A Need for Change

There’s a Timesofmalta poll going on right now. The question is “What do you view as the most important issue that will sway voters in the coming general election?” After 795 votes were cast here are the standings:

Need for change 42.4%

Lower Taxes 23%

Accountability 20.7%

the EU 10.8%

Education 3.1%

Interesting don’t you think?


3 responses to “A Need for Change

  1. after 2160 votes

    a need for change 42.7%
    lower taxes 22.8%
    accountability 19.4%
    the EU 11.4%
    education 3.7%

    practically the same. the winds of change are blowing Jacques

  2. Jacques, have you seen the survey on it-Torca?

  3. Rupert, that depends on how you read the survey. In 1992, well over 42.7% of the electorate ironically voted for ‘Ir-Rih tal-Bidla’ (remember that post-Communist song?). I hope you’re right, but I would caution against reading too much into a word like ‘change’ since it is capable of multifarious interpretation. Is it change from a duopoloy, change from a winner-takes-all system, change from systemic corruption, or is it just a change of government? I suspect that the latter is the case for a big chunk of that 42.7%.

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