Together, all is possible (the blog)


That the electoral campaign will shift into a presidential campaign style is an accepted fact by now. That Lawrence Gonzi would have his own blog during this campaign would be an inevitable step in this direction. I dropped the Doctor because Lawrence Gonzi seems to prefer to style himself that way in his blog (a step away from the “DoctorSant” mantra). J’accuse is definitely pleased at seeing Malta’s outgoing PM to enter the blogging and internet fray. Kudos and all that. We hope that Lawrence Gonzi will be more positively interactive than most of his colleagues on their Facebook pages*.

We cannot help but criticise the choice of banner for his blogspot page though. Behind the slogan gonzipn… iva, flimkien kollox possibbli… lies the photo fo Portomaso harbour. Forget the campaign logo based on one politician (sorry Norman but he IS a politician), forget the slogan unashamedly nicked off Sarkozy’s campaign, just think of the picture + slogan combination and its effect on the campaign. For heaven’s sake this is putting it all on a plate for your critics out there. Together all is possible… and what do you get… residences for the elite and yacht marina? It’s a message that is implied… whether it is intended or not.

The sun shines strongly onto the GONZIPN logo on the right of the picture. The Portomaso tower counterbalances the brightness as a symbol and representation of development and more development … right on the foreshore of the people. Not a very good start I must say…

* More about Lawrence Gonzi’s blog over at Sandro Vella. Sandro also notes (rightly) that the comments option is not available on the Gonzi site.


22 responses to “Together, all is possible (the blog)

  1. Prim Ministru li minflok ‘matul’ jikteb ‘maghtul’ jghid hafna dwar il-pajjiz.

    Onestament kont behsieni nerga nivvota PN. Pero’ jekk il-PN ikompli b’din il-kampanja grotteska, il-vot tieghi jiehdu Harry.

  2. Honestly I do not think that spelling mistakes should determine who to vote for. In any case I would be a very bad candidate should it be so… I just noticed that my translation of the pn slogan is wrong 🙂 It should read: Yes, together all is possible.

  3. Jacques, if PM’s had to be judged by their blogs – I think you’d be a pretty good PM.

    Gonzi’s blog is boring. The fact that there is no facility to leave comments isn’t very good – and says a lot about a PM who wants to portray himself as someone who listens. His wife’s blog is equally dreadful.

    J’accuse is definitely pleased at seeing Malta’s outgoing PM

    😉 outgoing as in “sociable” or “going away”?

  4. Has anyone in the blogosphere noticed that has taken a “corporate decision” not to cover the elections? That Malta’s foremost news portal has decided to forgo Malta’s foremost news? That di-ve is a subsidiary of Go (formerly known as Maltacom), which is owned by Tecom Investments? That no reason was given for this decision, and that Go CEO Dvaid Kay refused to comment when pestered by Maltatoday? oh, and before I forget… that the extraordinary decision was taken in the same week as – owned by the Gonzipn – revamped its site in a new bilingual format?
    There are other things behind this story that I would love to also add to this comment, but can’t for the simple reason that they were told to me off the record. But if there is one issue which the new online media should sink its fangs into, this is the one.

    Looks like we got more than just Lm100 million in investment from our partners in Dubai…

  5. Interesting Raphael. First a question… is there any official declaration on the di-ve site or is this a conclusion you have reached by observing a scarcity of information on the di-ve news? All I found on di-ve was a post claiming that news of the election got 45,000 unique hits. Nothing more… am I missing something?

  6. There was an official statement on Dive this morning. Cannot find it any longer.

  7. This Blog is all about style and form and none about the issues. How about discussions on the issues? Can we have something more susbstantial?

    As the italians say “tutto fumo e niente arrosto”.

  8. Raphael, could you ask your colleagues to update their online newspapers a bit more often? Your headline still reads: “Election not in March but May”.

  9. Everhopeful: This blog has been discussing issues – both form and substance – for quite some time now… and we even take pains to sign our name at the end of it… always with the hope to encourage open and fair debate.

    Congratulations on your site and I wish you all the luck with your blog while I hope it is not a passing phase (just in time for the election). i guess discussing party policies on hunting, environment, electoral laws is not substantial enough for you… so be it… feel free to debate topics of choice on your blog… no one is stopping you. Actually you were more than free to raise topics on this one while you were at it!

    Niente fumo e niente arrosto indeed. More like too much bark and too little substance from an anonymous poster. Bonne chance!

    For the readers out there the blogger posting under the moniker Everhopeful has his/her own blog at – and it’s not about the eurovision.

  10. incidentally, everhopeful, seeing that the election campaign is not that long and you do not have much time to build a readership to discuss your substance I invite you to register with wordpress and join the contributors on The Malta Chronicle. If you do decide to join the fray send me an email with your wordpress address at jacques dot zammit at gmail dot com .

  11. Can elections really be divorced from style nowadays? Think about the most successful campaigns – Blair, Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, Cameron, Berlusconi…

  12. More about Lawrence Gonzi’s blog over at Sandro Vella. Sandro also notes (rightly) that the comments option is not available on the Gonzi site.

    Did he say that? I sort of abandoned reading the post half way, having been put off by all those references to unsavoury body fluids.

  13. oh, and before I forget… that the extraordinary decision was taken in the same week as – owned by the Gonzipn – revamped its site in a new bilingual format?

    It’s called the free market which the chaps at MaltaToday seem to have lost understanding of: di-ve does not cover the elections and, instead of moving to fill in the gap, the Sunday edition of MaltaToday is not online until Thursday.

  14. Sorry for delay replying was busy interviewing Josie Muscat for Sunday. And boy, was that a rollercoaster ride…
    Re MaltaToday website (sigh). What i can I say? Been arguing for more frequent updates for as long as Ive been here, which is almost exactly a year.
    Re dive debacle: journalists committee and institute of journalists will adress joint press conference outside Go head offices in marsa tomorrow morning at 9. It will be a show of solidarity to dive journalists and a protest against corporate interference in journalism. Bloggers welcome, if not in person at least in electronic support.

  15. To be fair anyone can comment through the direct email facility and even more so the forum allows direct contact with the PM

  16. Thanks for the promotion. Well I happened on your blog just now and read just the entries of the last few days. These were all about style and the ephemerear. Had no time to see past entries. My apologies.

    Regarding why I do not sign my name. Well let’s say that I am not exactly enthralled with democratic credentials of the powers that be or would be. I am not seeking fame or office or favours from anybody. In any case anybody can readers can look at the opinions expressed without the distraction of the personality of the holder of such opinions.


  17. Hi Fausto,

    I am happy you read my blog. Even if 50%.


  18. Dear Raphael

    Focus, man. Di-ve decides not to cover the election and Maltarightnow moves in to fill the gap. Why didn’t MT? Government nutcracker pressing tight on your balls too by any chance?

  19. the banner has been changed. nice one jacques! you’ll soon be influencing govt policy 🙂

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