Lions defeat tame Zebras

In a clash fit for the jungle, Valletta’s Lions defeated what seems to have been a very tame Juventus side. True, the match was lost at penalties. True, this should never be the result when teams with such a gap meet. True, it was a friendly. Fact remains that Juventus will need to examine what went wrong. Maybe not too deeply but some reflection is still necessary. Catania will prove to be a different kettle of fish.

Somehow I am not saddened by the news. I am proud of Valletta for such a prestigious result. Had it been Roma or Milan being defeated it would have obviously been much better. No matter. Tonight is the night for the Lillywhites and it should only be just for them to sing “F’idejna c-cintorin”.


One response to “Lions defeat tame Zebras

  1. Such a result is the logical consequence of mixing ballet with football.

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