Charisma, Charisma, Charisma

Just been to see this youtube video after seeing the link on Harry Vassallo’s blog. It’s the AD TV spot for the electoral campaign. I know that this blog has just been criticised by a reader for concentrating too much on form and (apparently) too little on substance but allow me this comment on the form of this clip. The message could be good. It could be AD’s attempt at convincing hesitant voters that a second or third preference on an AD candidate. It is definitely intended to convince the electorate that a coalition is feasible if the partner second party is basing itself on six points with which to ensure better government. I will not go into that right now. What I am worried about is the delivery.

To begin with Harry needs to smile. Nobody is going to be convinced by someone who sounds like he is reading a funeral list. The subject is serious. Harry carries the weight of a possible breach into the dupolistic methods of Maltese politics. Unfortunately rather than portraying the image of a charismatic leader convinced of the breakthrough he commits the basic error of being too overawed by the seriousness of his proposal. The biggest error, in my opinion, is the hesitancy when explaining to the voter how to fill the ballot. That shoot should definitely have been retaken. Mr Scicluna at citadel productions (who shot my very own First Holy Communion photo shoot) should have ordered Harry for a retake.

The stakes are important, Alternattiva are the current horse on which believers in change can bet. It would be a pity if their case would be fluffed by a certain naivete in their approach to the importance of marketing themselves and their cause to the general public.

If they’re still in time they should change the shoot… or at least the voice over.


5 responses to “Charisma, Charisma, Charisma

  1. Good night Jacques,

    I am lacking of charisma as well.


  2. Nice footage though 😉

  3. was going to comment that we need to focus on substance and not appearance and charisma but then i saw the clip. I really like the filming and production but Harry Vassallo is a total disaster. He looks and sounds tired, uncertain and uncomfortable.

  4. Mamma mia, I slept half way through the clip…….

    Admittedly, even Harry looked like he woke up from a very long sleep.

    Verdict – Could have done much better.

  5. While thanking you all for your comments, I need to clarify that the referred link is not a TV spot. In order not to confuse readers we removed that feature and replaced it with the proper TV spot (1st from a series of 3 spots) on specifically:

    Thanks, and your feedback is very much appreciated.


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