Tears for Joy


Hillary has won her first primary. In New Hampshire she came in first with 39% of the Democrat votes followed closely by Obama with 36%. Obama had started the day with a 13 point lead in the polls and one wonders whether the wave of change has hit a breakwater or whether it is just going through a lull. Was it Clinton’s much publicised tears that won voters back to the candidate tipped to run all the way to the White House? Did the sympathy vote for a woman who seemed to speak her heart out in a café (and even let out a few tears) tip the scales in her favour? Speculation that this may be a turning point may be coming a bit early in the day. It’s Michigan next Tuesday but the do or die moment remains Super Tuesday on February 5th. Until then it’s all warming up, tears and more hope for change.

I’ve still got a crush on Obama. (actually it’s on Obama girl… but that’s another kind of warm feeling)


3 responses to “Tears for Joy

  1. interesting how a wind of change is competing with another wind of change. Be it a woman or an African American as president, the change has come. However, having said that, I doubt there will be any real changes in the White House. Democrat or Republican, they’ll deal with problems in the same old way. Iran anyone?

  2. Dr Sammut should be sincere and say that some of the blue-eyed boys sent to Brussels sat through whole sessions of the EP in French before they actually learned they could use a translator stuck to their seat.

    God, how I miss Lorna!

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