J’accuse to Chill Out


 It is very hard to blog about this but I really have to put you into the picture lest the notion of “living la vida” in Luxembourg is taken to new heights. Melanie, my better half, has sprung a Valentine’s day surprise – a wonderful one. Now Mel is not Maltese and I must say that she does more than feign a passing interest in my regular ramblings about political goings on back home. Having said that, I am sure that the last thing on her mind when she booked a one week skiing trip for two next week was whether I would miss my blog (or be missed) during election time.

So. As it stands I can tell you that as of yesterday I am informed that tomorrow morning my gas guzzling, non-environmental 4X4 will be packed with skiing stuff (and laptop) as we venture south for an eight hour trek to Oz en Oisans somewhere in the Alpes du Sud. I am going to school. Ski school. Bollettino might be revived with some anecdotes chronicling my bumbling progress. Leave has been booked (I had to do some pleading with ze boss – explaining that the blonde forgot that this is not a semaine blanche). Now I have to deal with how we will proceed in this blog for the next week.

The most worrying part is the comments during the day. For that I shall have to resort to the “Comment is Free” unmoderated method. Since I will probably only be accessing the blog mornings and evenings, I will be able to review and moderate comments that have been posted. Once again I appeal to your own sense of moderation. Whenever talking about people ask yourself… would you write the same thing about yourself? Inevitably the little bit of hate comments sent in by PN supporters will trickle through… at least you will get to see what stuff is normally censored on this blog.

Apart from that, barring any accidents and traumas (facciamo le corna) I shall be able to keep this blog alive in that way… also thanks to your lovely collaboration. That way I will be able to fulfil my non-marital obligations (not very onerous in this case) while keeping the flow on J’accuse.

Of course I expect a lot of sarcastic comments about my skiing trip bang in the middle of elections. What can I say… talk to the hand?


3 responses to “J’accuse to Chill Out

  1. L-ewwel il-Labour jitilghu Dubaj, u mbaghad Joe Saliba fuq il-jott ta’ Zaren…u issa int tmur tiskija f’nofs kampanja elettorali….


  2. As tu trouvé des ski assez petits pour recevoir ton petit corps de petit maltais ?

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