Bocca’s “Blog”

Andrew Borg Cardona (and Frans Alfred Grixti) has joined the Times “blogging” community. I took his comments about blogging and navel gazing with the usual pinch of salt you have to add to all his writings. And I threw in a (cheeky) comment of my own. Sadly the limits of Times blogs show up there… not approved. Was it the jibe about Bocca’s possible dislike of navel gazing due to the physical obstacles he may find when trying to do the same?I keed keed…. as the famous dog with the cigar would say. Anyhoo a mirror should do the trick.


7 responses to “Bocca’s “Blog”

  1. Agh, here I go again: Alfred Grixti. And Frans is Ghirxi. editor of l-orizzont.

  2. what would this blog be without you faust?

  3. OH my god!!!!

  4. I wouldn’t call them blogs. A blog to my mind is a personal space on the www created by the blogger him/herself. The ones on The Times are completely standardized. As far as I know they’re updated once a week, while a fully functioning blog can fit in 20 updates in a week. Does that make sense?

  5. David Friggieri

    Le Blog du Bocc


  6. Hi Alex,

    20 updates a week????!!!!!!!

    I am not a blogger.

  7. u iva Sandro. il-kelma ggib hekk. But surely more than one update a week. At least three, four, five?

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