Non Sequitur #72


To Do List (Weekend)*

1. Write article for Sunday (already written one for TMC)

2. Call landlady to fix leaking geyser (and move empty boxes to attic)

3. Purchase new spare tyre (last one burst)

4. Prepare defence for Small Claims case in Luxembourg Tribunal (and practise bowing to the judge)

5. Wash Car (about effing time)

6. Book Hotel for Dublin Trip (March)

7. Blog on K&T, Bollettino and Laughing Fit (keep the faith)

8. Buy Oranges (Vitamin C rocks)

9. Play less Super Mario Galaxy on Mel’s Wii

10. Find some time to sleep

*Or why personal blogs can be so corny and uninteresting**. I cannot understand why anybody would be remotely interested in seeing this kind of list. On the other hand I can imagine a short story about an alien civilisation decrypting the last hard drive on earth and finding a similar list and deducing that this civilisation might have had a very weird set of commandments before setting sail in the seas of galaxies to discover where the hell “Super Mario” might be hiding.

** With all due respect to those whose tastes differ from mine of course.


5 responses to “Non Sequitur #72

  1. I seemed to have ticked all of your list – with a couple of exceptions .. NOTE 1 : SUPER MARIO TO BE REPLACED BY DON CORLEONE in the godfather wii game .. strangling / shooting and chasing missions and reaching to the top is sooooooooooooooo much better and a BIG TIME stress reliever! totally recommended ..

    there – was that my third post?

  2. I’m playing Metroid Prime 3 and Resident Evil 4 at the mo (on my wii). love ’em. Super Paper Mario is excellent too. You should check it out.

    can’t get Super Mario Galaxy to work on my wii… imma dik storja ohra (u ghal ragunijiet ohra)… That Godfather game is a lot of fun too (unless you’re a prude who doesn’t consider wanton violence to be fun that is)

  3. serait il possible d’ajouter à ta liste
    – ne pas casser les arrêts de raph
    – dire à Mélanie de moins jouer – elle aussi- à Super Mario de sorte à être en forme lundi

    C’est possible monsieur ?

  4. pour les arrets, c’est a voir, pour Mario, cela fait 2 jours que je galere pour essayer de passer le niveau “gateaux”, alors c pas gagné!!

  5. ménage ton épaule… stp….

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