Applying Competition Theory to Elections

Justin Borg Barthet has an interesting post at the Legal Research Society blog. It raises an interesting question: “Is it pertinent to apply economic analyses to electoral laws, or is this simply academic navel gazing? Can we apply competition theory to a market for ideas?”

Personally I think that there is more to it than simple navel gazing. For the uninitiated among you, the application of competition theory to everyday life was made famous by John Forbes Nash – as featured in the film “A Beautiful Mind“.


3 responses to “Applying Competition Theory to Elections

  1. The Fausto moment: it’s game theory not competition theory. :p

  2. Thanks fausto. Is it too late that to say that I know that but opted for the easier sounding Competition theory? I guess “wara kullhadd bravu”. So mea culpa for forgetting you’d be there to right it. Thanks again.

  3. Came across this post and liked the concept of applying game theory to politics. It seems to be happening here, with the two, supposedly different, main parties seeming to converge to meet the demands of the median voter. Presumably, this is the time for the different to make a splash. Perhaps it will.

    Not related, and I know you’re presumably not too bothered with goings on at the UoM, but plenty cannon fodder available here:


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