Monday, Monday

Blogorrhea moment. Either I don’t blog because there’s too much to say or what I do blog is not satisfying. I’ll go for the second because I’m an addict. Bloggers Anonymous would say that the first step to curing is admitting the addiction – I doubt there’s a cure to this one.

The weekend meant low reading figures on my blog (as usual) by around a 50% slump. The graph always climbs back up healthily on a Monday so no worries there. This did not mean that there were no exchanges. Over at The Malta Chronicle my blogging friends conspired to confirm that I have delusions of grandeur and just because someone used the words “disenfranchisement” and “machiavellian” (happy dave?) in the same sentence I have no reason to believe he had read a previous blog post of mine.

Someone at Maltastar (Kurt Farrugia) finally announced that they had got wind of my comment on their Have You Say section. I received a comment loaded with sarcasm plus link to my “say” in the e-paper. What I still marvel is how it takes e-papers 9 days between receiving a comment and publishing it. What is the use of real time discussion? Where is the engagement? Kurt felt I had no right to complain because it was published belatedly (with strong suspicion that that their hand was forced by my making my complaint public). I disagree. I think two days max (and that is really stretching it) would be enough time to click on PUBLISH – after all no censoring occurs does it?

On the footie side (There is always a footie side) Juventus promise to make this season a traumatising one by drawing to Catania. What is sad is not the lost points but the inability to dominate. We could have stolen a win had we managed to get more shots on goal after penetrating the wall of the Etnei – then like Roma after their win (rightly and opportunistically stolen against a combative Atalanta) we would be gliding at the same speed as before the pause. On a note that can only be described as triste I only have words of admiration for the Brasilian team that is now plying its trade in the campionato. Being a Brasil fan is a tough task having to wait for international competions to see your idols at work.

Now I am lucky enough to watch Brasil play weekly and it was pure delight to watch Kakà, Ronaldo and Pato at work (not to mention Emerson and even Dida). There should be rules against this. Surely the team in question is cheating. For me if there are five or more players from one nation it is no longer a serie A club but Brasil that is playing. And that is my final answer.


One response to “Monday, Monday

  1. it’s not cheating, it’s homogeneity…

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