Non Sequitur #74



Seventeen months after his stomach operation, Cuban leader Fidel Castro wrote an open letter to his people on the occasion of parliamentary elections in the country. Castro is one of 614 candidates for 614 places in parliament. Cubans are still urged to turn out to vote for what is just a show to prove that Cuba’s one party system works. Castro’s condition seventeen months after his operation is not well enough to be seen in public.

Seventeen days after his stomach operation Malta Labour Party leader Alfred Sant held a public press conference announcing his intention to lead his party to the next parliamentary elections. Sant is one of hundreds of candidates vying for 65 places in the Maltese parliament. A high turnout is always expected at Maltese general elections. The electoral system in Malta has been framed by the two parties who alternate power on the premise that a two party system works and that third parties are a nuisance best avoided (or that power is best when shared, at most, by two parties). Seventeen days after his operation, Alfred Sant felt good for the race and appeared in public.


One response to “Non Sequitur #74

  1. Err…Alfred Sant underwent colonic surgery, which requires a much shorter convalescing period than stomach surgery. Having clarified that, we all know that doctor Alfred Sant is not a subject to the laws governing the rest of the human race. When faced with a clear loss at the polls everyone’s morale hits rock bottom. His on the other hand switches to euphoric mode and celebrates in style….etc etc I shall stop here coz if i continue i risk running out of bandwidth…even though I have an unimited connection…

    J’accuse Note: This commented has been edited. Jon feel free to contact me if you disagree with my editing. I am loathe to leave potentially libellous comments on the blog.

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