So it will be the Gozitan Morena who will be carrying Malta’s hopes on her shoulders to the Eurovision. I read maltagirl’s crit of the song and title. She seems to be miffed about the subject of the song – VODKA. Is the song about the drink or not? I think yelling “Nazdrovie” in between lines is pretty much an indicator that all references to spy stories are purely casual and it’s all about the spirit. The man who says much about Maltasong was disenchanted by the semi-finals and will in all probability not be too happy by this choice either.

Frankly I could not give two hoots but as usual I am intrigued by the goings on. Heard Morena on Youtube. The song is bland to say the least and does nothing to enhance what is potentially a beautiful voice in the style of the disco singers of the early nineties. There’s a lot of Rozalla in the Gozitan and if anything she can be classified as retro seeing that the single “Everybody’s Free” turns seventeen this year.

Those astute planners who go about writing and composing songs like a cross between Macchiavelli and a drunken Stravinsky have come up with a vote grabbing ploy for the European version. In case it escaped anyone’s attention the song is as Maltese as Celine Dion and the underlying tune (or whatever the technical term is for the part that is supposed to stick to your head when you try to remember the song) is definitely intended to charm your euro-vision crazy eastern voter. And we have learnt that the Eastern Bloc did not end with the Berlin wall but reformed and regrouped as a bunch of eurovision fanatics intent on giving douze points to the song that does best justice to Serbian Glory.

 So don’t bother with the crits. Polish the song up a bit…. get two dancers who can move a bit better than do a hand stand every now and then (here’s a tip, shave their head give them long moustaches and baggy trousers and call them Taras and Bulba – Cossack – Vodka – Geddit?)… teach Morena how to move with the music and not as though she has had a whole packet of smarties dropped down her pants and cleavage…. and just hope that Terry Wogan won’t pass some quip about Malta having surrendered its sovereignty to the Tsars.

All the rest is Eurovision. Nazdrovie!


3 responses to “Nazdrovie

  1. David Friggieri

    The pragmatic thinking of the Maltese mind. Astounding in its simplicity, remarkable in its blatant, unnuanced progression from A to B.

    Step 1) Eurovision has gone East (the bastards!)
    Step 2) We need votes from all those Central and Eastern European countries
    Step 3) What’s the most obvious thing we know about these countries?
    Step 4) Write a song called Vodka


    This song should be nicknamed Limuncell of Gozo.

  2. The song sucks. REALLY REALLY sucks.

    Issa naraw… If you ask me we should withdraw from the contest… but more on that once I’m ready from exams!

  3. As Gerald James Borg said when interviewed on XFM news, “Go! Go! Go! Hey! Hey! Hey! Vodka!”

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