I met a man with seven wives

Right. I’m trying to pack here… and, dammit, regular readers should know how hard that is for me. Can we quit this obsession with wives? I think everyone who had to make their point made it. I have no time to write what I think because, as usual, I am running late and cannot find the skiing equivalent of pyjama trousers – or whatever the sorta long johns are called. I align myself with Justin re: the personal traits and political issues business. It’s an easy short cut but hell I agree with everything he said. Now, don’t make me regret the free commenting business when I have not even left. Cut the boob job (not literally) to hell with wigs and wives and move on. Surely the election is throwing up more interesting stuff to talk about.

Little things:

Fausto – targeted ministers? Why is Gonzi running in the 10th district?

Paul – Malta has had environment as its top priority in the past ten years? I may not be living in Malta but I think you watch too much NET TV.

Anton – Mastella has decided to run alone again. No lists for UDEUR. That is the typical bad example of a minority that believes it can be kingmaker. More fuel for the anti-multiparty people. It’s the bad news that’s the best news I guess.

B.O.D. – Be good. I think you’ve got enough of your anti-DCG barrage off your tits now… please move on.

Dramelay – je t’emmerde 🙂 Si je ne trouve pas des ski assez petits j’empruntrai les tiennes

Raphael – When you have a winning point (from my humble perspective) why drum it home using a personal attack?

Daphne – Tea in a glass? One or two sugar? Or should that be sweetener? 🙂

Mark – Once a wishy washy communist. Always a watermelon.

David – keep up the wankellectual interludes (honestly) – we need someone to keep our flag flying

All the rest – chill

Wigs. They come in all shapes and sizes… but 60? For heaven’s sake… why have I never seen the Marge Simpson version?

Ok. I’ll shut up. Too excited about the forgetting my ear warmers behind.


19 responses to “I met a man with seven wives

  1. David Friggieri

    I’m having a right old laugh here. We’re such f***** obsessives. Picture the scene. Jacques can’t help himself from checking out what the chatterers are saying, rushing to his keyboard in between bouts of packing his underpants and his longjohns. I have half an hour to kill in between drinks and dinner and pop down to the skuzzy internet cafe on Chaussee de Wavre (gamblers and low lives) to check out Daphne’s latest tirade. And then you read “Can we quit this obsession with wives?” and for some inexplicable reason you crack up big time and realise how massively absurd this whole thing is. But it’s absurd in a fun kinda way, so you keep smiling. Man, man. Malta ma belle: the land of Wives and Wigs. And Ira Losco.

  2. David Friggieri

    Incidentally I’ll try my best to keep the wankellectual flag flying Jacques although I can’t promise a constant flow. A trip to Roma Capoccia beckons with a wonderful interlude to watch La Magica take on…no not the ex-Serie B side but…yes, Real. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your skiing. I’m sure you’ll repay the kind gesture.

  3. “A man with a wig crosses a barrier”… (from an earlier post (as highlighted by David) sounds like the start of a joke. A j’accuse mug to the reader who continues with the best punch line….

  4. P.S. Forza Juve! I’m crossing my fingers to have got to Oz before the match starts. “Oriali stai zitto!” For about 90 minutes Anton and I will sit on the same side of the fence! (As will Justin) P.S. I’m currently on ciggy break. Hence the spate of comments.

  5. mhux ahjar tippakja l-qliezet ta’ taht ghax se tiffriza l- ?

    buon viaggio. mur. hallik mill-blog.

    J’accuse comment: I’m the boxers kind of guy… does that say anything about my personality? (sounds like a facebook application) 🙂

  6. Here’s one (I admit adapted from another joke)…

    A man with a wig crosses a barrier.
    The guard at the barrier asks “Is that human or synthetic?”
    “I guess it’s human” replies the wig.

  7. U Kinnie Kiesah! A reminder…. anyone watching Xarabank tonite?

    Malta – Xtruppaw

    Kemm ahna tan-nejk f’dan il-pajjiz
    Kulhadd dejjaq, vergni u qaddis
    Festi ta’ ipokrizija
    L-ewwel jien u l-partit
    L-aqwa li b’zaqqna mimlija
    Imma jekk trid tibkilna naqra ngibuk
    Fuq Tista` Tkun Int!

    Malta – gbejniet u bigilla
    Malta – fazola u bizzilla
    Malta – fuq Xarabank
    Malta – pastizz tal-pizelli
    Malta – suf bit-tarzanelli
    Malta – u qassatat
    U Kinnie kiesah… oh oh …inkantaw

    Dil-gzira z-zibga tal-Mediterran
    Dhalna fl-Ewropa u kulhadd ferhan
    Nghidu viva l-ministri
    Il-qhab tas-socjeta`
    Ftakar li gejt habbattlek
    U sahansitra tajtek keychain
    U issa anke qed nibnulek sptar

    Malta – min blu u min ahmar
    Malta – u daqsxejn zghira ahdar
    Malta – jew nifflowtjaw?
    Malta – kunsilli lokali
    Malta – elezzjoni generali
    Malta – niccelebraw
    U l-Eurovision… oh oh …nivvotaw

    Naqra xita u neghrqu f’dik l-injoranza
    Nimlew il-hofor bic-citazzjonijiet
    Trabi bil-mobile ta’ l-gholi tal-hajja
    Ha nnaqqsu dak id-defisit…li writt

    Malta – gwardjani lokali
    Malta – immigranti illegali
    Malta – u traffic lights
    Malta – demokrazija
    Malta – tghidx erezija
    Malta – iddejquli l-bajd

    Malta – gbejniet u bigilla
    Malta – fazola u bizzilla
    Malta – fuq Xarabank
    Malta – pastizz tal-pizelli
    Malta – suf bit-tarzanelli
    Malta – u qassatat
    U Kinnie kiesah… oh oh …inkantaw

  8. sinon, le vin chaud c’est bien aussi, si jamais tu trouves pas de patinettes

  9. Enjoy your vacation.

    Regarding Mastella, e` andato inizialmente a Destra, poi a Sinistra combinando un gran casino. Ora e` stordito e rimane al centro. E` un opportunista` punto e basta.
    Sicuramente il politico che detesto di piu` nel pollaio Italiano (insieme a Vladimir Luxuria e Di Pietro………..)

    Forza Juve, asfaltiamo la Rometta!!!!

  10. Stop talking about my tits. Please move on 🙂

  11. Fausto – targeted ministers? Why is Gonzi running in the 10th district?

    First of all, Gonzi is running on the 2nd and the 9th.

    Second, I had expected you to come up with this. Please, never shift goalposts and expect me not to notice. You said that districting helps a targeted Minister not which district the PM chooses to stand in. Yes, the latter choice is strategic. But while electors have no say in the boundaries of their electoral district they do have a say in the choice of MPs whatever the Parties throw at them. So Gonzi’s contesting the 9th should have come as a great relief to Austin Gatt (and de Marco and Paula Mifsud-Bonnici) and to the concern of the four Ministers that get elected from the 9th/10th (Cristina, Pullicino, Frendo and Zammit-Dimech). But it has got nothing to do with districting.

    J’accuse comment: You expected me gto come up with it? That shows that I am not going crazy when I say I meant it. Exactly my point… I was answering Daphne’s comment on choosing ministers. Now call it what you like in your own fausto-style pedanticism… the point I was trying to make is that even the choice of eventual ministers is up to party strategy. Thank you fro your clarification – but my point remains. LEss voter influence – more party power.

  12. I LOVE the joke. I’m crying with laughter, Jacques. Very sharp.

  13. Victor Laiviera

    Good joke – almost as funny as the columnist who went abroad and was asked by a taxi-driver if all the women in her country were as beautiful as she was.

    Not that is what I call a joke!

  14. Is it jike-time? May I play?

    “A woman started growng a beard …. “

  15. What woman might that have been – the one that Victor Laiviera’s favourite party made president of the republic, god rest her soul? It looks like this blog has come to the attention of the Labour Party. Jolly good.

  16. Second line:

    A womam started to grow a beard. “is it hormones?”, asked her hubby.

    “No it’s …..

  17. “Jolly good”? Isn’t that an example of “Indian English”?

  18. No, Ganni Borg – it’s what’s known as ironic English. Like smashing, or super, or even jolly super. Indian English is what you get in the letters pages of the newspapers, and some newspaper columns – not mine, I hasten to add. Mine’s jolly super.

  19. Still sound like something out of “Mind your language to me”, but I will bow to your superior knowledge.

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