State of J’Accuse

As the snow settles on the park outside and the visitors to J’accuse continue to increase constantly (a record 820 visitors in two days at the last count) we have to sadly announce that this blog will be going on a carnival sabbatical. We would have liked to be here when readership is at this peak and to have kept it that way by provoking more interesting discussion. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had planned a surprise pre-Valentine holiday for my better half and it kicks off tomorrow morning (till Tuesday). I am surprised that I managed to keep this secret so long from her but it seems to have worked until now. I cannot disclose the location for fear that she might take a rare peak at this blog.

A hint for the sport trivia minded – I’ll be in the city where Steve Archibald played for a while in the eighties, even scoring a goal that eliminated Juventus from a European Cup in the sad days when Juventus could “boast” of having Marco Pacione as one of its main strikers. Nuff said.

The Wasted Vote vs Coalition vs Keep Sant Out debate is very interesting. I must say that I really liked Justin’s comment and it is the direction I seem to be considering following. I never was a big fan of the AD in a coalition scenario because it will only be instrumentalised by the coalition party to “prove” that coalitions don’t work and sign the death warrant of any future hopes for third party participation. What emerges clearly out of this debate is that Constitutional Reform must be top of the agenda for Malta’s liberals and free speakers who do not identify themselves with any party. Ironically, Dr Sant was close enough to describing some of the main ills of current political workings in this weeks article on the Times. Pity he will never be the one to bring about the necessary changes to eradicate this modus operandi.Whether elected or not he is too steeped in the old way to bring about positive change.

So how will we vote this time round? It’s still a big question mark. I hope the food and saunas in my new destination – and pause for reflection from the discussion may help me think. Then again seeing that I will be switching into the real romantic mood very soon I doubt how much my mind will be focusing on the politics of Gonzi and Sant!

Hasta Luego!



3 responses to “State of J’Accuse

  1. planned a surprise pre-Valentine holiday… maintenant c’est tout de suite un peu moins secret. moi, je vais te dire un autre secret : ta moitié reçoit des hommes, des vrais, pendant les heures de travail…oui oui….

  2. Oui, dramelay, je sais. Et je sais aussi que tu as du mal à attraper tes capsules de café…. tu me dira quand c’est ton anniversaire? Je t’offrirai un escabot! A plus….

  3. enjoy your holiday jacques

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