Browsing Time Limited



I apologise for yesterday’s blogging blip. Unfortunately I have a problem with my eye which seems to be be colourfully protesting at my overdependence on machines that shoot light in its general direction. From the PC to the TV for news to the TV for gaming, the eye just gave up and shut down. I’ve got a severe case of photophobia which means I can spend the day at home doing nothing. And I mean nothing. No reading, viewing or playing. Hence it gets quite boring after a while. Getting better though. Will soon be back and up and running. Promise.


5 responses to “Browsing Time Limited

  1. get well

  2. Wow, speedy recovery man. You must be dead bored.

  3. Hope it passes soon. Audiobooks and podcasts might alleviate the tedium!

  4. get well soon 🙂

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