Not this J’accuse!


Readers among you who have by now gone out for their morning/early afternoon Sunday stroll in Malta and seen the headlines on today’s Sundays might (and I stress the might lest I be accused of grand delusions once again) have double-checked the front page of today’s “Torca” (The Torch – a Labour paper). The main headline for the labourite Sunday ran “J’accuse” followed by an article about a disgruntled former PN activist who seems to be pretty miffed from not being granted access to the Primo Ministro in persona. The subject of the article is hopeless – a disgruntled partitarju wanting to meet the PM to voice some personal worries and then appearing on Smash to complain when his wishes are not granted. The stuff that politics (in Malta) are made of. The last paragraph about those phone lovers at Dar Centrali calling in to Mr Said’s household to ask him whether he needs any favour is pure poetr – whether the allegation is true or not – it still fits in the generalised idea of what politics is about. Even when some will insist that it’s an anachronism by now.

Thanks to the renewed interest in Zola’s letter, the article is also managed to draw my attention to one of the party rags long after I had stopped considering them. I am bemused by what is (to me) a new style headline – stylizing the torch to the sidelines. I know they might have changed it years a go but for all I know it could have been yesterday. I appreciate the need for Maltese language papers but please… do we have to spell “Eks” instead of “Ex”? I mean “Ex” used in any other language is a direct import from latin. Italians, French and English spell it “Ex” as it was in Latin. So why not us? I mean I can close my eyes (both of them) to the idea of spelling “Alex” as “Aleks”… his name he can write it how he likes, but hands of my Latin please! Once we are at it being pedantic about names let me just say that the abbreviation of the male name Joseph has always, to my knowledge, been spelled as Joe. Jo is a ladies’ name. No doubt about that.

There. I was not planning to blog on Sunday, but then again I needed to pass the time and the Sunday Times’ crossword was a walkover so I needed something to do before my 14.45 appointment for Pilates. And before you start commenting about how unmanly that can be just think that it’s a one-to-one hour session with a babe from Hrvatska.

Give me “roll like a ball” any day baby!


7 responses to “Not this J’accuse!

  1. Some of the arguments he brought up are good though. If I’m not mistaken he brought up a case of a number of shops in Balzan who were not giving out VAT receipts. Said informed Saliba about the case and Saliba said something on the lines of; “u ghalfejn din id-dixxiplina kollha – mela tridna nitilfu il-voti”.

  2. I saw the headline this afternoon, and my first thought was, *gasp*, an article by Jacques is on the front page. And then my second thought was, *gasp*, Jacques is being denounced on the front page. And then my third thought after wading through the first few paragraphs was, *gasp* it’s not really anything to do with Jacques after all.

  3. *gasp* I hope you did not think that Jo looked anything like Jack!

  4. Jacques, it-Torca is not a Labour (party) paper. Its the GWU paper

    maaaaaaa sirt qisni fausto

  5. Seriously? And there I was thinking it sort of had a Labour bias so it had to be a Labour paper 🙂

    Sorry Rupert but having been brought up in the eighties I still cannot tell the difference between GWU and MLP.

  6. Until a few days ago the meme was that of an evil politician who pushed junk mail in your mailbox, sent you unsolicited text messages, hid his lack of substance behind Ira Losco’s legs and, through his thuggish and criminal canvassers, dragged your frail and ailing mother to the polling station against her will. But with the PM turning down this kind of request I would have thought you think this is positive. And considering that the “political footwork” put you off the Nationalist Party there would even be the risk of your becoming a “born egejn naxinalist”.

    But then why bother about facts when the “generalised idea” is set? Like assuming that the call from Nationalist HQ was the same call which asked this chap which “bribe” would do so that he’d shut up. It-Torca never said that.

  7. Of course there is always the possibility that someone from Dar it-Trasparenza up the hill was calling to offer a bribe to a disgruntled nationalist in order that he shuts up and quits criticising the government. Of course. I accept that there is that possibility. How naive I am to believe it is another thing altogether.

    I don’t think I condoned the request of Jo to meet the PM. I thought I made it quite clear that the subject is hopeless – a disgruntled citizen believing he merits an audience with the PM. Yep generalised idea. The idea that politicians and particularly this PM is at everyone’s beck and call. Not that he did not encourage it early in his tenure with the amusing “Gonzi stops the tree cutting” occasion.

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