It’s fantastic. Left Luxembourg under a sheet of ice… somehow hoped it would vanish once we had taken off (it being Luxembourg and not the ice). Landed in a Barcelona that was waking up to a bit of sun. Sumptuous breakfast at the Boqueria market and did some running around as long as our legs could carry us after a three hour sleep last night. Just had a loooovely swim in the hotel pool (God how I missed the water – any kind – I was getting desperate). Now it’s supposed to be siesta time before we hit the road again later on. We needed to recharge batteries because apparently Barcelona is a night city and we would not have lasted the whole strecth without resting.

And the best is still to come. I’ve got tickets for tomorrow’s match between Barcelona and Osasuna. Nou Camp and Ronaldinho then off to a restaurant to continue the fantastic treats… the food here is out of this world. And I could get really used to this Catalan.

Well. Can’t spend all day blogging. These five minutes are already way beyond the allowed limit!


2 responses to “Barcelona

  1. Whaaaaaaat fun – I just love Barca.. tapas , Flamenco ( a little not so much) ,architecture and art… Enjoy 🙂

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