If, like me, you are perplexed about “reception classes” – that funky term thrown into an electoral manifesto by MLP gurus who seem to be unable to explain what it is about – scoot over to . I wonder if our Education Department has a site like this. In any case, you will find more about “reception classes” in the document called “Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage“. Apparently the reception class is part of a three year nursery cycle in the UK system between the age of 3 and 5. Apparently a lot of thinking went into developing this system into the UK and the loss or gain of one year of education was not exactly the main criterion for accepting or ditching the proposal.

Which is not to say that the UK system is perfect. It’s just that “reception class” does not seem to be something that can be thrown around the electoral arena like the margins of an income tax bracket. When you discuss income tax brackets everybody knows what they are and everybody understands how they work. When you mention adjusting an income tax bracket then everybody can immediately understand what you want to do and to a certain extent (barring mathematical limitations inherited from the lack of proper educational foundations – there you go Miss Muffin) can work out the implications.

MLP need to be more clear on what they mean by reception class. It is not what it is not that interests us, but what it is. PN should be careful not to denigrate the idea but the way it is presented – just in case it turns out that if explained and examined it turns out to be a good idea after all.

Issa anki biex issir receptionist trid tmur l-iskola?


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  1. Issa anki biex issir receptionist trid tmur l-iskola?


    jimporta s-satira thalliha f’idejja jekk joghgbok x’affarijiet dawn?! Jaqaw qed thossha go fik li jiena ghandi hits izjed minnek allavolja giet id-Daphne tiddeffes hawn?!

    Issa anke’ l-blog tieghi qed jidher fit-Times u l-Independent.

    It-Times of Malta diga’ bdiet tevitak. L-ewwel attakk kien mill-Bocca.

    By the way man, haqq ghall-garretta…………….ovvja li biex tmur receptionist trid tmur l-iskola, most probable mhux tal-Gvern. Jekk tmur tal-Gvern tista’ tilhaq xi receptionist ta’ xi Motel li hawn Malta m’hawnx vacancy bhall-antropologisti.

    Il-profezija tieghi qeghda ssehh: wara li hxew it-television bil-beneficcju tal-pluralizmu issa gew jahxu l-internet bil-beneficcju ta’ bluepnskies.

    Fil-kaz nerga’ mmur lura on TV. Tigi mieghi Jacques?

  2. F’idejk? Ma tarax. Is-satira hija wajda mill-pedamenti tal-blog. Biex ma nghidx Foundation. TV? M’inix telegeniku bizzejjed.

  3. i agree with this reception class .. I repeated a year at school at it did me a world of good! not only do students leave school at 15 – 16 which is too young, they are made to choose what they will be studying (sciences / arts / accounts etc .. ) too early – i don’t think everyone knew what they wanted to become at the age of 12/ 13?

  4. i don’t know the exact age when children start school but lets say that whoever is 5 before october 1 st of any year will enter year 1. this means that you can have children that were 5 the previous October together with children that turned 5 a day before, practically a year difference. that’s 20% age difference, like putting a 20 year old and a 16 year old in the same class. (i know its not the same)

    reception class (or a preparatory class) prepares children to start schooling on the same footing. i was really disappointed with the way labour tried to explain it but disgusted in the way the government/pn is trying to ridicule the idea. if I’m not mistaken, Labour had published its plans about reception class last July, but no one picked it up for discussion.

  5. I agree with a reception class. The illiteracy rate is too high, and there are many students (myself included) who are weak in Maths. Most problems could be avoided if tackled at an early age.

    I agree that the proposal should be discussed more – but ditching it completely would be a total mistake.

    And this is not like making people repeat a year… it’s making people strengthen their knowledge.

  6. Jien ma qrajtx il-manifest tal-Labour, pero mill-prezentazzjoni tar-reception class fuq Xarabank ghadni ma fhimt assolutament xejn dwar xi jridu jghidu b’dil-proposta, u mid-dehra jridu jevitaw li jghidu ezatt xi jridu jaghmlu (jekk jafu xi jridu jaghmlu). Apparti li l-kuncett huwa vag, m’hemm l-ebda costings. Kemm se jiswa ‘l-pajjix biex jiddahhal dal-kuncett? Ghandna biz-zejjed rizorsi umani u finanzjarji, u jekk le meta se jkollna? Jekk se tizdied sena skola, x’se jkun l-investiment immedjat u x’se titlef il-kaxxa jekk l-eta` biex tispicca l-iskola tizdied b’sena (nispera li mhux qed jghidu li tkun tista’ titlaq qabel ma tispicca s-sekondarja)?

    Apparti minn hekk, jien m’ienix konvint mil-kuncett. L-iskola mieghi kien hemm tfal li jkunu waslu sa Peter and Jane Book X u jkunu xebghu jaghmlu somom li ghalihom kienu hfief, mentri ohrajn ikunu ghadhom qed jitghalmu jzommu lapes f’idejhom. Konvint li hemm elementi tajbin fl-idea ta’ reception class pero, bhalma qalu l-AD, l-MLP tawna ghadma mhux imlahhma.

    Andre, what is the difference between repeating a year and strengthening one’s knowledge? Reinforcement and repetition are not distinct in mind. One sounds better than the other, but that is where the difference stops. The Minister made the case for lowering the entry age (also without costings). Does it not make more sense for everyone to start earlier than to add more schooling at the latter end of kindergarten to the detriment of those who are ready to move on?

  7. Milli fhimt, ir-reception class ma tirrepetix ix-xoghol, izda thejji lill-istudenti ghall-esperjenza gdida tal-primarja, sew b’xoghol akkademiku (tishih ta’ hiliet) kif ukoll b’attivitajiet extra-kurrikulari.

    Nahseb il-problema tal-MLP hijas li ghadu ma sab lil hadd jispjegaha sew. Fuq Xarabank, il-politici li suppost wasslu l-messagg laqalquh u nhlew fit-tghajjir , u l-proposta giet spjegata hafna ahjar mill-attivisti-edukaturi li tkellmu mill-udjenza, kif ukoll minn Stephen Cachia ta’ l-AD, li huwa kap ta’ skola.

    Il-PN min-naha l-ohra qed iqarrqu bin-nies meta jsejhulha klassi tar-repeaters. Apparti li qed joffendu lir-repeaters, tant iffissaw bl-idea li kulhadd smart u jista’ jirnexxielu f’kollox (l-istess bhal Daphne li l-kejl ta’ l-irgulija taghha jiddependi minn jekk intix mghobbi, ghandekx negozju, u ghandekx xaghar), qed jippruvaw jispinnjaw idea li x’aktarx taf tkun valida. Jinstemghu patetici wisq jirrepetu l-mantra li ordanalhom il-Partit, qishom pappagalli, u nahseb ta’ min wiehed idahhal mhux biss reception class, imma klassi tal-hsieb hieles.

  8. Justin, l-ewwel mistoqsija li ghandha issir hi ‘kemm qed jiswa lil pajjiz li ghadna nipproducu tfal illitterati wara hdax il sena skola?’ kemm ha tiswa xi soluzzjoni tigi wara

  9. Rupert, sewwa qed tghid. Dak ukoll jidhol fil-costings.

  10. Ta’ min jahseb ftit fuq il-mod kif saret il-proposta. L-MLP qal li din hija xi haga li pproponew l-ghalliema; l-MUT hija kuntrarja. M’inix qed nghid li dak li qed jghid l-MLP mhux veru imma proposta radikali bhal din ma ddahhalhiex ghax semmewha xi ghalliema.

    U xi hadd staqsa l-opinjoni tal-genituri? Minn dawk li naf hadd ma jaqbel.

    Fic-cirkostanzi, din il-proposta se tbaxxi l-istandards ta’ l-edukazzjoni. Diga’ hemm problema ta’ nuqqas ta’ gradwati. Skond Bencini ta’ l-MUT huma biss xi 15-il gradwat tal-B.Ed.(Hons.) li jaghzlu li jghallmu fil-primarja, cifra li diga tohloq nuqqas serju. Mill-banda l-ohra l-Gvern intrabat li sa ftit snin ohra il-Kindergarten Assistants kollha jkunu kkwalifikati, policy objective li ukoll tirrikjedi hafna rizorsi.

    Jekk l-MLP kien naqra inqas ambizzjuz u ntrabat li jikkunsira l-proposta l-istorja kienet tkun differenti.

  11. Repeating an extra year would be just that – repeating the same stuff, making you think of school as being boring and discouraging you from an early age. So far I didn’t have to repeat any years – but I always said that should I fail a year at sixth form or uni I wouldn’t repeat. Having to repeat a year may discourage students, make them feel isolated and may lower their self esteem.

    A reception class is not repeating a year – it would presumably cater especially for students of a young age with a programme tailor made to suit such age groups – hopefully to help them develop not only learning skills, but also socialisation skills.

    At the moment our education system is not very holistic – tackling only the academic side of things, and rarely encourages students to develop any skills or talents they might have.

    I agree with Mark (and everyone) that the reception class is not well explained – but – that doesn’t mean the idea should be shot down.

    Fausto, il-problema tan-nuqqas ta teachers m’hix biss f’Malta – imma madwar l-Ewropa kollha. Naf teachers – anki fl-A u l-O-levels li jghallmu go giex skejjel minhabba li hemm nuqqas ta teachers jaghlmu certi suggeri. Nahseb li ir-rizultat tan-nuqqas ta kwalita fl-edukazzjoni jirifletti fin-numru ta nies li qed johrogu min l-iskola bil-problemi fil-qari u fil-kitba.

    Jekk il-proposti ikunu inqas ambizzjuzi, il-problema m’hi se tissolva qatt.

  12. bhal hafna proposti ta MLP din hi ohra li m’hijiex spjegata sew u ma kienx hemm ftehim fuqha qabel mill kamp ta’ MLP. Ghalhekk qieghdin ihallu tal PN jattakkawha u jghawwguha kif iridu. Il membri tal MLP lanqas jafu jirrispondu fuqha. Fl-opinjoni tieghi MLP ma misshomx qajmu dn il kwistjoni lejliet elezzjoni – iggghalek tahseb li Afred Sant ma jridx jirbah l-elezzjoni. Fl-opinjoni tieghi waqghu fl-Amateurish – ma nistennijhiex minn partit li suppost lest jiehu r-riedni f-idejh. Misshom semghu minn Lino Spietri li qalilhom bil pulit li ahjar ma jghidu xej u jirbhu ‘by default’. Imma Alfred Sant dejjem irid jaghmel xi wahda minn tieghu – ‘imbghad jiggudikawh l-istorici’ -miskin kemm hu patetiku – kieku helsu minnhu wara li dhalna fl-ewropa kieku MLP jirbah zgur.
    Grazzi tal-Blog!

  13. l-MLP ma qajjimx il-kwistjoni qabel l-elezzjoni. Il-prposti dwar ir-reception class ilhom ippublikati mill-2006.

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