government after say another two years?

  58. Sorry again, another misinterpretation of mine, 9.3% of previous PN voters will vote MLP. That means around 4.5% of the electorate. In any case, that’s still quite a hefty shift.

  59. ok got the point Mark.

    Have to go now – thankyou for allowing me to express my concerns with you.

  60. Just to clarify things. If the electoral result is 32 – 32-1, then it would be up to the parties to negotiate a coalition. AD has been clear about what its priorities for a coalition are – they are published and have been presented to the media. As for criticism of the PN/MLP – do you expect a political party to gag itself in the hope that a major party will pity it and link itself up? Please note that the criticism was never personal or baseless

  61. Claire, you are only allowed to criticize in between elections. come election day you have to shut up and do as big brother says

  62. I am trying to gauge who will win the next election. At the moment I still think that the MLP is in the lead, with PN catching up. I don’t believe PN can even hope for an absolute majority. It never won the absolute majority of votes with a very large margin, and after the worst 5 years in 20 years, I believe that a relative majority is the best one can hope for the PN. I also believe that there is a silent but considerable swing from PN to MLP. But these people are not making themselves heard. Most of them would rather keep their opinions to themselves, lest a PN goverment rules the country again. But these are pale blue Nationalists who want to teach the PN a lesson. In fact, as a pale blue/floating voter myself I do feel slightly insulted that only now has it dawned on the PN that I have a vote. It seems to have forgotten so in the past 4 years. And now I think I understand what Harry Vassallo meant in his last article on the Malta Independent, that a PN can only win with AD. I think he’s right. Only AD can hope to attract these disgruntled voters. Yet PN has shut the doors for coalition. If PN manages to win in these conditions, then it would have made a really remarkable feat.

  63. Hi Rupert , you are right. The most vociferous critics of government are curiously silent as soon as the election campaign commences. I dont hold with this point off view – the pen might be mightier than the sword, but the vote beats them all.

  64. What you fail to understand Claire is that being objective about a party, and crtisizing it, (something which all citizens of a decent IQ are capable of doing), does not automatically qualify the oher parties for that person’s vote.

    When a person casts his vote, it is not only a vote against a party, but it is a vote for another party and its political manifesto. If MLP and AD are not doing as well as they think they are entitled to, then it shows that despite all the messes the PN has put itself in, they still are not appealing enough to win all the disgruntled voters. Quite frankly, if come-election time, AD constanly gets less than 5% of the vote , it can’t just stay there screaming foul at the other 2 big parties without even thinking of carrying out some healthy self criticism.

    Now…I was one of those who voted for AD during the EU paliamentary elections. I did not do it just because I was fed up with PN, but I did it because what AD was proposing made sense. I did it because I hoped that with a good showing at those elections, Ad would pick up on the momentum it had picked, and turn into a papable (I doubt if this word exists in the Enlish language..if not..I just created it), electable party. It was for all intents and purposes a wasted vote. Not only did AD manage not to elect Arnold Cassola (in spite of the fact that at the time the PN was in shambles, and the MLP had just came out of a huge rethink (for lack of a better word) of its position on the EU), but Cassola jumped on the first plane available to land himself a decent monthly pay cheque at the Italian paliament. He was of course fully entitled to do so, but now AD can’t continue painting themselves as not being opportnist politicians, like most of the rest.

    Also…how can we take AD seriously, when it doesn’t take seriously itself. Which party just discusses 3-4 issues, and even worse, which party fields just one or two candidates per district?

    Also…please, at least acknowledge the fact that in most areas this country is in better shape than ever before, I’m mostly referring to economy, education, finances and tourism. Other areas (good governance, value for money, and to put it mildly, the-doing-away-with of some rather grossly misguided ministers)…are doing disastrously. If anyone can’t at least acknowlegde these simple facts, then any argument he puts forward here cannot be taken seriously.

    Parting shot: How cowardly it is of Cassola to lobby for an election reform, when the only way he was able to be elected into the Italian Parliament was by making use of Italy’s deeply corrupt electoral system…namely..he was basically elected even though no one specifically voted for him.

  65. As the elections approach, all of this sounds increasingly like a debate on how many angels can dance on a pin-head. It’s a bit like a closed discussion in a bunker, fed by the misconception that a coalition government is (1) a desirable objective rather than a necessary evil and (2) that what we are discussing here is an issue of national importance that exercises the minds of thousands of people. It isn’t. There are 300,000 electors out there who are quite happy to keep right on voting for the Nationalists and the Labourites. It is those who are making the assumption that they are wrong in doing so, and in not choosing ‘coalition’ ,who are truly the arrogant ones.

    Please accept the fact that AD fares badly in general elections and not in local council or MEP elections because in general elections, most people are aware that what they are choosing is a government and a prime minister, and not just MPs.

    Mark, I have noted your repeated attempts to do the Labour Party’s job and promote Super One’s footage of my son being harassed by three Labour Party cameramen – footage that in typical Labour fashion was presented as an attack on the cameramen, rather than an attack BY them. I was there myself once – attacked by a policeman and then arrested and taken to court for attacking him. Yes, indeed, nothing has changed with Labour. You either say you love them, keep quiet or get out.

    I have also noted your attempt at promoting’s article, in which I was described as attacking and threatening journalists when I deliberately refrained from opening my mouth, despite a solid half-hour of harassment under three cameras a foot away from my face – because I knew that this is precisely what they wanted, and what they had been dispatched to get. My son, being 19 and without this experience, did what I felt like doing myself, and told them to fuck off. At that age, what would you have said – “Move along, gentlemen, please”? At least he held back from giving the matching salute. At that age, I know I wouldn’t have been able to. I find it hard to understand how you can take at face value when my 42-year-old sister was described as “a young student”. Maybe I should introduce her to Jason Micallef, who will assume that she has had extensive plastic surgery (she hasn’t; it’s our DNA).

    Having been raised in a democratic environment, and not under Labour like I was, it never occurred to Paul that the footage of a 19-year-old private citizen would be used by a major political party trying to form a government to intimidate, through its broadcast, Internet and print media, a newspaper columnist who that political party regards in the Stalinist manner as Public Enemy No. 1 – by harassing her son. Fortunately, he has now experienced what I have only told him about, and which he barely believed.

    This is sinking about as low as you can get, and let’s leave aside the very serious matter of a giant political party that seeks to harass and intimidate a lone newspaper columnist because she criticises them and they can’t handle criticism. Do you understand the implications here, for freedom of expression? Can you grasp the fact that it is wholly unacceptable to hound and harass a young man because his mother is a columnist who criticises the Labour Party?

    To make matters worse, AD is doing Labour’s job and circulating the video link by email. Maybe what we have here is not MLPN but MLPAD. And this is the very same AD that a few days ago was kicking up a stink because the government ‘used’ Harry Vassallo’s son – who is a dependent child and not an autonomous adult like mine. Aside from the fact, of course, that I am not a politician and Harry is.

    Instead of circulating a video link that invades the privacy of a private person hounded by a political party because of his mother’s political preferences and ability to express them, and an article that is full of lies and half-truths, what you should be doing is asking yourself this: when there were four political party leaders on the stage, why were the three Labour cameramen filming and photographing a newspaper columnist in the audience, and hounding her son? Maybe there you have the answer as to why thousands of people will be voting against Labour out of fear – yes fear – as well as out of genuine belief in the Nationalist Party. I didn’t realise that, as a liberal, you were in favour of the harassment of journalists by large political party machines and the hounding of their offspring by the party broadcast media. Some liberal.

    Jacques: your snide comments embarrass you and do little to maintain our friendship. My son, who incidentally has a name, and it’s Paul, is anything but a ‘mummy’s boy’. He has had a working mother since birth, is more adept at fending for himself than many men (and women) three times his age, and has lived alone overseas in difficult circumstances at the age of 18, which is rather more than any of you here ever did, I imagine. And as for not being able to name the capitals of Europe, he is a geography honours student with straight As and will almost certainly be working in an environmentally-related field while you are all talking about the environment and doing something else (like translating in Luxembourg, Mark). Because he has had a liberal upbringing and an even more liberal education, as opposed to the rigid Catholic indoctrination that many of you here seem to be rebelling against, he is remarkably free of shoulder-chips and teenage angst, which is why he was able to sit in a university auditorium with his mother and aunt without feeling that his manhood was somehow compromised. I can say with certainty that he will not grow up to be an AD activist.

  66. Daphne, I’m sure J’Accuse wasn’t referring to your son. For me its abundantly clear that he was referring to those who did not have your child’s upbringing (including the living overseas in very difficult circumstances) and who were showing what Maltese university students are made of.

  67. Victor Laiviera

    Daphne is being disingenuous. The ONE cameras were not focussing on her son but on her – and legitimately so, as a major media person known for her antagonism top Sant listening to him talk – what news man wouldn’t’ want to get a shot?

    Perhaps Daphne could tell why she was there – being neither a Uni student nor an academic.

    And it’s pretty obvious from the clip who abused who.

  68. I am saddened by what I have just read. The Guardian hailed 2007 the year the world woke up, environmentally speaking. I guess they meant the world minus that little island in the Mediterranean where people in 2008 go on thinking that ecology is nothing but hippies and flower power. I am sorry, I really don’t mean to be condescending and I don’t really have a political axe to grind either – I am not interested in party politics. But I simply fail to understand how the environment can fail to be a priority for you, Rene. For anyone. It is no longer about “trees and clean air” fullstop, as you certainly appreciate. It is about life itself … Perhaps our politicians should pay a visit to the new oncology ward and ask a specialist why the number of leukaemia, lung and skin cancer patients among others is constantly on the increase. Perhaps they should read the theses that have been written by students at the very University of Malta about the impact of the power stations on human health. Perhaps a serious scientific study about Maghtab could finally be published in a national paper. For the sake of transparency, a feature of democacy our dear leaders never seem to have grasped. And will anyone ever do something about those horrid buses? Haven’t they spewed enough poison into our air? I fail to understand how people in Malta can go accepting a situation that is clearly unacceptable. I admire your pragmatism, but honestly, how can you give your vote to a party with such a disastrous environmental record (not to mention the corruption, the derelict hospital Maltese people were made to endure for all these years before the new one finally opened its doors, the anti-divorce-anti-abortion-anti-homosexual policies, etc.)? A party that spent one million liri to buy sand from Jordan (sand!) but claimed Maltese citizens were being cheeky when they demanded better health care?! You say you can see beyond their recent greenwashing, yet you will give them your vote. Well, what can I say, make sure you wear gloves when you do so … Toi, tu accuses, moi je reve. I dream of a cleaner, healthier and more responsible Malta. I vote green.

  69. Daphne, since Jacques is probably busy skiing, I’ll try to explain what I think that he meant and he can correct me if I’m wrong. When Jacques was president of KSU there was a voxpop in which a bunch of university students were caught out for not knowing any basic geography. As I recall you had commented about that in article in whatever paper you used to write in at teh time. It is not Jacques’ style to be snide about people’s children and I suggest that everyone drop the subject now – a 19 year old boy/man lost his cool when his privacy was being invaded – is that going to make anyone vote otherwise than they would have? Let him be. He does not pen Daphne’s articles, is not running for office and has been exposed to far more attention than he should be subjected to. It is not always easy to have parents in the public eye and this is utterly unfair to him. I can’t give a toss about Daphne being ridiculed hounded or otherwise, but her son Paul has nothing to do with this.

  70. Oh, for God’s sake, Victor – shut up. It’s like having a tedious stalker. (1) the cameras were there for the express purpose of harassing me (2) when they were unable to get what they want from me, they rounded on my son (3) I was there because I write a newspaper column about political and social issues, and part of this is involving myself in public life. Perhaps you expect me to write a description about the university event without having been there? Your line of reasoning is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with the Maltese mindset: only go to watch the four political leaders at the university if you are a university student. Apparently, taking an interest in events comes a close 210th in the list of an old-school socialist’s priorities, just after questioning events in the 209th place.

    From the video clip, what is VERY obvious is that Paul is rising from his seat to ward off aggression from cameramen hovering above us. Perhaps you should ask yourself what the cameramen were doing towards the centre-back of the auditorium hovering over three seats, when all the action was right down in front on the stage. I am not ‘a major media person’ – that would be an actress or singer. I write for the newspapers, and therefore ‘free speech’ implications come into play. I wonder how your great leader would feel were three NET news cameras to be trained relentlessly on Marta Sant until she cracked. We’d probably have Mary doing some drama queen act with il-mexxej taghha raining down fire and brimstone, and all the Sant’s-bottom-licking columnists in the English-language newspapers calling foul. Perhaps I should run along and train a couple of cameras on your son Nestor, just because his father is a ‘big blog personality’?

    You and your lot never change. You will never know the meaning of common decency and you will never be able to take criticism. The only reason you are in this blog in the first place is to defend your friend Fred’s insane policies. Go ahead. You’re on your own in that. “I didn’t know we’re here to talk about referendums? Let’s talk about government corruption instead.” “Irrispondi!” “We don’t believe in referendums. We believe in general elections.” And to an audience of kids that he tried to keep out of Europe: “Do you want change?” “No! Boooooo!” What a twit. He belongs in Beano.

  71. Daphne, the video is there for public consumption, as are your articles and blog posts on Alfred Sant scowling outside San Girgor. I was not circulating it, but posting it, as one does in blogs, which you seem to have discoverd only recently, and in which you think your bullying swagger can intimidate and bow people into submissioon. I fact I thought that your kid did a good thing as he stood up to what he deemed as an abuse of his privacy. So kudos to him. I have no interest in performing some smear campaign or witch-hunt: it’s not my style, and as I told you before, its not all about YOU.

  72. Been following this blog & the Times replies the whole day and all I have to say is this: Ms. Caruana Galiza, stop defending your son and let him defend himself. He’s an adult, no?

    About the rest, I believe PN’s attack on AD is tactical (scaring PN traditional voters from voting AD) and that if the occasion arises, I believe Gonzi will be more than happy to make a coalition with AD in order to continue implementing his political vision.

  73. Not that anyone needs to defend anyone here..but Mark used to teach me in a Catholic School…I don’t remember him being particularly dogmatic on faith.

    Also…what’s this that your son will be working for the environment while others are just criticizing? Can’t you criticize restaurants without opening one? Can’t you criticize politics without contesting elections? If not….have you been contesting elections without our knowing?

    Also…what has the fact of people going to Catholic schools got to do with all this? Fine a decision you took for your children is better than the decisions other lesser mortals took for theirs…sai che notizia

  74. I share Mark’s scepticism about PN having a change of heart. This is more so when I see the new generation of PN operatives. They are the same people who blocked an amendment that I proposed to the KSU constitution whereby there would be a run-off vote if no candidate reached a 50% threshold. Their excuse was that it would be cumbersome to have more than one round of votes. I suspect that the real reason was that they knew that (i) they would likely have a relative majority, (ii) having independent groups running would threaten their hegemony. The vote following my presentation of the amendment was quite amusing in a dark way…

    Voti favur: kull min jahseb b’mohhu u n-naghag tal-Pulse jghollu jdejhom ghalenija.

    Voti kontra: skiet; jgholli jdejh il-President tal-SDM, jgholli jdejh il-President tal-MZPN, jghollu jdejhom il-merhla Nazzjonalisti.

    Take courage, Justin. Way back in 1996 SDM managed to scuttle STV as the electoral system for electing the KSU. STV worked fine: there was no significant “wasted” quotas as the whole student body was trated as one “electoral district”. SDM managed to push through the first-past-the-post system where the same constituency votes for the different posts. Meaning that SDM would need only a relative majority of support to take over all posts directly elected with some token representation for everyone else.

    The SDM President at the time was JRZ. I’d say after all these years he’s seen the light.

  75. Daphne, without trying to minimize the trouble you’ve been through because of Labourites … I still a kiddo in those times and the gravity of the situation in that period is something which I can only just imagine through what I read … does it occur to you that maybe NOW … period 2003-2008 … people have sufferred or feel fooled, even though maybe to a lesser extent (but if it wasn’t, the PN governments would have been useless), because of the current PN administration. Being sidelined because of not being hardcore Nats, being helpless in the face of corruption at the workplace, being discriminated by MEPA, having an uncertain future job situation (e.g. Dockyard workers … and yes a good 25% are traditional Nationalists), are hunters and feel they have been taken for a ride (and this I’m saying even though I have no sympathy for the latter), well I’m sure the list is endless … I have to say AS has been crafty enough to put his finger in open wounds, even though he doesn’t look very promising as an alternative leader. And the PN has not shown much remorse on these matters. As the situation is right now, the maximum the PN can probably hope for is a relative majority. Not even Eddie ever exceeded 52%. I am aware that for you and others, the eighties is still an open wound. But I believe it should also occur to you that today, in 2008, there probably are even fresher wounds. And the election is not just about a portion of the electorate, but about the whole country. What about walking in other people’s boots for a minute? I think this divisory attitude and irresponsible political spin which churns nothing but political hatred (and I am sure, MLP supporters are as guilty as PN ones on this) is more damaging to the island than any 5-year Sant administration could ever be. Isn’t the island small enough to have to divide it further?

  76. Victor Laiviera

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  77. Victor Laiviera

    Well said, Gold Roast

  78. Fausto, to be honest I defended the first past the post system when I was at university, both when I was chairperson of SDM and after I resigned because my executive had accepted PN funds. We reasoned that KSU was a union where people should be elected to a specific post. NB policy is made by the Commissions in KSU, not the executive. The amendment that I proposed was intended to refine the system by introducing a 50% threshold, not to replace with STV. I did consider having two ballots, one in which a policy-making body would be elected by STV, while the executive would remain elected by the same system (with the 50% threshold) but I knew that would be a non-starter in terms of winning support at an AGM. In retrospect I’m not sure that I was right to support the first past the post system, but I’m afraid that cannot be undone now.

  79. We reasoned that KSU was a union where people should be elected to a specific post.

    And was there any compelling reason aside from the fact that it advantages SDM?

  80. Kont ukoll qed inqassam il-fuljetti biex jaghtu 1 lil Eddie u 2 lil Harry biex ma nsemmiex ir-referendum!

    Isma’ din l-AD fl-2003 qalet lill-partitarji biex jaghtu l-1el preferenza lin-Nazzjonalista meta se naqtugha ladarba m’hix vera? Fl-2003, fl-ghazla bejn l-interessi tal-pajjiz u tal-partit l-AD marret ghat-tieni ghazla u setghet tellfitilna l-Ewropa. Fic-cirkostanzi, dak li qaltlek dik il-persuna kien korrett.

  81. Well it didn’t always favour SDM at Junior College and they supported it there (even though I had actually helped Pulse try to amend the system after I quit SDM). The reasoning was that it was more efficient to have people contesting on a manifesto for a specific job, and it did work to some extent because teams were built with specific skills in minds, as opposed to having a dozen wannabe presidents. The Social Policy (cioe kull politika li m’hijiex akkademika) Commission then included representatives of every student organisation. That being said, in practice the system disenfranchises a huge chunk of the university’s population and can deny students the opportunity to work closely with people that they would not otherwise associate with. On a balance we probably were wrong.

  82. L-ahhar haga dwar il-KSU ghax konvint li kwazi hadd m’hu interessat: il-kummissjonijiet jellegu rapprezentanti fl-ezekuttiv u li huma responsabbli lill-kummissjonijiet, mhux lill-ezekuttiv. Fl-ezekuttiv li kont fih jien, kemm jien u l-kummissarju l-iehor ikkontestajna kontra kandidati li kellhom is-support tal-SDM.

  83. Faust, int tridha hobla u tredda’, bhal Rene’ Rossignuad u l-PN. Tistennew li partit ma jahdimx ghall-voti tieghu;

    Fl-2003, l-AD qalu dak li dejjm qalu u li jghid kull partit: ivvutali 1. Imma qalu wkoll li minhabba l-Ewropa, qalu lin-nies, tina 2 jekk thossok skomdu, tant li kellhom billboard b’Harry Vassallo u l-kitba li tghid It-Two Jghodd Ukoll. It-tama kienet li l-AD jippruvaw itellgu jew jakkwistaw xi xofrm ta’ rizultat bil-vot mirut milli bil-vot dirett.

    Tant hu hekk, tqassmu l-fuljett b’1 EFAu 2 HV fid-distrett ta’ Bkara ecc. Dan sar, jekk qed niftqkqr sew, jew il-Hamis bil-lejl jew il-Gimgha stess, u l-PN lahqu saru jafu, u EFA kien ghamel il-famuza kwarta panigierku kontra l-vot AD.

    L-AD qalu lit-TWO jghodd ukoll, anki fl-ispots TV, u teghu l-enfazi fua preferenzi li mhux il-one.

    Mghandniex xi nghidu, anki did-darba it-TWO jghodd ukoll.

  84. As a father of four children and a Canadian resident since Iwas 17(on my own too) I think that Dafnay made a big mistake bringing all that attention on her son. She did not have to be there, her son doesn’t need a babysitter, if he could live abroad by himself he can go to a political debate by himself. I just hope that nothing happens to the kid because of this incident, but if anything does happen she only has herself and her big ego to blame.

  85. Hallina Mark, ghax filwaqt li tipprova tghatti dak li ghamet l-AD fl-2003 qed tkompli thawwad.

    Qassamtu fuljett il-Gimgha? Minn meta ‘l hawn partit jikkampanja l-gurnata ta’ qabel l-elezzjoni?

    Il-Hamis bil-lejl? Il-meeting tal-Luxol spicca fil-ghaxija u ghalkemm EFA kellu hafna kwalitajiet tajbin (u ohrajn anqas tajbin) li jaqra l-futur ma kienx wiehed minnhom.

    U jekk fl-2003 talbu t-2 minhabba l-UE din id-darba habba x’hiex qed jitolbuh?

    Li nista’ nzid izjed huwa li, jekk dan il-fuljett verament jezisti, tellghuh online. S’issa l-unika haga online li sibt jien hija l-istqarrija mahruga mill-AD dakinhar u li fiha jitolbu l-1, it-2 u kwalunkwe haga ohra li votant jista’ jaghti minghajr skruplu li din tista’ tipperikola s-shubija ta’ Malta fl-UE.

  86. Just one thing ,I was there at Sir TemiZammit hall yesterday,I was disgusted with those few arrogant and stupid organized students.It should have been a civil debate, different opinions should have been respected
    there where even some non students(i mean adult invited persons) booing and contesting .HarryVassallo,,Josie Muscat and Alfred sant
    i voted PN last time ,i was undecided till yesterday afternoon for next 8th march.
    that scene yesterday made me decide to vote MLP.
    Maybe those stupid , organized and used students made a favour to AS and MLP after all

  87. mela Wed or Thurs…xi haga hekk. ezista l-fuljett (facsimile tal-polza tal-vot)…qed jghidlek l-iehor ukoll..min jaf x’sar minnu…imma ver ezista…din se tkun il-prova biex temmen allura?

    illum qed jitolbu l-1 l-AD ovvjament, izda kulhadd jaf, li t-two jghodd ukoll

  88. Wal Cate, deciding to vote for a party because of that incident only is really mature and intelligent. Keep it up and be proud of it, mi raccomando………..

  89. l-ahwa…ghal min ghadu mqajjem u min se jaqra ghada…harget l-ahbar li sar xi theddid dwar bomba ma’ dar Daphne….nahseb l-irgulija u t-tolleranza kbira li ntweriet minn hafna minnha fuq dan il-blogg titlob li nuru solidarjeta’ u nistmerru atti fahxin bhal dawn.

    naf li mhux se niehu grazzi (mhux ghax nistennih) u forsi tigi interpretata mod iehor…imma se nissogra nkun l-ewwel wiehed li jesprimi din is-solidarjeta’ ma’ Daphne

  90. My solidarity with Daphne on this.

    I deplore any form of violence, psychological or physical.

  91. Mi associo.

  92. Victor Laiviera

    I deplore evey form of violence too. Just as I deplore Daphne’s attempt to pin this ALLEGED bomb plot on the MLP. Is is vile – just like her writing.

    Get wise, guys – don’t be so gullible.

  93. mela hadd m’ghandu xoghol ghada? kulhadd mqajjem. l-istudent tal-ligi well fed? id-dottore m’ghandu hadd b’deni ta’ ziemel icempillu f’nofs ta’ lejl?.

  94. istja Vic…back to the bloody drawing board…

  95. Faccio le corna…………

  96. Mamma mia, Victor, taci che e` meglio e piu` saggio………

  97. Victor, don’t make such allegations unless you have proof. And that does not just hold for you … it holds for whoever is making premature statements.

    I hope that all party leaders will deplore any form of violence, and urge their supporters to remain calm. Which further sustains my argument why insemination of hatred is to be abhorred as it doesn’t mean good news. Why do electoral campaigns always have to be like this?

  98. Victor Laiviera

    Come-on Anton – isn’t it just tooooo convenient coming just in time to divert attention away from the orgy of hate and intolerance during the Uni debate?

  99. Victor Laiviera

    Gold, if Da[phne can try to pin this on the MLP without proof, why cannot I express my doubts about how genuine it is?

  100. Victor … id-diplomazija mhux il-forte tieghek hux?

  101. Victor, ahjar tiehu l-parir tat-tabib.

    Mark, grazzi tal-inizzjattiva.

  102. Victor Laiviera

    Not whren straigh-talking is required, no. And this is such a case.

  103. Victor Laiviera

    Whici is what, Justin?

  104. Vic, sarlek il-hin…

  105. ‘taci che e` meglio e piu` saggio’

  106. Nies, araw din u ghiduli hemmx tixbih qawwi ma’ certi waqtiet tad-diskussjonijiet recenti taghna

  107. Good one Mark.

  108. Victor Laiviera

    I think I’ll take yur advice and go to bed.

    In the meantimne, why not hear the other bell as well? It is more harmonious that way.

  109. Thank you very much, Mark, for your much appreciated gesture. As for Victor, he is quite obviously in denial, but then I am not surprised given that he didn’t ‘see’ any of the corruption and violence that took place during 1971 to 1987. That was all a bunch of lies and rumours spread about by vicious enemies of the state, and the violence was committed by Nationalist agents so that Labour would get the blame. When I read what Victor writes, it brings it all echoing back: people planting bombs outside their own homes so that il-Laburisti would get the blame; Nationalist supporters shooting at each other at mass meetings or covering themselves in fake blood for the photographs….

    And now here’s Victor with his ALLEGED bomb threat and his coincidence that it happens now. It wasn’t a bomb threat, Victor. It was a report made to Police HQ that two individuals were planning to place a bomb at my home, and the report gave the names, which is why the police were able to pick up these men for questioning and obtain warrants to search their homes. And it’s also why there are now two police officers in a car outside our house, changing on shifts round the clock. Oh, let’s see – I did it all myself for a laugh: drove to a phone-box at Paola from Bidnija at 6.30am, put on a man’s voice, did my research into the names and addresses of two actual criminals, then rushed back home to wait for the police to call at 7am. You’re just unbelievable. And I suppose you are now going to say that I set fire to my own home and nearly killed my own sons two years ago, just so that the racists would get the blame, right?

    It wasn’t a coincidence that it happened after the Super One victimisation of me and my son, Victor. It was BECAUSE of it. Just as there were all those arson attacks on people who spoke in favour of correct treatment of immigrants two years ago (including me) because right-wing organisations like Viva Malta, Imperium Europa and ANR (remember them?) were inciting hatred against us by name on their on-line forums and in public meetings. And need I remind you why the Allied Newspapers building was burnt down? Because your hero Mintoff incited a mob. Or why the Curia was ransacked, and also the law courts, and various shops along the way? Because your other hero KMB incited another mob. Or do you not know the meaning of the word incitement? As Vince Collins here seems to understand (seems like a fake person to me, but that’s just my gut instinct) ‘something might happen” to my son as a result of all this coverage. The difference is that, like you, he’ll blame me if that something happens – because, you know, it’s my fault for having the temerity to express my opinions about the Labour Party. How dare I? Vote Labour, get a gag.

    Anton, I would completely ignore posts from people like ‘Wal Cate’. The elves in Sant’s grotto are hard at work again. First they churned out identikit letters to The Times and The Malta Independent, then when I noticed and pointed it out, they stopped. And now here they are, back again, churning out identikit posts on this blog and beneath The Times on-line story about the university debate? Some dead give-aways are the fact that they all follow the same pattern: I was disgusted at the shameful behaviour of those students wasting our money on stipends – is this the way our so-called elite should behave – having seen that performance I realise it is time for a change – I was a Nationalist/floater/unsure but now I realise I must vote Labour. Other dead giveaways? The inability to string a coherent sentence together, very childish language, non sequiturs, and the best clue of all – ‘tolerance’ and ‘intolerance’ spelt as ‘tollerance’ and ‘intollerance’ in many of the posts. Even in its on-line and blog campaigning, the Labour Party is thoroughly amateurish. For a start, the Labourites only entered the blog discussion/Times on-line two weeks into the electoral campaign, and instead of real people with real views we have elves and…..Victor Laiviera. Very convincing.

  110. Deafnie m’ghandhiex ghalfejn tinkwieta dwar il-bombi. L-ebda terrorist mhu se jersaq lejn id-dar taghha. Kull ma trid taghmel hija tabella “Fuck Off” bir-ritratt ta’ binha ta’ 19-il sena cittadin komuni bi dritt ghall-opinjoni tieghu li gie intimidat mill-media laburista.

    Solidarjeta`? Dwar x’hiex? Dwar bniedem li cempel lill-pulizija ghax qal li hemm pjan ta’ theddida ta’ bomba u semma xi ismijiet????? Instabet il-bomba? Issa Lowell kien ukoll?….eh iva…llum ma kien hemm l-ebda BBQ pjanat.

    Is-solidarjeta’ tmur lit-tfal, nisa u rgiel ta’ l-Iraq li bil-bombi qed imutu tassew u mhux dal-hara ta’ motivazzjoni politika partiggjana servili ghal alla taghha.

    Ma vaffanculo! Bullshit and crap. Daphne, Peppi, Pablo, Lou, Bocca, Montesin snr. and jnr., Fader Gowi u Joe Saliba MORRU TNEJJKU KOLLHA!…jekk tridu li l-MLP jaghmel rebha storika, komplu izzattu. Karl u Romina jonqsu ghac-cirasa fuq il-krema.

    Aqtghuli santissima kurzita’: Dan il-blog ta’ Jacques Rene Zammit, l-Ghawdxi li kien ragel li hallasli Kinnie u Twistees, jew sar il-blog ta’ Deafnie?

    Daphne mur prova fit-Times ghal blogs kontra l-laburisti.

    Ara kemm qieghed sew jien! Ghandi vot u ma nafx x’se naghmel bih.

    Daphne, tista’ tifhem li jiena ma nistax nivvota l-MLP habba nies bhalek u Montesin u WE? haqq ghal primadonna? Tistghu izzulu miz-zobb ta’ nofs?

    Skuzani Jacques gejt naqla’ fil-blog tieghek, imma apparti li I joined the club u ghalkemm gibt lil Lowell izurni, il-hits xorta hawn ghandek baqghu jigu….imma ibzax ta xi darba nilhqek!

  111. Victor Laiviera

    As I said, I condemn all violence, of every type, whoever does it – just as I condemn unfounded allegations.

    The police should issue daily reports on this investigation, so no-one makes political capital out of it.

    We will wait and see.

  112. nahseb il-mument tal-volemose bene istigat minni gie u mar.

    lura fit-truncieri, l-ahwa

  113. Victor Laiviera

    Kemm dhalt shun, Sandro – insejt iseemmi lil PSI.

  114. Vic, ma kellekx tmur torqod? Ejja, kwazi s-1 ta’ fil-ghodu hemm.

    Sandro, tkellem sew.


  115. Victor Laiviera

    To sleep – perchance to dream.
    Aye, there’s the rub! for in that sleep of death,
    What dreams may come must give us pause.
    (Willy S.)

    Night all.

  116. I will definetely vote MLP in this next election. The arrogance displayed by PN party supporters is literally making me sick. I think PN at the moment need what MLP needed in 1987 which means, a LESSON, to stop insulting our intelligence.

  117. apparti n-nejk, din tal-bombii, anki jekk ma jinstabux, trid dejjem tigi kkundannata. Hija fattur frekwenti wisq ta’ l-istorja politika Maltija u bhala poplu delettanti sew tal-vendikazzjonijiet f’pajjiz fejn ma tistx tbo tkun daqsxejn differenti. Minghajr ma nigi mizinterpretat ghal darb’ ohra, ghax kont civilissimu u mbaghad vera taqbizli l-ostja, il-bombi huma t-tarf ta’ diskors shih ta’ intolleranza, tghajjir, u klassizmu li rajna waqtiet minnu wkoll fil-blogg.

    Noqoghdu attnti mill l-bombi kollha nizbughhom blahmar ta’ l-MLP. Bizzejjed insemmu lil Karin Grech jew il-bomba ma’ l-ghass ta’ Tas-Sliema, li niftakar nisma’ meta kont zghir u x-xih inzrta jaf il-pulizija on duty li tilef idejh. Jew Nardu Debono, eroj tal-PN, li mid-dehra kien dilettant sew tal-bumm bumm.

    Ejja nitkellmu dwar l-istorja

  118. D.C.G. the victim says: It wasn’t a bomb threat, Victor.

    Rapport dwar tħeddida ta’ bomba mad-dar ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia = mela x’iz-zobb mort tghidilhom lill-maltarightnow?

    Daphne, tahseb li hawn xi hadd f’did-dinja li se joqghod jissogra l-habs u jonfoq eluf tal-liri biex jaghmillek bomba? Tahseb li dak li kien se jaghmillek bomba ma gitux f’rasu li l-labour se jkollu konsegwenzi koroh biha din? La inti dejjem issostni li minhabba l-labour.

    Kemm hawn min jitkellem aghar minnek dwar il-laburisti u qatt ma saru affarijiet bhal dawn. Meta jiena stess mort fuq ONE TV nghid kontra Fredu u l-MLP ghal alla tieghi, vera li ccensurawli l-intervista u hassru t-tape, imma ma gejt intimidat bl-ebda mod. L-ebda theddida.

    Meta darba ktibt play ta’ kritika fuq Fredu fl-2001, is-segretarja ta’ Fredu kienet cemplitli d-dar u qalet li Fredu ried jiltaqa’ mieghi b’mod urgenti. Iltqajna u tkellimna u ma kien hemm l-ebda forma ta’ intimidazzjoni. Vera li Fredu huwa politiku bla bajd u elf haga ohra imma li tghidli li minn habba l-laburisti, xi hadd gie jaghmel pjan ta’ bomba, huwa izjed kredibbli l-pjan tal-partit laburista.

    U hallina minnek Daphne. Madonna. X’zibel ta’ gurnalizmu.

    Jiena m’inix nghid li inti m’intix persuna mportanti, ghax certu artikli meta jkunu oggettivi ma tistax ma tqishomx tali, ghalkemm tghoddhom fuq subghajk. Imma m’intix daqsek importanti li jaghmlulek bomba, serrah rasek.

    Meta se tibda turi ftit umilta’ ghid?

  119. Justin,

    Kif inti l-ewwel nies?

    Jiena nitkellem hafna inqas vulgari minn min il-kliem imsejjah pastaz ma juzahx.

    Victor: PSI min hu bhalissa? Ghax ghandi nghas fuqi.

  120. Peter Serracino Inglott…il-qassis li ltaqa’ ma’ kulhadd u jintervistawh il-groupies fuq it-Times

  121. Solidarity with Daphne, of course. And her family. I think her son’s behaviour at the debate was very reasonable. I would almost call it decent. Had it been my mother I might had opted for a harsher word than ‘dude’, which reminds me of Bart Simpson. And had it been Sandro, for example, he might have regaled us with an even more spectacular sound-bite. It says a lot that the only vulgar words to appear on this unmoderated blog had to come from someone airing the views of racist bastards.

  122. Nista nwaqqfu insemmu naqra z-zmien minn 1971 u 1987 u dejjem nisma l-istess argumenti minnek Daphne. Jien smajt li qabel dak iz-zmien il-knisja harget tghid li xi hadd li jigi mil-caretaker Prim Ministru, kien iddikjara li tivvota Labour huwa dnub u kienu jidfnuhom fil-mizbla. Issa din mux krudelta u vili kienet?! Imma ahna x’jimpurtana. Mil-futur jinteressana ghax zbalji z-zewg partiti ghamlu, mhux partit wiehed bhal ma taghtina l-impressjoni.

  123. It says a lot that the only vulgar words to appear on this unmoderated blog had to come from someone airing the views of racist bastards.

    My vulgar behaviour is reasonable and almost decent.

    Pomengranate: meta trid nintervistak u ghid tieghek ukoll. Jew jekk ma tridx tigi intervistat halli comment jew ibghatli artiklu u nitfaghhulek bhala post. (sorry Jacques tar-riklam)

    Airing the views of a hunter does not make me a hunter. Fhimtha kif tahdem il-bicca?

    Nifhmek li drajt bil-gurnalizmu taz-zibel.

  124. Grazzi Mark ta’ l-informazzjoni. Ghal mument hsibtu l-Partito Socialista Italiano.

  125. Thank you, Sandro, for pointing that out. Thought you were promoting far right views on your blog and not opening your blog to all those who want to air their views.

  126. No problem Pomengranate.

    Anzi grazzi lilek talli fhimnti mal-ewwel.

    Meta trid onestament. Naghmillek intervista kif ghamilt lil Lowell u ghid fejn ma taqbilx jew ibghat artiklu. Jiena m’ghandix cans nibbloggja hafna minnhabba li bhalissa qed naghmel tezi li se teqridli l-ezistenza b’hekk qed nuza l-hosting tieghi flok jinhela: ghal nies li ghandhom xi jghidu. Kull persuna tista’ taghmel dan. Anke’ Daphne jigifieri, forsi jitilghuli ftit hits.

    Il-bniedem jitkellem: is-semmiegh jiggudika. Rapport bejn tnejn dirett bla t-tielet mahbub mistohbi taht is-sodda (ir-riklami).

  127. I see you have a fellow Labourite on this blog, Victor: a crass and vulgar one full of hdura – what a surprise. He’s really letting the side down: the classic poster-boy for Labour.

    And another elf (they call it elve) just popped out up there: Matthew. “The arrogance of this PN is making me sick; I am going to vote Labour.” Go ahead then, darling. You won’t be missed, because you were Labour all along. I hope it isn’t too chilly in your little grotto. You can always get Sandro to warm it up with some hot language. When Jacques gets back he’s going to have a lot of moderating to do. Off you go, Victor, to find a fellow Labourite who can string a sentence together without sounding like he’s high on coke.

  128. Daphne,


    Jiena full of hdura??? hahahaha

    Ghandek mera d-dar Daphne? Jew haduhilek il-pulizija ghax qed jahsbu li hbew il-bomba warajha?

    Li ssejjah lili Laburist, urejt x’gurnalista fik eh! Min jghid xi haga li ma taqbilx mieghek mhuwiex Laburist qalbi, imma bniedem li ghandu dritt jesprimi l-opinjoni tieghu bhal m’ghandu dritt jesprimi Paul.

    Skuzani ta’ dan il-lingwagg edukat Daphne, imma taf inti, qed nipprova nitghallem mill-esperta.

  129. If Sant has so many elves then they should rename Mile End and call it “Middle Earth”.

  130. I don’t even know who Victor is or have ever met the guy. I just came here to voice my opinion seeing that this is a democratic country as you rightly point out. And when you quoted me you just picked up the words that seemed fit for your argument and missed the fact that I believed MLP did deserve a lesson in 1987 and I didn’t think they were respecting our country’s democracy. I am not one who only sees one party’s defects and shortcomings. If that makes me sound like a Labourite elf, and being given a label, as is customary in our country, just for saying the PN deserves a lesson like MLP did in the past for the same reasons, I guess we didn’t really make any steps forwards with regards to respecting one’s thoughts and opinions without being subjected to name-giving and labeling.

  131. I’m not sure if the misbehaviour at Temi Zammit would have been enough to make me change my mind. I mean let’s face it, the mobbers made an arse of themselves (and by no stretch of imagination do I consider that freedom of speech), particulary when booing at “cancer”. But AS didn’t really give a performance to remember. The referendum incident, for example, is something he should be ashamed of and was obviously uncomfortable faced with such a question. The stipend question posed by the KSU president on stipends, however, was very lame. Don’t tell me he remembers 10 years ago when he was probably still in nappies but his memory is too short to remember two years ago. Dr. Gonzi would also have given a much better impression, had he not approved the mobbers’ behaviour. But it seems he believed that Dr. Sant’s humiliation would have won him more votes. Instead, he came out of the whole incident as the victim and the mobbers as sheer PN arrogance. Beware Dr. Gonzi, if you approve mobbing, it may very well get out of hand! And I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, would you?

  132. Daphne, ibda biex, jien ma naħsibx li ibnek kien vulgari. Anzi jekk qagħdu jiffittawh kif iddiskrevejtilna, u fil-video jidher ġenwinament iffastidjat, allura niskanta kif dan “fuck off” biss qalilhom!

    Issa, jien ġieli qrajt xi artiklu tiegħek, u ninnota illi lill-kitbiet tiegħek tħobb ittihom “touch” personali billi per eżempju tgħid x’qallek it-tifel u affarijiet minn dawn. Sewwa. Però imbagħad, fl-istess artikli, tagħmel l-attakki politiċi! Il-kittieba inti u m’hux jien, u l-istil tal-kitba tiegħek int taf x’inhu. Imma jien ma tantx naraha “wise” dil-biċċa. Jien nemmen li ħadd m’għandu jħallat lit-tfal u ’l-ħajja personali tiegħek ma kitbietek (li huma xogħlok), imma naħseb ukoll li int trid tkun l-ewwel waħda li tagħmel id-distinzjoni! X’taħseb?

  133. “B’riferenza għall-Partit Laburista, Daphne Caruana Galizia qalet ukoll li ”dawn in-nies jgħidu li nbidlu. Iżda minflok li jużaw il-vjolenza, jużaw il-media biex jintimidaw lil dawk li ma jaqblux magħhom.

    Filwaqt li jinsew li jien ġurnalista u nikteb l-artikli fil-gażżetti, jattakkawni qisni xi ħadd fil-politika meta mhux il-każ.”

    sors: maltarightnow .


    ghaliex you labelled me Laburist? Jiena kritikajt lilek mhux lil Gonzi U jekk inti m’intix fil-politika, u jiena kritikajt persuna li mhix fil-politika kif ittini label politiku?

    U billi jidhol Jacques u jimmoderani? Jacques kull ma sa jaghmel huwa li zobb jaghmilha z*** . Kif jimmodera l-fatt li inti lil Victor tghidlu li ma kinitx theddida ta’ bomba mentri inti lil kollegi tieghek ta’ taht il-friex ghedtilhom li kienet theddida?

    Lili affrontani b’dawn l-argumenti Daphne. Mhux issemmi l-passat u l-hdura u taghti labels politici bl-addocc.

    Jiena m’ghandi l-ebda hdura lejk. Ma nqisx ruhi fl-istess keffa tieghek. U ma nixtiqlek l-ebda bomba. Jiena qed nghid biss li din tal-bomba hija montatura politika. Attention seeking bhal dak li jghid li se jaghmel suwicidju u qatt ma jaghmlu.

    Il-fatt li ghandek il-pulizija wara l-bieb ma jfisser xejn. Kemm il-darba jaghmlu bomb threaths fl-MCAST u JC, u jigu l-pulizija u s-suldati jevakwaw il-post.

    Daphne, trid taccettaha. Inti persuna bhal haddiehor. Normali. Bhali, bhal Victor, bhal Matthew, bhal Jacques u bhal-dawk ta’ l-open centre. Jiddispjacini forsi tajtek din l-ahbar u li kelli nkun jien li nghidlek.

    Issa wkoll li t-tifel kixiflek il-borom hemm bzonn li taccetta izjed malajr li inti m’ghandek xejn izjed minn haddiehor hlief forsi x-xaghar.

    Qum mir-raqda Daphne, fl-2008 mhuwiex zmien il-bombi. Il-bombi fl-2008 huma l-blogs: It-tielet gwerra dinjija.

  134. Victor Laiviera

    Bonġu għal kulħadd.

    Sabieħ tibda l-ġurnata bi tbissima.

    Daphne tgħajjar lil xi ħadd ieħor li hu “full o hate”. L0

  135. mela Wed or Thurs…xi haga hekk. ezista l-fuljett (facsimile tal-polza tal-vot)…qed jghidlek l-iehor ukoll..min jaf x’sar minnu…imma ver ezista…din se tkun il-prova biex temmen allura?

    Eh mela dan ‘qas kien “fuljett” li jghidlek li jekk trid l-Ewropa ghati l-ewwel preferenza lill-PN u, jekk joghgbok, preferenzi ohrajn lill-AD. Kumbinazzjoni kien biss facsimile, li kumbinazzjoni tqassam biss fit-Tmien distrett.

    Tghid ghalfejn tqassam hemm u mhux, per ezempju fit-Tieni? Forsi ghall-isess raguni li l-AD m’ghadiex tikkontesta Kunsilli Lokali f’lokalitajiet b’tendenza Laburista ghax taf li fihom il-kandidati taghha jaghmlu fjask?

    U ghala lanqas, nghidu ahna, fl-Ghaxar, l-aktar wiehed li l-AD tradizzjonalment b’sahhitha fih? Forsi ghax hemm l-affarijiet huma aktar bbilancjati bejn il-kandidati Nazzjonalisti u ma kienx se jkun hemm is-surplus kbir li wiehed jistenna li kien se jgib EFA?

    Fi ftit kliem: il-kampanja ta’ l-AD fl-2003 kienet “tuna l-1 u, jekk ma tasalx taghmel hekk, tina t-2″. S’issa ghadni ma sibt xejn li jghid li nkorraggew lin-nies jaghtu l-1 lin-Nazzjonalisti.

  136. Jiena qed nghid biss li din tal-bomba hija montatura politika. Attention seeking bhal dak li jghid li se jaghmel suwicidju u qatt ma jaghmlu.

    … jew bhal min ma’ kull tieni sentenza jitfa’ l-kelma “hara” jew “zobb”. Nispera biss li, a differenza ta’ min jhedded bis-suwicidju u qatt ma jaghmlu, m’ghandikx problemi ta’ konstipazzjoni.

  137. Fausto,

    m’ghandi l-ebda problema nghid li jiena attention seeker. Jekk ghandi messagg u rrid inwasslu, irrid nigbed l-attenzjoni. Pero’ hara u zobb mhumiex pjan ta’ bomba. Bil-hara u z-zobb hadd ma miet, l-anqas Bobbit, imma bil-bombi siehbi mietu nies li ma kienx jixirqilhom kemm konnazzjonali u minn barra.

    Pero’ jekk bil-kelma zobb u hara, il-poplu jigi attirat izjed, mela allura jfisser li ghandna problema serja.

    Nippreferi lil Paul jghid fuck off lil cameraman ta’ ONE TV milli lil Michael Woods jghid Viva l-Labour, pero’ l-haga ghandha tieqaf hemm u jekk trid tizviluppa ma tizviluppax f’oxxenitajiet BOMBastici bhal dawn.

    lol @ konstipazzjoni hahaha

  138. Bongu by the way Fausto.

    Bongu Victor. Bongu lil kulhadd.

    Bongu wkoll lil Daphne u nispera li haditilhom tazza kafe’ lil dawk il-pulizija hemm barra. Daqs din kesha!! Ajma x’kesha!

  139. This discussion is well past its sell-by date.

    Solidarity with Daphne, and disppointment that what started out as a great debate has turned into something rotten.

    Is this what we’ve got to talk about? A 19 year old guy who tried to stop his mum from being harassed, and – shock horror – said ‘fuck off’ in the process?

    Students were rowdy and irreverent at a political debate? What is the world coming to?

    If this is as good as it gets, why not focus instead on Liverpool’s magnificent performace yesterday, pinning Inter into their own half for 90 mins and beating probably the best team in Europe by two clear goals? Doubtless we’ll lose to Wigan or whoever on the weekend, but at least we have last night.

    Chill out.

  140. Patrick,

    Daphne qeghda tgerger ghax tal-ONE TV iffilmjawha u skond l-eccellenza taghha dawn ma kellhomx dritt. U binha ghax probabbli genwin baghthom idahhluh f’sormhom.

    Sa hemmhekk naccetta kollox jiena personalment. Ghax kemm Daphne u kemm ONE TV worth li titnejjek bihom sakemm tixba’.

    L-iskifezza qeghda li kien hemm xi hadd minn Rahal Gdid li fis-sitta ta’ fil-ghodu cempel lill-pulizija biex jghidilhom li zewg individwi iridu jaghmlu bomba fid-dar ta’ xi hadd.

    Jekk din l-istorja hija genwina diga’ skifezza minnha nnifisha. Pero’ jekk m’hijiex genwina, dejjem fl-opinjoni tieghi, hija izjed skifuza mill-iskifezzi kollha.

    L-anqas Bush ma wasal s’hawn marija madonna!

    Fausto, il-marija madonna biex nattira l-attenzjoni ktibtha.

  141. ara xi grali, nidhol norqghod kmieni ghax ftit ma niflahx u gara dan kollu! mela,

    1 KULL forma ta vjolenza ghandha tigi ikkundannata
    2 bl-istess mod ghandu jigi ikkundannat kull forma opportunizmu politiku.
    3 dawk li jemmnu li il-vjolenza tal-passat kienet gejja mill-laburisti BISS jghixu f’cuckoo land. min irid jisma ftit stejjer ta minn x’hiex ghaddew familji laburisti, mhux stejjer fl-arja izda stejjer reali b’ ‘first hand’ information ma jiddejjaqx jikkuntattjani.
    4 nistghu nitkellmu ftit fuq ISSA, jidher li qed isir tentattiv qawwi li l-attenzjoni ta kullhadd iddur fuq kollox minnbarra policies u politici.

  142. Patrick, Daphne hi persuna pubblika daqs kemm huma Sant u Gonzi. ma nifhimx ghalfejn nistghu niskrutinaw lil politici imma mhux lil min jiskrutinhom.

  143. Sandro, Rupert

    Daphne hija xi hadd li ghadha kif giet mhedda.

    Ftit rispett u solidarjeta nahseb haqqha.

    Billi tghidu ‘ahna nikkundanaw il-vjolenza’ fl-ewwel sentenza taghkom ma jfissirx li imbaghad ghandkom carte blanche biex tinjoraw id-dicenza.

  144. patrick tista tispjega ruhek? x’ghidt jien li mhux dicenti?

  145. Patrick,

    billi tghid “Solidarjeta’ ma’ Fredu ghal mard li ghandu” ma jfissirx li mbaghad ghandha/ghandek/ xi hadd ghandu carte blanche biex tinjora d-dicenza.

    Fredu kellu cancer, dik hija l-vera bomba li kellu dal-bniedem, u wara d-dicenza ghosfrot u morna lura ghal hajja politika.

    Lil Daphne heddewha b’bomba inezistenti, u jiena mort lura ghas-suggett. X’differenza hemm? Mhux hekk imorru l-affarijiet?

    Man, solidarjeta’ ta’ x’hiex? Is-solidarjeta’ hija inezistenti. Specjalment f’dan il-kaz. Tista’ tghidli min hu dak il-professjonist li tassew se jaghmel bomba lil DCG? Anke’ tifel ta’ ghaxar snin jinduna li dawn huma kollha cucati. Liema professjonist se jitkellem quddiem xi hadd inaffidabbli li se jcempel lill-pulizija?

    L-uniku rispett li ghandi lejn Daphne huwa d-dritt li tesprimi l-opinjoni taghha imma hi trid tirrispetta li haddiehor jesprimi l-opinjoni tieghu u mhux kif qal Rupert, ninnegaw dak id-dritt lil haddiehor ghax imiss ma’ l-eccellenza taghha.

    U napprezza li Daphne turi ftit rispett lejja u tirtiraha li jiena laburist u bhala ghotja lura jiena nirtira li sejjahtilha gurnalista.

  146. Sandro, x’ghid jien?

  147. Victor Laiviera

    Patrick, I have been searching The Times (online) (not exactly Il-Kullhadd jew l-Orizzont) and there is no mention of this bomb threat.

  148. Rupert – Inti foris tikk’inqas minn Sandro u Victor. Pero wara li xi hadd jigi mhedded b’bomba d-dicenza thgidlek li jmissek taghfas il-buttuna tal-pause, mux tkompli ghaddej bil-battibekki qisu qadd ma gara xejn; jew anzi, tkompli tghid li hi persuna pubblika, u allura ‘open season’ fuqha.
    I’m outta here.

  149. Kulhadd ghandu jaghfas il-buttunu tal-pause u jirristringi ruhu milli jgara allegazzjoni, qabel ma jkun hemm prova ta’ dan.

  150. And that includes also maltarightnow.

  151. Rupert inti ghedt li dak li jikritika lill-politiku ghandu jkun kritikat ukoll u jiena qbilt mieghi. Kelli naghmel comma wara mhux sorry.

    Patrick jekk ghandek il-ktieb tad-dicenzi, skuzani, jiena m’ghandix. Jekk inti gejt mhedded b’bomba u inti komplejt tattakka mela allura open season. M’ghandix x’taqsam jekk hijix persuna pubblika jew le. U Daphne, skond hi, toqghod hafna lura li tkun persuna pubblika.

    Gold Roast, jiena u Victor, u skuzani qed nitkellem f’ismu, l-izjed li nhraqna huwa li Daphne ddecidiet wahidha li tort ta’ ONE TV. U din again tippretendi li ma jistax ikollna opinjoni li din kienet xi forma ta’ messa in scena u mhux bil-fors minn naha taghha. Mela hi tista’ titfa l-hara fuq ONE u lil din hadd ma jista’ jmissha?? U ma tarax man. Ma tarax!!!!!!

    Issa jiena kontra ONE TV, dawk li haqqalprimadonna hxewli intervista wara gimgha nipprepara ghaliha, ghandi imma m’ghandux x’jaqsam man. L-affarijiet xorta ghandhom jinghaddu kif inhuma.

    Kieku Daphne ma qalitx u insistit li t-theddida tort ta’ ONE TV, l-anqas kont nidhol nikkummenta fuq din it-thread ghax vera kif qal Patrick hawn comments vera istruttivi fejn jiena stess kapaci nispira ruhi u nikteb artiklu/gudizzju meta jingabru l-comments f’daqqa.

  152. Sandro and the likes….why is it that there are a lot of people in here who don’t like the form and substance of Daphne’s arguments, but still chose to disagree in a decent manner? For me she’s just a much better educated version of Manuel Cuschieri, who tries to win approval for her arguments by targeting people’s most primary instincts…fear and the well being feeling everyone gets from denigrating the opponent (not his arguments). Admittedly, Daphne is not only much more articulate than Cuschieri, but unlike him she is lending herself to some real discussion and face to face confrontation. And yet, despite all Mr. Cuschieri’s stupid arguments no one ever dreamed of planting a bomb outside his house, the fact that someone even toyed with the idea of planting a bomb outside Daphne’s in Bidnija shows that the hatred running in this country is mostly fomented by low IQ thugs who confuse the opponent with a hungry animal whose only reason for being is to pick on them and their families in any way possible.

    Your argument then that its imposible for these thugs (if you don’t like the word thugs replace it with the word idiots, savages, imbeciles, anything of the sort will do) to think of planting a bomb outside someone’s house because it would be counterproductive is a nonstarter. Anyone who even thinks of resorting to such stupid act, is by definition, unable to intelligently assess any future repercussions. Just think of those who set alight the cars in Buskett last Sunday, those who tore down all the trees in Mellieha last year, not to mention the geniuses who had the brilliant idea of setting all those Jesuit cars ablaze last year. I doubt that Father Magro got out of bed in the middle of the night, took a tank of fuel and torched the cars just for the sake of telling others..look…the racists hate us as well even though we’re white. I won’t even go into discussing the fire at Daphne’s house. She was sleeping in there with her children and husband…as ppolitically twisted as anyone thinks her to be I doubt she would even think of something of the sort.

    Incidentally, the Mafia had a habit of targetting journalists…and even there it got rather counterproductive.

    In conclusion, yes Daphne, I think you do more harm than good to our party (that party in my case being the PN), I think you should start speaking of current things rather than constantly referring to the 80’s…But then again…seeing all this constantly coming at you, I can’t really blame you.

    Again I remind you…this election is about the parties and their manifesos…not you.

  153. Sandro and the likes….why is it that there are a lot of people in here who don’t like the form and substance of Daphne’s arguments, but still chose to disagree in a decent manner?

    Dak huwa l-istil tieghi. L-istil li l-mara tad-dar li taqra l-blogs ta’ J’Accuse wara li giet mill-grocer titkaza bit-theddida li ghamlu lil Daphne, tkun tista’ tifhem sew, li l-faccata tal-loki fis-showroom tista’ tkun maqlugha.

    Face to face confrontation. Where?

    U jiena qatt ma kritikajt l-artikli u posts ta’ Daphne, imma b’din tal-bomba issa missejna l-qiegh.

  154. Sandro, dak li ghidt jien. Jekk ghad m’hemmx fatti, m’ghandekx titkellem daqs li kieku kien. Pero fil-politika normali dal-hafna duhhan minghajr nar … u f’dil-kampanja elettorali xi haga specjali. Ghandek dritt tattakka li qed jigu attakkati is-Super One u l-Laburisti jekk ghad m’hemmx provi. For all I know, jista jkun Nazzjonalist li vvintaha l-istorja biex forsi l-partit tieghu jiehu xi vantagg politiku, imma m’ghandix provi hemm lanqas. M’ghandekx dritt tghid li Daphne ivvintat kollox.

  155. Victor Laiviera

    Jon seems to have a very strange idea ot what “being educated” implies.

    I have been searching the online editions of “The Times” and “The Independent” (not il-Kulhadd or l-Orizziont) and there is no mentions of this “bomb threat”.

    They must know something we don’t.

  156. Ma tarax li jiena se nghid li Daphne vvintat kollox?! U jiena ghandi 4 euros fil-but nixtieq inzommhom siehbi u mhux intihom lill-avukat.

    Jiena ghedt : Li Daphne mhix xi cuc u dan hadd ma jista’ jmerih. Li hasbitna cwiec dik iva.

    Jiena ghedt li Daphne peress li mhix xi cuc, ghandha mohh u tkun taf li din hija messa in scena politika. Sewwa ghamlet hadet il-passi taghha. Sewwa ghamlet sejhet il-pulizija. Jiena l-istess kont naghmel. Pero’ ma nigix nirremetti fuq partit politiku dwar dan il-kaz u per giunta lil .

    Jekk id-Daphne trid is-solidarjeta’, ma tabbuz minnha billi tirremetti fuq terzi entitajiet mhux konfermati.

    Fhimtu l-punt tieghi Gold Roast?

  157. Sandro, qed nghidu l-istess haga .. inti bl-istil “mara tad-dar qed taqra l-blogs” u jien b’mod naqa izjed formali.

  158. Victor Laiviera

    Even Maltarightnow has relegated the story to the very bottom of the list – it will be gone soon.

    You see how impoirtant it is take certain things with a pinch of salt?

  159. nassocja ruhi mal-argument ta Gold Roast

  160. L-ewwelnett bongu lil kulhadd.

    Ejja nkunu ftit kawti u naqtghu dad-diskors. Hemm min jixtieq juri s-solidarjeta` ma’ Daphne, hemm min hu xettiku. Ghal ta’ l-ewwel hemm ir-riskju li qed jitmelhu bina – ma tkunx l-ewwel darba u l-anqas ta’ l-ahhar. Jien lest nghix b’dak ir-riskju. Ghal ta’ l-ahhar hemm ir-riskju li qed imaqdru persuna f’mument ta’ bzonn minflok juru s-solidarjeta`.

    Il-punt li hadd ma jista’ jinnega hawnhekk huwa li, temmen ‘il min temmen, il-vjolenza u t-theddid ta’ vjolenza ghadhom parti mid-diskors politiku Malti. Ghadna nhabbtu l-irjus minflok inpartu l-ideat. Dan hu l-frott tal-banalitajiet tal-partiti politici li joghgobhom juzaw u jimmanipulaw l-iktar istinti hodor minflok jindirizzaw l-intelligenza tan-nies.

  161. Jien, jekk kien hemm xi haga li veru nkwetatni dal-ahhar jiem la kienet id-DNA comment ta’ Charles Mangion, la l-outburst tat-tifel ta’ Daphne u lanqas it-theddida ta’ bomba fuq dar Daphne. L-iktar li nkwetani dak il-hamallagni li rajna Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Din mhix haga li bdiet ilbierah. Stejjer ta’ klikek ta’ studenti li jippruvaw jintimidaw lil xi hadd smajt mhux wahda tnejn, u hafna drabi l-klikka tkun organizzata minn xi “untouchable” (jew minghalih!). Ghax nghiduha kif inhi, ir-retorika ta’ Gonzi tghid li “All animals are equal” meta fir-realta’ “Some animals are more equal than others.”, imma kulhadd jibza jitkellem.

  162. Alex, imissu jisthi dan Briguglio u jiprova jahseb b’mohhu hux? Jekk tkun pappagall ta Big Brother kollox sew imma jekk tiprova tirraguna …………

  163. Daphne, this made me curious: “To make matters worse, AD is doing Labour’s job and circulating the video link by email.”…can you inform further?

  164. Ghall-mistoqsija retorika li saqsietni Daphne ta’ x’ghandu jimbotta wiehed milli jivvota PN … u partiti ohra minn daqshekk, nahseb din il-kitba ta’ Briguglio hija oggettiva u nteressanti ferm … jekk jinteressaha tifhem punti di vista ohra that is. U nahseb semmejt punti jien ohrajn ukoll f’dan il-blog li lili jurtawni.

  165. Sur Vella, ftit iehor intkom ha tehlu

  166. Rupert u Gold Roast, Mark Vella , Justin BB, u ghaliex le….Fausto u xi ohrajn; Jacques must be very proud of you and the way you cared about his blog in his absence.

    Jiena d-diskors se naqtghu. Id-diskors tieghi kien just popolari li mar out of point tal-bqija.

    Ghalkemm m’ghandi l-ebda copyright fuq il-blogosfera, pero’ nhoss li se jkollna theddida enormi izjed il-quddiem minn nies li bhalissa ghamlu taghhom il-bqija tal-media mill-flus taghna. Anki jekk ma tixtrix l-Independent, inti qed thallas ghaliha. Jekk tal-Gillette jirreklamaw fuqha u minghajr ma taf tixtri l-Gillette inti qed thallas talli l-Gillette ghamlet ir-riklam fuq dik il-gazzetta.

    Theddida mhux “kompetizzjoni”. L-uniku blogs accettabbli, li ghandhom ftit say fuq il-media generali, li m’ghandhomx imponimenti papali huma ta’ l-AD u ta’ Michael Briguglio u tal-kommunisti. Tista’ ma taqbilx maghhom pero’ ma jimponux fuq haddiehor u ma jahsbux li huma xi allat.

    Il-Gonzi diga’ fetah il-moda ta’ blogs bla kummentarju.

    Attenti hafna mill-immigranti tal-blogs! 🙂

  167. Yeah I read that. Can’t PN come to terms with its wrongdoings? These bloody scaremongering campaigns are putting me off more than anything.

  168. Nehlu fejn, BigFoot? Jew ma’ xiex?

  169. l-ewwel GonziPN qalilna illi l-ideat taghkom (AD) huma vicin tal-lejburisti, imbghad smajna li hemm xi patt bejn AD u l-lejber, issa li qed ixxerdu il-videos li jinstigaw il-vjolenza u ftit iehor ha tkun intom responsabbli tal-vjolenza gol-pajjiz

    l-affarijiet hekk imorru

  170. mhux dejjem hekk…issa hija li kull elezzjoni jippruvaw jeqirdu lill-AD u dawk il-hodor dejjem fin-nofs…ftakru li ghad irid jigu l-Ewropej b’sitt siggijiet…

  171. riha ta terinati sur Vella

  172. I am not prepared to stay in a blog discussion that has become about me, while the country is in general election mode and there are issues to talk about…and I’m not standing for election. Then Jon has the inanity to ask me to bear in mind that it’s not all about me. Well, apparently it is. Tell me something, if I weren’t in this forum, what exactly would you be discussing?

    Jon: you compare me to Manuel Cuschieri. That immediately discredits anything that you say afterwards. If you said it in print, I would be able to sue you for libel. If you don’t want me in this forum, just say so and I’ll get out, but on the other hand don’t expect me to hang around while you discuss me as though I’m not there. If we are going to talk about ignorant behaviour, lesson one is not discussing people in their presence as though they aren’t present.

    Mark: the emails are being circulated through the AD users group by somebody called David Camilleri/AD Ghawdex.

    Rupert: “Daphne is a public person like Sant and Gonzi”. Really? A newspaper columnist has the same public figure status as the prime minister and the leader of the opposition? Make your arguments more carefully. I do not lead the opposition party, I do not run the country, I do not legislate, I am not running for public office, and I am not paid out of public funds. Those are the reasons why politicians are exposed to scrutiny by people who write. There are no similar grounds, on the other hand, for exposing columnists to public scrutiny. If you paid me or were obliged to live by my rules, then you would have a right to scrutinise me – but you’re not even obliged to read my column, so I’m sorry, you don’t.

    Edward Grech: I appreciate your concern, but if you are content to live in a country where newspaper columnists can’t do what newspaper columnists everywhere in the civilised world do, and make reference in passing to their domestic concerns just in case their children are assaulted by the media of a political party or threatened with fire and bombs, then I am not. You’re all so busy discussing the ‘importance’ of coalition government that you have forgotten the basics: the importance of democracy and free speech.

    Gold Roast: that wasn’t ‘misbehaviour’ at the university, but normal behaviour. Abnormal behaviour, on the other hand, would have been sitting in silence. Older people like you (and me to a certain extent) are the products of a disciplinarian culture (sit there and listen) and these people are not. Let them be. Sant deserved his boos and Gonzi deserved his applause. And as somebody who was present rather than just listening to coverage on Super One, I can tell you as a fact that nobody booed when he mentioned his cancer, though several people muttered to themselves ‘cheap trick’, which it was. If that’s what you call mobbing….well, I don’t know. Were you all forced to go to duttrina classes, by any chance. Thank God I never went.

    Matthew: you say that despite supporting Labour, you realised in 1987 that Labour had to be taught a lesson. Congratulations, you do have a brain cell, after all.

    Something else: I’ve noticed that as soon as the discussion slips into Maltese, it also slips into vulgarity and ill-conceived arguments and tghajjir. Those of you who love the language and are at pains to convince the rest of us of its beauty should try to avoid this because you are furthering the association between Maltese and coarseness, an association which should not even be there in the first place.

    That’s it for me. I can’t stand this poor level of ‘debate’.

  173. I would be a little bit more careful before concluding that there’s an association between Maltese and coarseness. I’m sure that if those who are writing vulgar words in Maltese had to write in English this blog would sound like King’s Cross at night. I am writing in English for two reasons: J’Accuse as a blog is in English and also out of respect towards those, like Daphne, who never managed to get a grasp of their native tongue. Which of course says a lot about you, your interest in your country and your linguisit capabilities. But Maltese is not as difficult as some say. You just need some fidjucja in yourself.

  174. Daphne, i did not say that you are a politician or running for office. You are a public figure nonetheless. check here please

  175. Daphne, I have checked the AD-Ghawdex yahoogroup and i could not find this mail. Then it’s David Camilleri, not AD (and his email nick or whatever is something like ghawdex40). It’s an over-enthusiastic supporter who spams, like you do in a sense, and like others from the PN who are using your words and circulating them. .You should also know quite alot about AD yahoogroups, as you had used them when PRing for Anglu Xuereb during the Verdala saga.

    But as you say (and many others too), its definitely not about YOU.

  176. U Daphne, int l-aħħar waħda li tista’ titkellem dwar l-ilsien Malti. Ħu paċenzja u u żomm ma’ l-eloġji tal-PN, għax f’dawk tifhem żgur. Minix se nieħu lezzjonijiet tas-soċjo-lingwistika minn xi ħadd li żeblaħ poeta liriku bħal Anton Buttiġieġ għax kiteb poeżija dwar kaboċċa. Mela Neruda li kiteb poeżija dwar larinġa x’tgħidlu? Village poet?

    Tkunx pastaża. Billi Sandro semma’ l-ġenitali u l-qaddisin, ma kienx pastaż daqskemm kont int meta għajjart lil kważi kull minn ma qabilx miegħek.

    Idaħħkuni nies bħalek li ‘Fuck off’ għalikom qiskom qed tgħidu ‘Bonġu’ u ŻUL MIŻ-ŻOBB TA’ NOFS iġġibkom titkellmu weħidkom…

    ħa, la ħarġet…

  177. don’t be a hamallu Mark!!

  178. Yes Daphne, it’s actually this undisciplined culture coming from the younger generation today that actually bothers me. And I have no regrets about coming from a more disciplinarian one. I think the situation today has gone out of hand. And all this rabble about a stipend (which both governments messed with). Where are the real issues of todays’ youth?

  179. Victor Laiviera

    Mhux għal xi ħaġa, Mark, imma “Fuck off” tiġi “Mur inħexa”.

    U tmerinix, għax jien traduttur.

    🙂 🙂

  180. Naf Vic…imma idjomatikament tinqaleb mod ieħor…

    kif qegħdin fuq is-suġġett tal-ħamallaġni u l-coarseness, ġawhra ċkejkna li titfa’ kollox f’perspettiva…

  181. nahseb dak xi lejburist kien Mark. Kieku kien nazz, kieku “fuck off” biss kien kapaci jghid

  182. Grande Alberto.

  183. “undisciplined culture from the younger generation”? You’re serious, I imagine? Take a stroll (or scroll?) through this blog and see how the older generation talks and behaves, including Mark’s fascination with genitals, above. You’re fine ones to talk. At least there was a happy and healthy atmosphere in that room, which is a whole lot more than I can say about this blog.

  184. hi Daphne, we missed you 🙂

  185. balls balls balls

  186. La semmejtu lil Neruda u lill-frott, hawnhekk għandkom poeżija politika ta’ Neruda li qlibt ftit xhur ilu.

    Oda lit-tuffieħa
    ta’ Pablo Neruda

    Lilek, tuffieħa,
    irrid niċċelebrak
    billi nimla b’ismek
    ħalqi, jiena u nieklok.

    Dejjem tkun ġdida
    bħal ħadd,
    bħal xejn.
    Dejjem tkun għadek kemm
    waqajt minn ġol-ġenna.

    Ħaddejn imlaħħma u

    Kemm huma diffiċli,
    imqabblin miegħek,
    il-frottijiet ta’ l-art.

    L-għeneb ċellulari,
    il-mangu mdallam,
    l-għanbaqar kollu għadam,
    it-tin imgħaddas.

    Inti pomata safja,
    ħobż ifuħ,
    ġobon tal-veġetazzjoni.

    Meta nigdmu l-innoċenza
    tonda tiegħek,
    għal mument nerġgħu
    nsiru aħna wkoll
    ħlejjaq għadhom kemm inħolqu.
    Għad għandna xi ħaġa mit-tuffieħa.

    Irrid abbondanza
    ta’ familtek,
    irrid belt,
    xmara Mississippi
    ta’ tuffieħ,

    u ma xtutha rrid nara
    lill-kotra kollha
    fl-att l-aktar sempliċi
    ta’ l-art,
    jigdmu tuffieħa.

    Kieku Neruda kellu jivvota f’din l-elezzjoni, ‘il min taħsbu li kien jagħti l-unu?

    Wisq probabbli lil ħadd.

  187. I was impressed with this:
    “Only the new ones did not even fight the battle for freedom in the eighties… no these ones are an assorted bunch of ex-dj’s, closet homosexuals (nothing wrong in being one, just don’t endorse anti-homosexual policies), and idiots who climbed up the only greasy pole available to get to the PN top. They backed the right donkey and are almost there.”

    Check out:

    The new young PN candidates tell us they have fresh ideas and can bring change, yet they talk and behave like the old people they want to replace.

    Vote for change
    Vote 1 AD.

  188. I love the way that the MLPAD contingent are exhorting voters to do exactly the same thing:

    AD – Vote for Change

    MLP – Pjan Ghal Bidu Gdid

    Obviously, we must be in utter crisis at the moment, with these parties clamouring for change. Never has a political message been more dissonant with reality. It is like the Labour Party’s newspaper advertisements, which target Francis Zammit Dimech the very day after The Times runs a massive front page story headlined ‘Tourism growth – Malta beats world averages’, and which consistently try to make Gonzi look foolish, when all the polls say that he has very high levels of trust even among those planning to vote Labour.

    No American marketing consultants this time, I see.

  189. Dafnay, I can assure you I’m not a fake. Jien Mintuffjan ahdar, noqghod il Canada.

    I was just saying that because of the attention you brought upon your son, just to keep yourself in the limelight, some nutcase might harm him just to get at you. They’ve tried that once already remember. Like the IRA once said to Maggie Thatcher “We only have to get lucky once.

    I pity you Dafnay, you have too much hatred in your heart.

  190. Vince,

    naqbel li l-ONE TV zbaljaw gabu lill-binha on air u hi qed tkompli tghaffeg.

    Din l-istorja ta’ Paul ahjar ninsewha malajr kemm jista’ jkun ghax m’ghandha x’taqsam xejn ma’ l-elezzjoni.

  191. Interesting you should call yourself a Mintoffian ahdar even though you live in Canada, Mr Collins. Let’s see now – would you by any chance have emigrated when Labour was in government? Just asking…

  192. And another thing, Mr Collins: you blame me for ‘exposing’ my son, instead of blaming the Labour Party for exposing him. Really, with reasoning like that, no wonder you’re a Mintoffian.

  193. Dan li ssemma huwa l-istess wiehed li kellu flok “AGHZEL LABOUR – INZABBAB” waqt l-ahhar meeting jew l-iben l-iehor?

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